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Microsoft Windows 11 iso 64 bit Release date: Microsoft can finally boast of having more Windows 11 users than Windows 7, nearly three and a half years after launch. According to Net Market Share’s monthly report, the latest OS from the Redmond firm is the most popular operating system for users. Better late than never for Microsoft. Indeed, 2019 marks a new era for the American giant since Windows 11 has finally dethroned Windows 7 in the heart of the owners of computers and / or laptops. In its latest report the analysis firm Net Market Share demonstrates that 39.22% of the computers used in the world run on Windows 11, while 36.90% rely on Windows 10.

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The installation of Windows 11 download, whether it is a Family or Professional edition, should not book any particular surprise to those who had made that going from Windows 7 to 8. The wizard also looks like the one who was provided with the latest system and offers to guide the user through the steps.

Windows 11 Installation Features

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However, this assistant has fewer steps. The Windows 11 reservation application does indeed perform the compatibility test and warn the user if he is ready or not to install the new system. As of July 29th, when the latter will be ready to be installed, this step will already have been taken and the user will especially have to validate the type of installation that he intends to carry out. The choice will be basically summarized in two possibilities: the classic update, which preserves all of what the user has, including applications and settings, or the more radical household, which leaves in place only those personal data. In the second case, the operation amounts to installing a blank system in which only the documents remain in place. A solution that will favor those who prefer a new start, but that will require to reinstall the software and configure the system.

Following this launch, the Redmond Company has since worked at the Creators Update with, in particular, advances in security and also a host of improvements for Edge, the notification system or content sharing. Windows 11 Creators was launched on April 11 , and even a few days earlier for the impatient . Microsoft announced in early May the arrival for this summer of Windows 11 X , a lighter version of its operating system running only Windows Store applications. Targeting primarily students and teachers, it has assets to seduce companies. Waiting for a real Windows 11 Cloud no longer requiring local installation?

Windows 11 Release Date & Features

Windows 11 will arrive in final version on July, 2019 in 190 countries. A time of the year that breaks with the launches in the fall of the previous Microsoft Windows OS (10, 8, Vista, XP ….). Unlike Windows 8.1, Microsoft has clearly positioned Windows 11 as an OS targeting business and not just the general public. During the month of November, Microsoft proposed a major update of its latest OS, Threshold 2 , which notably solved several bugs and added new functions to Cortana. The final version of Windows 11 will arrived especially after the Build 11041, launched in July 2016, which proposed among the last functions an improved management of the virtual offices but also the integration of Cortana in French version. Among the latest launched, we also note the 11122 whose Edge browser performance has been revised upward.


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In early 2019, Microsoft pushed installation windows of its latest OS to encourage users to migrate. Problem in May its latest has trapped many users who ended up with Windows 11 without having explicitly consented to accept his installation. Since early may 2019, the Anniversary version of Windows 11 is also pushed to users who have encountered some problems like blocking webcams. After announcing the arrival of Windows 11 Anniversary by opting for a progressive deployment, Microsoft surprised in September the administrators by its policy of grouped update. also check windows 11 update