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The patented in-VISIBLE™ fabric acoustic lightboxes integrate seamlessly into the cinema environment for never-before realised opportunities in branding, sponsorship, theme creation, advertising, promotion, design, decoration and more... Today, all companies struggle to find ways to connect with consumers in a measurable way that entertains, provokes and agrees with the audience.
in-VISIBLE™ creates a new medium that enhances the design, look and feel of a cinema, without compromise. The illuminated fabric graphics completely disappear when the house-lights go down and the movie starts.

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Why did we name the charity In-Visible? Children in poverty are made to feel invisible within society. But we see them. We stand by them. So stand with us. VISIBLE CONSTRUCTION builds projects for national chain stores, corporate clients, real estate developers, public institutions and more. Our client base is diverse and includes many types of commercial businesses, ranging from a national or regional retailer or restaurant brand (or their construction manager or architect) that has an annual count of projects to deliver to their.

Visiblefun In Ict Definition

in-VISIBLE™ is not a screen, not an LCD monitor, not a vinyl or paper signage, not a traditional lightbox or a postercase... in-VISIBLE™ is a single self-contained display unit, made of acoustically transparent non-reflective digitally printedfabric layers, and state-of-the art dimmable LED lights, contained within a uniquely designed patented aluminium frame — No unwanted visual distraction(e.g glare, reflection), and no acoustic compromise, in both the visible and invisible positions.

Before and after the feature presentations, energy-efficient ultra-bright LED lights illuminate the image, and create an eye-catching presentation to complement the onscreen pre-show and the cinema environment. When the movie starts, the LED lights dim, and the unique patented construction allows images to completely disappear and retreat from audience's line of sight.

in-VISIBLE™ can be mounted directly to walls, floors or can be provided as a stand-alone display unit.
in-VISIBLE™ comes in four standard sizes - available in vertical, horizontal or custom layouts.
Custom sizes, layouts and applications are available upon review and approval.
The depth of the frame is 75 mm (nominal 3').

in-VISIBLE™ is connected to the cinema's automation system. It doesn't require any additional manual control. It works same as the other dimmable LED lights inside an auditorium. Manual control option is available if requested.

Specifically engineered for the ever-changing entertainment and media world, in-VISIBLE™ provides full control over display content. The creative frame design allows for graphic replacement within minutes. Our tension fabric graphics allow for a taut and wrinkle-free installation. No tools or expert installers are required - in most cases your cinema staff can do it. The lead time to produce new graphics is as quick as 5 business days from the approved artwork. Art and design services are available from eomac as required.

in-VISIBLE™ is made in Canada, and designed to ship and install easily and effectively across the world. Durable and lightweight system components are shipped disassembled. Assembly and installation are completed on-site.

During in-circuit tests (ICT) all components on the PCB are measured. In doing so, defective components are detected and can be replaced accordingly.

Function tests (FCT) check the entire intended function of a PCB. According to the intended area of use, the environment is replicated and the electrical performance of the PCB is checked.

In order to optimally fulfill the contacting requirements, various test probes are available. These differ in terms of installation height, grid size (possible distance between probes), tip style, and type of connection – see following illustration. The electrical connection is achieved either with a solder cup or wire-wrap, with or without cable (wireless).

Contacting loaded PCBs

  • Standard PIN und PAD contacting
  • Dual-stage contacting
  • Limited space available
  • Contacting of contaminated surfaces
  • Contacting of beads on the PCB
  • Connection without cable
  • Small pads and grids
  • Robust probes for harsh conditions
Depending on the PCB to be contacted, and the ambient conditions, INGUN offers a variety of test probes:

International standard spring-loaded test probes (GKS) (inch)
Available in two different versions: Standard working stroke (4.3 mm) and longer working stroke (9.3 mm) for dual-stage test fixtures to combine ICT and FCT. Wireless receptacles enable the wireless connection of test probes using a transfer PCB.

Test probes have a higher preload in comparison to standard test probes.
This initial higher spring force guarantees a secure contact at the same final load (the spring force is equal to that of the comparable standard test probe at working stroke).

Rotating test probes
Can provide a reliable alternative if contacting problems occur. A rotating movement during the stroke process scratches the surface to be contacted, thus insulating layers are securely penetrated.

Bead test probes
Are used to contact beads on PCBs. A variety of tip styles are available depending on the beads.

Fine-pitch test probes
Are used to contact very small test point in small grids. These are sometimes mounted without receptacles.

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Metric test probes (metric standard)

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In addition to the classic ICT/FCT test probes without collars, the metric standard test probes stand out due to their stability and robustness and all feature a pronounced collar.