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Some crisp Birra Moretti was enjoyed from our pitch-side seats (in a stand so shallow, all seats are pitch-side), mixed in with aftertaste of Deep Heat condensate. We knew we were approaching the stadium when the dwellings appeared more hastily constructed and affordable. The Stade Jospeh Marien, where the club has played since the 1920s, is on the edge of Parc Duden in the neighbouring commune of Forest. While this deviation added time to drive home, survival of these ordeals enrich the character and make every little groundhopping conquest unique. You’d be playing away with the game evenly poised at 17-17, and then out of nowhere, some unruly small dog would invite itself into the game. If you are, say, Antonio Milic, Evgeny Makarenko or Sven Kums and you are being paid well in excess of what your talents merit, are you going to move and take a pay cut? The standard of football was alright, but I’d be disappointed if Anderlecht didn’t batter both of them home and away. So, when Marc Coucke came barnstorming in around March 2018, it was the equivalent of having a fine wooden parquet floor in need of restoration and a polish, ripping it up and putting in cheap laminate flooring. A team like Oostende or Charleroi (their level) may say “we will take him on loan and pay 50% of the wages”, but they will not match their current salaries or, if they will, then the fees will be negligible. Watching Anderlecht against Eupen and Lokeren, there appears to be a huge amount of cognitive dissonance and, to paraphrase Weiler, a lack of automatism. that manages to retain atmosphere and some character, despite its modernity. As the rain battered off of us like aqueous artillery shells, we took refuge in a one of these multifunctional cafes that also sold souvenirs and newspapers as well as food and beer. Will he be given any money to rebuild the squad? Food and beer are both available (2.75€ for 33cl of Maes), but I couldn’t be arsed messing around with the cumbersome electronic card system – scourge of the occasional fan – as I had the car and couldn’t have a beer anyway. It was everything I’d hoped it would be: characterful, dishevelled and ramshackle. While I agree with much of the argument and the sentiment of this movement, it is becoming like a slogan you’d see on a T-shirt on Primark or H+M, like a CND sign, and it’s ubiquity seems increasingly like alternative commerce and its impact is become flaccid. Yet, in the middle of the afternoon, you would be forgiven for not recognising this as a football stadium at all. So, I booked my cheap rail tickets (11€ each way from Leuven), and decided to check out its oversized football stadium and its black and yellow team. Vanhaezebrouck’s record since taking over is that of mid-table mediocrity: played 53, won 24, drawn 8, lost 21, with a negative goal difference. Without the ball however, it was easily outsmarted: no child is ever tackled by a dog. With the help of these cookies we count traffic sources and visits. How will Kompany wear the ‘double-hat’, as they say in Belgium, of being player-manager? Only Colnect automatically matches collectibles you want with collectables collectors offer for sale or swap. Passed well and was positionally disciplined. Samir Nasri’s arrival is exciting, but I do wonder how hard he’s going to work to get into shape and just how motivated he is. A fresh downpour of bouncing rain, coming from the clouds we had recently travelled through, heralded our arrival in Chiavari. It was so cold that I could have eaten my fingers instead of the chips and I wouldn’t have noticed until Venlo. In any case, players with Nasri’s talent and experience don’t normally come to the Belgian league is it has to be worth a punt. Walking past the main entrance towards the Curva, additional entrances are not apparent, but emerge like a prize on a game show upon rounding the bend. I know that multiple scarves is a thing, but this was special. The Ghelmaco Arena sparkles ostentatiously, and has become the intersectional vajazzle of the E40 motorway, causing stadium perverts to take their eyes off of the road, like sailors leering at mermaids before shipwrecking. There were very few Sportfreunde Lotte fans, although the distance, time of year and relative size of the club would account for that. One major difference between the Anderlecht of early 2017 compared with now is that every player knew their role. This concern was quickly allayed as members of the Mauve Army at the front of the stand started singing, waving Anderlecht flags, emboldening and outing many of the other away fans in the home end. Having vague notions of how some things work in Italy, I figured we’d be more likely to purchase bus tickets in the not-yet-closed newsagent than on the bus itself, which was an inspired piece of prescience given that I was a withered husk of myself by this point. Michel Vlap is the expensive signing of the summer, costing 8 million euros from Heerenveen and there will be considerable pressure on him to create and contribute goals and assists. Leaving the stadium in the dark is not as easy as it sounds, as apart from the blue line around the stadium, it’s poorly lit. I’m still undecided if I love it or hate it. The external fresco of Milan to Chiavari by rail started as a collage of nothingness: acres of fields, industry and motorway, with one minute indistinguishable from the next. There are a few bars, and a sort of fan zone, nearby. Watching Anderlecht is like ninety minutes of foreplay but no orgasm, and nobody has the initiative to change position. The thought of scaling the wall, just like at the park next to OH Leuven, was given unduly serious consideration. The defence (all debutants) looked composed and solid, the midfield dominant, the wing backs were passing and creating with ease, and the forwards looked threatening. Front row seats offer a view that is non-optimal, A wonderful collage of “‘that’ll do’-ness”. Proceed . This is atmospheric segregation in the most extreme form I’ve known. The train station is elevated fairly steeply above the town centre, meaning that there is a funicular waiting to greet you as you descend from the train. Our exploration was thematic, vis-a-vis biergartens, but there is a wealth of culture, architecture and history to discover. Yet, there is enough talent in that squad to be performing far better than they currently are. This was necessary because the club house ran out of beer just before half time. The third one illustrates the German football goalscoring catechism, where the announcer is the priest inviting responses. Examples include filling out forms, a login, or your privacy settings. The time has come for Anderlecht to change its position. 8/10, Makarenko: Competent and assured in an understated way. Speaking of getting carried away, a special mention must go out to the intoxicated spherical member of Anderlecht’s support, who decided to run onto the pitch and hug Santini after Anderlecht’s fourth goal. Turns out this is a good 3.3km, 44-minute walk, according to Google Maps, and nearly all uphill. While the wobbly gentlemen was no stranger to a mitraillette, the stewards who were supposed to catch him were like Wily Coyote chasing Road Runner, in slow motion. My security guard was an acquiescent groan away from thumbing my anus. Terrific player, but is he a defender? Its asymmetry and ‘what-can-we-put-there-ness’ is wonderfully charming, in a genuine non-patronising way. This was a Saturday, so I sunk into the very comfortable seat like a cherry in custard. From manual and pneumatic cable tie guns to automatic cable tie guns, Hellermanntyton offers a wide range of cable tie tensioning tools for a variety of requirements. Kortrijk, however, have embraced the cashless payment system, which means that as a visitor, you have to queue twice in order to buy anything. Given the fundamental tactical overhaul that is foreseen, that may be a good thing for Anderlecht this year. Our aim is to offer you the best possible user experience on our website whilst ensuring that it runs reliably and securely. While I don’t think Devroe recruited well, surely the Head Coach is telling him what he wants? The remainder of the journey seemed like a tourist ride through the coves and marinas of Italy’s Northern Tyrrhenian coastline. It doesn’t get much better. For all that many new-builds are dismissed as ‘soulless bowls’, this is a ‘bowl of soul’. Vanhaezebrouck has rightly been afforded time to implement his style and to build a team. That said, it was a combative fixture and the players were clearly committed. Then the lights dim, the phones illuminate like little mining lamps and the wonderful propaganda video, accompanied by a rousing march, depicts the halcyon days of coal and the community, glossing over boring and pragmatic notions like life-expectancy. I foresee uncomfortable warm rain, turnstile problems, more empty seats than the club anticipate, a noisy and boisterous atmosphere, an early Oostende goal and shouts of ‘Coucke Buiten’ by half time. Given the format of the Belgian League, wins from July to February are effectively only worth 1.5 points due to the playoff system, so slower starts from the bigger teams are not that unusual or prohibitive. That said, they worked hard and eventually scored a lovely winner, Caligiuri adding to his penalty from earlier. Embarrassed at home in the Belgian Cup by Union St Gilles, finishing a distant last in a fairly weak Europa League group and failing to qualify for Europe for the first time in 55 years, fans were left beleaguered. However, for a stand full of kids, the atmosphere was fabulous. Seeing a slow front three of Santini, Gerkens and Musona at Eupen without overlapping runs from midfield, the result was unsurprising. “I told them ‘that’s all I want: three Asians'”. While there are many irksome aspects of ‘Modern Football’, such as the ring-fencing of Champions League places for the “big 5” when league winners like Celtic have to play through eight matches, or the desperation to take European Football ‘on tour’ to the USA or Middle East, what were this small band of Gent fans actually protesting? Either Vanhaezebrouck is unwilling to change (egotist), is unable to recognise the problem (ignorant) or is unable to implement changes to fix it (incompetent). A four-goal victory catalysed the carnival atmosphere that ensued, in the setting of relic of a stadium, surveyed by bizarre floodlights. The standard of football was alright, but I’d be disappointed if Anderlecht didn’t batter both of them home and away. We were like fresh prey on the tundra of tossing. Next stop was to find the ticket office: Virtus Entella did not do online sales at the time. Beautiful Belgian bureaucracy. However, a few days before the match, a few became available in the front row of the stand. postponed to a later period in 2020, Brno, Czech, postponed to a later period in 2020, Trondheim, Norway, postponed to a later period in 2020, Galicia, Spain. These cookies do not store any personal data and are usually only set in response to actions you take. Proper football cities. I could see the Ultra-ish area so stood to the right of that. Finally, a sweaty panting mess, we arrived at the station and went to a ticket machine, which decided it would not sell tickets for our desired journey. They were supporting a team in a new-build, corporate-friendly stadium, buying their sponsored beer with their electronic cards, singing songs and making banners in English, decked out in exploitatively expensive merchandise. Still, at 4.20€ for 0.5litre of Veltins Pils, or a little less for the liquid cuddle that is Glühwein, it is not exploitative. 7/10, Milic: Defensively sound, but distribution was wayward. Where we were mis-sold some cloudy weissbier as “special lager”. Conclusion: A very impressive ground, that looks nothing like a football stadium on the outside, and feels a little unlike one inside. Maybe people are just disappointed as they ascended the mines too early, thinking it was late March, when they will hassle The Hoff and the Vengaboys are back in town ( No cable can meet the demands posed today in terms of abrasion resistance, tensile strength and form consistency or impact resistance without having appropriate cable protection. Fortuna Dusseldorf II spent more of the match defending but were seldom troubled. The Cocoon Sendlinger Tor was clean, central and reasonably priced in a fairly expensive city. However, I have serious doubts about his pace to play that role – a pacy winger would roast him. The performance of Saelemakers at right wing-back suggests that he promises to entertain and frustrate in equal measures. After schalking along for two and a half hours in the car from Brussels, we caught sight of one of the Parkstadion (Schalke’s former ground) floodlights, looking superbly Soviet and spatulaic. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Welcome to the STOFF & STIL webshop. The club no longer exist. In January 2017, Anderlecht’s midfielders included Tielemans (replaced by Kums), Dendoncker (replaced by Makarenko), Hanni (replaced by Morioka), Trebel and Stanciu (sort of replaced by Musona). It was being drowsily guarded by the personification of neglect, whose claim to fame is probably that he once nearly roadied for Motorhead. Fluid passages of play were invariably followed up by poor crosses, shots against the defender’s shins or a heavy first touch. The ticket was bought via Gent’s website, and was print-at-home. Last season was horrible for Anderlecht. His arrival is also welcome just in terms of his physicality and height, as half of Anderlecht’s squad would be prevented from riding most roller coasters. Cars queue along Autobahn 2 to take the turn off for the 62000 capacity VELTINS-Arena. The heat was like barbed-wire to our celtic skin, which was completely unshaded from our third-row vantage point. This is Anderlecht, not Oostende. This near miss was offset by seeing the most liberally-scarved man I have ever seen. In possession, the dog would dazzle you with its quick change of direction and pace. You have the right to decide whether you wish to allow certain types of cookies or not. Pre-season matches have looked frantic, disjointed and with so many players returning late for a number of reasons, I would expect the first few games to reflect this. Some crisp Birra Moretti was enjoyed from our pitch-side seats (in a stand so shallow, all seats are pitch-side), mixed in with aftertaste of Deep Heat condensate. We showed this bastion of dishevelment our tickets, saying ‘Tribune 4’. Stop schalking around. It does have a bizarre feel about it. There are some fans who are blaming Coucke, the owner, and Devroe, the Sporting Director, for Anderlecht’s current predicament. He nearly let us through, but his kaleidoscope of conjunctivitis receded momentarily, and he said “il faut faire le tour”, or words to that effect. Pulling in to the free-for-all car park, it was about fifteen minutes walk in the bitter cold to the Haupttribune. It’s a win-win situation. Immediately upon alighting the train, our senses were ambushed. Team bus at the training ground and ticket office. Its architectural theme is best embodied by the song lyrics “War, huh, what is it good for? He is a player of talent, but zero awareness, and spends a lot of time sprinting after his shadow. 7/10, Trebel: Worked tirelessly as ever, tackled well, but was beaten physically on a few occasions. FC Lugano v FC Zürich: Swiss Super League (3-0), Stadio Comunale di Cornaredo, Friday 19th April 2019, When explaining groundhopping and its appeal to friends, family and colleagues, reactions typically include furrowed brows, askance glances and, occasionally, curiosity. For example, cookies tell us what sort of device you are using and your internet browser settings. Subs: Kayembe (for Trebel), Dauda (for Santini) and Musona (for Dimata). Otherwise, the U1 to Wettersteinplatz brings you out right next to the stadium. In Act Utilitarianism, Bentham talks of doing the greatest good for the greatest number. So, after boldly crossing a supermarket car park and navigating a barely-visible alley bordered by the kind of fence Donald Trump would like to have built cheaply, by immigrants, in order to keep out immigrants, we found ourselves in a tributary of terraced houses divided by a trickle of Kortrijk fans. These cookies help us to answer questions such as: How do users navigate our website? Bar in concourse at the top of the stairs. The train was, as all Italian trains seem to be, delayed. The quality of the game was, in all honesty, a bit minging. The EdgeClip is a cable-fastening solution that enables the flexible routing of wires, cable harnesses, conduits and pipes in a variety of industrial applications, including the automotive sector. White Star Woluwe (as they were then, later becoming RWS Brussels) were playing in the second tier, at Stade Fallon, where my kids did after-school sports, but it never seemed ‘professional’. As I wandered back towards the station, I stopped off for a couple of Kölsch, served in their little glasses that look like recycled fluorescent tunes. Ten euros for a place on the terrace seemed good value. Will have better performances, but his leadership in the middle is a vitally cohesive element to this team. The Zurich fans had more or less filled out their allocated area and created an impressive visiting section. Breakfast was two double espressi accompanied by a freshly-baked almond-filled croissant, served in a brown paper bag. Trying to rationalise groundhopping to family and friends can be difficult, as it’s not really about the match but the whole experience. As a result, we spent the next 40 minutes (to Como) tasting the condensation of sweat and bloviation of the Frat pack, done up in their best yachtie apparel (v-neck jumpers tied by the arms around their necks in reef knots) so they could “cruise for some ass in Como”. Both teams were less than the sum of their parts. One can’t help but think Schalke’s match against Manchester City could be messy though – they may well be on the receiving end of a good schalking. 1860 left at the end of 2017, after a “double-relegation” to the Regionalliga, and returned to the Grünwalder. Perhaps they thought I looked like one of those miserable people who wandered round the Christmas Market refusing to buy their overpriced shed-sustenance. It’s not that many. A very wobbled Weeble am I. Do bear in mind though that blocking certain cookies can affect your user experience on our website. Is it best to have one ‘atmosphere’ section with only polite ripples of applause elsewhere in the stadium? The cheap tickets are typically snapped up by members and the headline low prices are often cheap season tickets – still a good thing, but pricing is more nuanced than some think). These cookies cannot be deactivated in our system, as they are necessary for the functioning of the website. Like Sven Kums with defensive competence and physical prowess. However, the machines in the station sold us the tickets without any unusual declaration, so I’m not sure why this is the case. That’s how this game felt. A half car space emerged so I tried to sneak in, inducing incandescent rage from the Gammon in a white Skoda, who was very prepared to spank his car into mine to prevent me schalking in. Our trip to Lugano managed to achieve just about everything on that wish list and was a truly unexpected gem. It could have been shorter had I not remarked upon the locals’ disdain for my casual approach to the red man at pedestrian crossings. I didn’t realise Brussels had more than one professional football team when I arrived in 2011.

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