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Counter-Strike 1.6 Warzone is a cs 1.6 version that maintains skin, texture and classical sounds only to solve most bugs and bring the latest updates. The Counter Strike game is still one of the most beautiful shooter games and is still very much played in World. It is still played due to its minimalist graphics and can be played on almost any PC. In this game, war is between two teams, namely terrorists and counter terrorists. Both teams have separate but also shared goals. The common goal is to eliminate all enemies. The de_dust2 map remains the most played map and in combination with the respawn mode it gives a surplus of the game. Other modes are: furien, zombie, gungame, deathrun, hns, etc. All the ways have their beauty but I still prefer the classic way because it was the first way I played.

Video counter $strike 1.6 fps

Counter-Strike 1.6 Warzone can be downloaded quickly by simply pressing a button below and then installing it wherever you want. Downloading will take up to 5 minutes and another 2 minutes installation. Within 7 minutes you are ready to play a really nice game. Once in installed, you can connect to any server you want from the find server , but if you are an admin on a server, you can log in from the console via the connect command. If you can not find servers that you like, you can go to because you will find a lot of servers in all ways and in all countries.

Video Counter Strike 1.6 Zombie

Main tasks of the game Counter-Strike 1.6 Warzone:
– Without Lag.
– No Bugs.
– FPS Excellent.
– Quickly download maps, sounds, textures, etc.
– No ads.

To be able to play quietly on any server with Counter-Strike 1.6 Warzone, you need a computer with the minimum of:
– Processor: 1.6 GHz
– Memory Ram: 512 MB
– Video card: 512 MB
– Hard Disk Space: 1 GB

See more of Counter-Strike 1.6 on Facebook. Create New Account. See more of Counter-Strike 1.6 on Facebook. Create New Account. Community See All. 2,767 people like this. 2,774 people follow this. New Video Counter-Strike Hopa Gangnam style HD. This time I will share Counter-Strike 1.6 Global Offensive version 1.0 or CS 1.6 MOD CSGO v1.0. Previously on this blog also shared CS 1.6 Mod CSGO but it is a Beta version. Because there are many enthusiasts, I will share again with many updates. In this version I provide an update, one of which is to display the name of the weapon mod in hud.

Counter Strike 1.6 Online

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Title: Counter-Strike
Gen: Action / First-Shooter Shooter
Developer: Valve Software®
Publisher: Valve Corporation ™
Locator: Counter-Strike.Com.Ua (Not official)
Release date: November 1, 2000
Languages: English, Russian (crack)
Game modes: Multiplayer / Local Area
Platform Platform: PC (Windows)
Engine: Gold Source [Half-Life 1]
Type: No Steam (No activation required)
- Crystalline construction, based on official Steam content;
- Nothing is cut;
- The game automatically adapts to the server protocol (47/48);
- multiprotocol demo player;
- Any Counter-Strike 1.6 servers are added to favorites;
- Functional function of adding the current server to favorites;
- Ads deleted;
- Dedicated Half-Life dedicated server;
- Working with multiple Half-Life users;
- Latest bots zBot 1.5;
- full text Russified;
- High quality radio for Russian voice;
- Compatible with Windows 8.

Videos De Counter Strike 1.6 Zombie Escape

Counter-Strike is a first-person multi-player shooter, which was launched in 2000 and remains the most popular shooter and, at the same time, a serious cyber discipline in the professional tournament. The main idea of ​​the game: confronting two teams - terrorists and counter-terrorists. Purpose of the game: Complete the task of the map or destroy the enemy. For completed tasks and destroyed enemies, the player receives money he can spend on the purchase of weapons, ammunition and equipment. Depending on the type of map, the plot of the game may be different: Mining / demining: Terrorists try to carry out an attack by detonating a bomb in a certain place, counter-terrorists, in turn, must prevent an explosion or eliminate all terrorists. Hostage Rescue: Terrorists are trapped and held hostage. Counter-terrorists must free the hostages by escorting them to the evacuation area. Killing VIPs: Terrorists try to kill a VIP (VIP). The task of the Terrorists is to keep VIPs safe in a safe area.