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Gloud Games is now on the app store, and from what I can tell it is the official release for the united states. Download it and give it a try. Version 1.3.7 WIP. I'm a struggling writer with many ideas. I'm willing to share some if any artist or fellow writer out there is looking to team up and see through to some kind of project, don't hesitate to ask.

(Name is temporary)
The aim of this mod is to expand the amount of useful items the player can acquire throughout the game. Anything from different anomalous objects to syringes and so on. I found the lack of critical items in the game to be fairly limited. To me, the only must have items are SCP-500, Super NAV, Super Gas Mask, and a Level 5 Key Card. Notable exceptions may include SCP-1499 (probably the best item in the game) and SCP-714. The longer this project is worked on, the more items will be added and maybe a few new SCPs not currently in the game.
SCP-330 - Take Only Two
  • • A bowl of candy. Candy provides a small stamina boost and when refined, provides better effects for the player.
    • Located in the Entrance Zone in Dr. Harp's office.
    • Taking more than two pieces of candy will fatally wound the player.
SCP-427 - Lovecraftian Locket
  • • A wearable silver locket. Reduces injuries, blood loss, and infection over time. Slowly optimizes the player's speed, stamina, and blink meter.
    • Acquired by placing SCP-500-1 into SCP-914 on the Fine or Very Fine setting. Item has a 1 in 5 chance to spawn on Fine and a 1 in 10 chance on Very Fine. Otherwise, it will become a Strange Bottle.
    • Wearing SCP-427 for too long will force the player to mutate into SCP-427-1 and prompt a game over.
SCP-447 - Ball of Green Slime
  • • A puddle of slime. Enhances first aid kits, eye drops, and strange bottles when combined in SCP-914. Also makes SCP-500-1 minty fresh.
    • Acquired by placing a Severed Hand or Black Severed Hand into SCP-914 on Very Fine.
    • Prompts a unique game over screen when the player is killed while holding SCP-447-2 or an items enhanced by SCP-447-2 or after having used an item enhanced by SCP-447-2.

Version 1.3.7 Wip Translationgloud Games Online

  • • A syringe of a strong painkiller. Using the item will temporarily reduce the player's injury level. Useful to negate the movement speed penalty when injured to quickly escape from enemies.
    • Does not heal the player. If the player would be killed without use of a painkiller, the player will still die despite using a painkiller.
    • Injuries will return after a set amount of time. Injuries will not return if the player fully heals between using painkiller and when the painkiller expires.
    • Acquired by placing a Small First Aid Kit on the 1:1 setting. Item has a 1 in 2 chance to spawn. Otherwise, it will stay as a Small First Aid Kit.
More items will be added as I think of them and code them.
SCP-505 - Ink Stain:
• Going to be located in heavy containment. It will infect the player with ink unless the player is wearing a hazmat suit.
SCP-090 - Apocorubik's Cube:
• Also going to be located in heavy containment. Touching it will trigger a catastrophe.Translationgloud
SCP-047 - Microbial Mutagen:
• Not much is planned for this object yet. Check back later. It may or may not be added.
SCP-882 - A Machine:
• See above. This one may be more likely to be added. Will probably either be in heavy containment or light containment.
SCP-077 - Rot Skull:
• Not much is planned for this either. This one may not be likely to be added.
SCP-1013 - Cockatrice
• An NPC that you shouldn't look at. Wanders around the heavy containment and possibly the entrance zone.
SCP-035 - Possessive Mask

Version 1.3.7 Wip Translationgloud Games Gratis

• I plan on giving this SCP more of a role after you free him as another memetic hazard. This idea is still a work in progress and may not be implemented.

Version 1.3.7 Wip Translationgloud Games Download

VersionSCP-682 - Hard-to-Destroy Reptile:
• I plan to add 682 as an actual enemy to encounter and get killed by. It will also come with its own containment chamber in heavy containment. This plan is not so final.
More SCPs to come if/when I can find good ones. I might take suggestions.
Version 0.4
Version 0.3 (As of 7/9/2017)
Version 0.2 (As of 7/1/2017)
1.3.7Version 0.3 (As of 07/09/2017)
Version 0.2 (As of 06/30/2017)
This is pretty much my first mod for SCP:CB so feedback would be appreciated.
Version 0.3
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Version 0.2 (Source Included)
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Version 0.1 (Source Included)