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PLEASE NOTE: Read below before downloading, and check the README files in the USTs you download. The README includes usage details for USTs that may have unique configurations/extra samples.

Terms of Use

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  2. Credit MystSaphyr for the below files.
  3. If UST contains other credits (editors, lyricists, etc.) please add them as well.
  4. Do not redistribute these files or claim as your own.
  5. Ask before redistributing ANY altered files, including but not limited to lyrics fixes, edited phonemes, retuning, or filetype conversions (ex. UST > VSQX)

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If you want, you can send corrected or translated files to me and I will add to the zip with proper credit given to you in the README.



The below USTs are covers of songs by other producers/musicians. I do not claim any ownership over the songs, only the UST files I created for them.

I am human. My first language is English. Therefore, there is a good chance that I have made lyrical mistakes for non-English songs. Even though I do my best to double-check everything, I can never guarantee 100% accuracy. If you notice mistakes, PLEASE contact me and I’ll fix them! – Myst

LTTng version naming

Since LTTng 2.0, each release bears the name of a Quebec microbrewed beer.

Ust Download Meltdown

2.12 (Ta) Meilleure

Ta Meilleure is a Northeast IPA beerbrewed by Lagabière.Translating to “Your best one”, this beer gives out strong aromas ofpassion fruit, lemon, and peaches. Tastewise, expect a lot of fruit,a creamy texture, and a smooth lingering hop bitterness.

2.11 Lafontaine

From Oshlag microbrewery, theLafontaine is a refreshing, zesty, rice beer withhints of fruit and spices. Some even say it makes for a great Somaek whenmixed with Chamisul Soju, not that we've tried!

2.10 KeKriek

From BrasserieDunham, the KeKriek is a sourmashed golden wheat ale fermented with local sour cherries fromTougas orchards. Fresh sweet cherry notes with some tartness, livelycarbonation with a dry finish.

2.9 Joannès

A Berliner Weisse style beer from theTrèfle Noirmicrobrewery in Rouyn-Noranda,the Joannès is a tangy beerwith a distinct pink dress and intense fruit flavor, thanks to thepresence of fresh blackcurrant grown in Témiscamingue.

2.8 Isseki Nicho

The result of a collaboration between Dieu du Ciel! and Nagano-basedShiga Kogen, Isseki Nicho is a strongImperial Dark Saison offering arich roasted malt flavor combined with a complex fruity finish typicalof Saison yeasts.

2.7 Herbe à Détourne

Brewed with unrestraied amounts of Citra hop, the Herbeà Détourne is a fantastic New World Tripel brewed by Dieu du Ciel!. Aromas ofmango, cantaloupe melon and passion fruit, combined with acontrolled bitter finish, unite in making this smooth golden-orangebeer stand apart.

2.6 Gaïa

From Benelux brewery inMontreal, the Gaïa is a witbierwith a cloudy light amber ale color.Aroma of coriander with floral hay notes is enchanting. Taste is alsodominated by the very floral coriander note and some medium sweet maltnotes.

2.5 Fumisterie

Dieu du Ciel!'sFumisterie is a beer whose styleis at the confluence of English andGerman ales. On the palate, it is full-bodied, malty and slightlycaramelized. The organic hemp seeds incorporated during the brewinggives it a unique and original taste. The hop flavour comes throughdelicately in the after taste.

2.4 Époque Opaque

The Époque Opaque is a black IPA from Trou du Diable brewery. Thenose is eerily reminiscent of the coffee crisp candy from of ourchildhood. These strong mocha accents are present on the palate, whichare quickly subdued by Japanese and Australian hops leading to a finalstate of satisfaction enjoyable for any fan of bitter beer.

2.3 Dominus Vobiscum

A very succulent line-up of beers brewed at MicrobrasserieCharlevoix. Elaborated starting from special malts andfermented with a Belgian yeast. These beers are refermented in bottleand will make you discover the richness of wheat, amber and triplestyles.

2.2 Cuda

Brewed at the Benelux microbrewery, thisIPA has huge floral, citric and resinous hop aroma, simply an amazingnose. The flavor is very fresh with a light caramel malting touchcompleting a strong body. Huge amounts of hops, lots of grapefruit,lemon and oranges. This is an outstanding IPA!

2.1 Basse Messe

Light coloured German ale brewed by Dieu du Ciel! whose style wasnamed after the city Cologne (Koln) where it was first brewed. It is arather simple beer with lightly fruity aromas and a delicate hoppyfragrance. The beer has a pronounced malty taste with a subtle bitteraftertaste.

Ust Download Utau

2.0 Annedd'ale

Download Ust English

New type of beer, 100% from Quebec, flavored with sapin beaumierneedles, with a touch of hops.