/ ˌʌn səbˈskraɪb /

verb (used without object),un·sub·scribed,un·sub·scrib·ing.

to cancel a subscription to or remove a name from an online mailing list, publication, or service.


verb (used with object),un·sub·scribed,un·sub·scrib·ing.

to remove (a subscriber) from an online mailing list, publication, etc.




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  • The unsubscribe suggestions are based on how many emails users receive and open from a specific sender, and it means that, with just one click on the Unsubscribe button, the newsletter subscriptions will be terminated, making it even easier for recipients to stop receiving all of those unwanted emails.
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  • You may unsubscribe at any time using the link included in each email message.

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(intr)to cancel a subscription, for example to an emailing serviceyou can unsubscribe at the following URL
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In the digital era, the Internet has made life convenient and a lot more hassle-free. Beginning from online shopping, watching videos, listening to music to reading books and much more – the internet has become man’s eternal companion. However, our literal addiction to it is often cited as the root cause of fatal and chronic lifestyle diseases.

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Problematic usage of computers is a growing social issue worldwide. Internet Addiction Disorder, known as IAD, creates neurological complications such as loss in concentration and insomnia, various psychological disturbances and social problems like separation in marriages, shifting focus from work and much more.

Surveys in Europe and the United States have indicated occurrences of the same, the rates of which have ranged from 1.5 to 8 percent. Most of these issues emerge owing to diminishing social lives, consequences of adversities in work or academics, anxiety and depression resulting because of family conflicts and mood swings.

Some medical conditions originating from such addictions are neurological vulnerabilities wherein there is an excessive release of dopamine in the brain. This affects the receptors which are responsible for carrying information to and from the brain.

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On this website, you will find a variety of blog posts on the perilous Internet addictions, their hazards, the psychological and physical behavioral changes that it results in and how one can overcome the same by certain digital detox programs.

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Complete abstinence from Internet can never be the appropriate cure for an addict. It is important for people around the concerned person to motivate and encourage them in a way such that they limit their Internet usage.