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Are you just beginning this unit?

Unit 2 Practice Problems 1, 4, 5 Problem 2. Here are three polygons. Draw a scaled copy of Polygon B with scale factor 2. Draw a scaled copy of Polygon C with scale factor. Solution The scaled copy of Polygon A should be a right triangle with each side half as long as the original. To assure that this unit is taught with the appropriate emphasis, depth, and rigor, it is important that the tasks listed under “Evidence of Learning” be reviewed early in the planning process. A variety of resources should be utilized to supplement this unit. This unit provides much needed content information, but excellent learning. Geometry Test Practice Chapter 8 geometry practice test. Welcome to McDougal Littell's Test Practice site. Chapter 8 geometry practice test. Chapter 8 Similarity. Start studying Geometry Unit 8 Review. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Enclosed is a unit that addresses all of the Common Core Geometry standards for Kindergarten. We took the time to analyze, group and organize them into a logical learning sequence. Thank you for entrusting us with the task of designing a rich learning experience for all students, and we hope to improve the unit as you pilot it and make it your own.

If so, feel free to follow the steps below.

Geometry Unit 8 Quiz

Decide on organization.

Geometry unit 8 test

Organization will save you to so much time and frustration. No one likes the feeling of not being able to find what they are looking for. Right now at the beginning of your unit is the perfect time to set up your system.

Think about your own style, do you prefer digital organization, or are you more of a pen and paper person?

If you're a digital person open up your calendar and create a folder on your desktop. If you are more of a paper and pencil person, feel free to use your own calendar or print out the one below. You will also need a place for your papers so decide on a folder or binder. Be sure to keep it in a easy to reach spot on your desk.

Print out your pacing chart and put the details on your calendar.


Take a look at the pacing chart and your school calendar. Are there any big events coming up? Half days? Field trips? Put them on the calendar. Now put each lesson on the calendar. Be mindful of your students. Have they covered things in the past that you won't need a full day to cover? Are their lessons where you know they will struggle? Perhaps a day and a half?

Print out and run copies of the test(s) and Pretests.

We have supplied 3 copies of the Unit 5 test for your convenience. Whether you want to use one for the pretest and 2 for the end of unit test, or any other combination, make that decision now and run those copies. It will feel great to have them ready. You may also want to put a copy into your main folder or binder for easy reference.

Geometry Unit 2 Pdf

Print out lesson plans and put into your binder or folder.

Open up those lesson plans and make any adjustments that are necessary. Do you have a literacy initiative going on? Are you required to integrate technology? Do you have students that need special interventions? Record those now and save these in your desktop folder or print them an put them in your binder. Won't it be great to have these ready in case you suddenly need a sub?

Geometry Unit 8 Answers

Plan for paper distribution, overhead display or digital sharing of the daily resources.

Take a look at how you share resources with your students. Are you online? Do you share with Google Classroom or another resource? Do you prefer your students write everything out? If you are sharing online, download your resources and remove the answer keys. (tutorial here) Go ahead and schedule those resources to be released. If you prefer paper, make arrangements for copies to be made.

Save the Power Points to a folder on your desktop for easy access.

While I'm sure this never happens at your school (wink), at mine, when it rains our network gets glitchy. I found that creating a folder on my desktop at the beginning of the unit and downloading all the PPT Presentations so that I was ready (with or without) internet saved me a lot of frustration. Go ahead now and download any PPT you plan on using and put them into that folder now.


Now you are ready for your full unit. Doesn't that feel great!

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Geometry Unit 8 Review Answers

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