Underground Mission

Flexible “Calder Style” shielded sewer couplings connect Clay, Type O Clay, Type 1 Clay, Extra Heavy Cast Iron, CIT, Schedule 40 Plastic, Thinwall Plastic, Trailer/Drain (EPDM) or Steel pipe in sanitary systems. For non-pressure, gravity flow applications only. Recommended for underground installations. Primarily used in the Western United States. Easy to install and reuse.

Multiple sizes from 3” to 8”.

Surgical Grade 316 Stainless Steel, Nut & Bolt
Shield: 300 Series Stainless Steel
Gasket: Molded, one-piece, elastomeric sealing gasket

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RECOMMENDED TOOLS: Seekonk Torque Wrench - Pre-Set 60 in/lbs. with .3125” hex head screw. Prices effective: August 15, 2011.


MISSIONMADE™ products are easy to install and reuse.

Adviser 'Delta squad, your mission is to find a squad that have gone missing inside this tunnel. Be advise the communication signal will go weaker as your team move deeper inside the cave.' Boss 'What was the squad mission? Adviser 'To find a possible underground droid base, and these caves are all moving to one big area deep under ground.


Increased band tension secures pipe ends, forming a watertight, root-proof seal, impervious to infiltration and exfiltration.

Mission Underground Railroad


Sealing “O” Rings under each clamp prevent pipe end slippage for a reinforced joint seal.


Independent clamp tightening adapts to different outside pipe diameters.

Weather Underground Mission Statement

Underground Mission

Stainless steel components resist corrosion in marine applications, poorly aerated/moist soils, contaminated grounds conditions, (e.g. industrial fill sites) and chloride, sulfates or bicarbonates in ground water.


Synthetic rubbers permit considerable distortion without changing basic physical resistance. More pliable, easier to install in cold weather applications than elastomeric PVC gaskets.


Synthetic rubber gasket resists ultraviolet rays, ozone, fungus growth, natural soil erosive properties, and normal sewer gases. Extra thick rubber sleeve can be used with or without bushings.


Thick shear band controls load bearing between coupling and pipe surface, opposing shear forces while maintaining pipe alignment.

  1. EASY
  8. RIGID
04067516' CL to 6' CL7.587.58
04067936' TYPE O CL or CONC to 6' TYPE O CL or CONC7.758.1257.758.125
04087818' CL to 8' CL9.7510.139.7510.13
041068810' CL to 10' CL12.2512.612.2512.6
041072010' TYPE O CL or CONC/CI/XHCI/PL/ST/TWP to 10' TYPE O CL or CONC/CI/XHCI/PL/ST/TWP12.513.12512.513.125
041263512' CL to 12' CL14.2514.5214.2514.52
041268412' TYPE O CL or CONC/ARMCO TRUSS to 12' TYPE O CL or CONC/ARMCO TRUSS14.1251514.12515
MR PartPartDescriptionCase Qty.Case Wt (lbs.)Price
04067516' CL to 6' CL2048.00$22.40
04067936' TYPE O CL or CONC to 6' TYPE O CL or CONC2048.60$25.95
04087818' CL to 8' CL1437.10$29.43
041068810' CL to 10' CL1033.40$38.34
041072010' TYPE O CL or CONC/CI/XHCI/PL/ST/TWP to 10' TYPE O CL or CONC/CI/XHCI/PL/ST/TWP1032.00$44.28
041263512' CL to 12' CL832.00$46.75
041268412' TYPE O CL or CONC/ARMCO TRUSS to 12' TYPE O CL or CONC/ARMCO TRUSS836.00$48.40

MISSION STANDARD “Calder Style” Bushings


MISSION STANDARD “Calder Style” Unshielded Sewer Couplings