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The foundation of the city was laid, due to the work of indigenous peoples, probably the Sicani, in an unspecified period. Since ancient times, its favorable location, in the center of many shipping routes, became strategically important for rulers who contended for supremacy in the Mediterranean.

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After seeing the settlement of Phoenicians and Greeks, Trapani became one of the major Sicilian cities under the control of Carthage: the city was equipped with several towers and massive walls, becoming one of the most important strongholds of Sicily. It was a period of widespread prosperity for its population, also thanks in part to the flourishing trade and abundant fishing.

Trapani 1920 Kitsempty Spaces The Blog Archive

The Romans conquered Trapani in 260 BC, which marked the beginning of its slow but progressive decline. Only during the Arab domination, the ancient Drépano (in Greek meaning ‘sickle’, in reference to the myths of the time rather than to the geology of the city) found new momentum: were intensive naval building took place, thanks to the expansion of the port area, and introduction of new techniques for plowing fields and fishing.

Seldom in one space will you find humanity’s cult of rulership more intriguingly juxtaposed. Another section of the exhibition is devoted to the gods. The enduring qualities of bronze, and its uncanny potential for verisimilitude, have led to its use for religious images for over five millennia, and on show are spellbinding examples, from. The Province of Trapani. If you take time to explore this province, you will be greatly rewarded with staggering natural.

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  1. Trapani, located in the west coast of Sicily, was founded by Elymians; they used the city as an agricultural centre, while the Phoenician turned it in an important port. During the First Punic War, its coasts witnessed the epic victory of Phoenician above Romans. Trapani owes its name to its shape of a sickle (Drepanon in Greek).
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