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European fire-bellied toad (Bombina bombina)
Scientific classification
Merrem, 1820

Toad is a common name for certain frogs, especially of the family Bufonidae, that are characterized by dry, leathery skin, short legs, and large bumps covering the parotoid glands.[1][2]

A distinction between frogs and toads is not made in scientific taxonomy, but is common in popular culture (folk taxonomy), in which toads are associated with drier, rougher skin and more terrestrial habitats.[3]


In scientific taxonomy, toads are found in the familiesBufonidae, Bombinatoridae, Calyptocephalellidae, Discoglossidae, Myobatrachidae, Pelobatidae, Rhinophrynidae, Scaphiopodidae and Microhylidae.[4]

Frog Identification

Usually the largest of the bumps on the skin of a toad are those that cover the parotoid glands. The bumps are commonly called warts, but they have nothing to do with pathologic warts, being fixed in size, present on healthy specimens and not caused by infection.[5][unreliable source?]Toads travel from non-breeding to breeding areas of ponds and lakes. Bogert (1947) suggests that the toads' call is the most important cue in the homing to ponds.Toads, like many amphibians, exhibit breeding site fidelity (philopatry). Individual American toads return to their natal ponds to breed where they are likely to encounter siblings as potential mates. Although inbred examples within a species is possible, siblings rarely mate.[6] Toads recognize and avoid mating with close kin. Advertisement vocalizations given by males appear to serve as cues by which females recognize kin.[7] Kin recognition thus allows avoidance of inbreeding and consequent inbreeding depression.

Cultural depictions

In Kenneth Grahame's novel The Wind in the Willows (1908), Mr. Toad is a likeable and popular, if selfish and narcissistic, comic character. Mr. Toad reappears as the lead character in A.A. Milne's play Toad of Toad Hall (1929), based on the book.[8][9]

In Chinese culture, the Money Toad (or Frog) Jin Chan appears as a Feng Shui charm for prosperity.[10]

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Original author(s)Jim McDaniel
Developer(s)Quest Software
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TypeDatabase management tools

Toad is a database management toolset from Quest Software for managing relational and non-relational databases using SQL aimed at database developers, database administrators, and data analysts. The Toad toolset runs against Oracle, SQL Server, IBM DB2 (LUW & z/OS), SAP and MySQL. A Toad product for data preparation supports many data platforms.


A practicing Oracle DBA, Jim McDaniel, designed Toad for his own use in the mid-1990s.[1] He called it Tool for Oracle Application Developers, shortened to 'TOAD'. McDaniel initially distributed the tool as shareware and later online as freeware.

Quest Software acquired TOAD in October 1998.[2] Quest Software itself was acquired by Dell in 2012 to form Dell Software.[3][4] In June 2016, Dell announced the sale of their software division, including the Quest business, to Francisco Partners and Elliott Management Corporation.[5] On October 31, 2016, the sale was finalized. On November 1, 2016, the sale of Dell Software to Francisco Partners and Elliott Management was completed, and the company re-launched as Quest Software.[6]


  • Connection Manager - Allow users to connect natively to the vendor’s database whether on-premise or DBaaS.
  • Browser - Allow users to browse all the different database/schema objects and their properties effective management.
  • Editor - A way to create and maintain scripts and database code with debugging and integration with source control.
  • Unit Testing (Oracle) - Ensures code is functionally tested before it is released into production.
  • Static code review (Oracle) - Ensures code meets required quality level using a rules-based system.
  • SQL Optimization - Provides developers with a way to tune and optimize SQL statements and database code without relying on a DBA. Advanced optimization enables DBAs to tune SQL effectively in production.
  • Scalability testing and database workload replay - Ensures that database code and SQL will scale properly before it gets released into production.


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