The Nostalgia Factor


Reminiscing can lead to nostalgia, a wistful desire to return to that fondly remembered past; such nostalgia may turn into severe homesickness, for the remembered past. And this homesickness cannot be cured, as return is not possible. Jan 10, 2019 - Just a collection of stuff that was either a big part of my childhood or makes me think of my childhood. See more ideas about my childhood, nostalgia, childhood. The Nostalgia Factory, subtitled '.and other tips for amateur golfers', is the second album to be released by Steven Wilson under the pseudonym of Porcupine Tree.It was the second full-length cassette produced for his 'joke' project with friend Malcom Stocks. New Stranger Things Trailer Ramps Up The Nostalgia Factor. By Michael Briers @briersytweets 4 years ago. If Super 8 and, more recently, Jeff Nichols’ wonderful Midnight.

Residential interiors experienced the time-warp return of iconic styles and pieces plucked from eras ranging from the 1920s to the 1990s. Art deco prints, swinging fringe, rattan—and more. We’re going back, way back.

Dream Weaver

The Nostalgia Factor

“Every generation has had their take on the classic woven raffia chair. It’s the epitome
of mixing high with low, and I still love how simple and timeless the material
is.”Ben Leavitt, PlaidFox Studio

Baker Furniture cane arm chair (price on request).

Power Prints

“The sophisticated moodiness of the late ’80s and early ’90s has definitely influenced our work oflate. We’re also loving oversized large-scale patterns
on wallpapers.”Kyla Bidgood, Bidgood and Co

La Strada wallpaper in gunmetal grey on cream ($265 per roll).

On the Fringe

The Gubi pouf (from $1,250) with its sexy fringe and gold thread design is everything your plain grey felt pouf isn’t.,

It’s a Pattern

“Art deco is rearing its head once again, although I’m not too sure if it ever really went out of fashion. (At least it didn’t for me.) I’ve always gravitated toward strong geometric patterns, so I think that’s why I’ve have a soft spot for deco elements.”Kevin Mitchell, Mitchell Design House

The Nostalgia Factor

Notre Monde trays (from $59) by Ethnicraft show off hand-painted designs influenced by art deco architecture and the groovy 1970s.,

The Big Screen

“Now that laser cutting, CNC machines and 3D printing are more common, there are so many more options available for designers.”K.M.

Solana Panel Transform 2 (from $20 per square foot).

Red Crush

Oxblood is our favourite #trending brown-burgundy, and here it is giving a 2020 twist on a classic shape: the Osaka sofa (from $2,519) in dusty red cotton velvet.

It’s always nice to receive polite letters from our viewing audience. Sometimes they’re angry, sometimes very poorly-written, many times overly-demanding about what they want to see in whatever show they like, but this one was just nice. And you know what? That can go quite a long way.

We actually HAD been thinking about bringing back ‘Getting Hairy’, although perhaps with a re-branding. Competition shows are SO in right now, and I really think that if we could get some of Melbourne’s best hair salons on board, and then we stir up some weepy melodrama amongst the contestants to keep it contemporary and relevant, we can have a huge hit on our hands. People love getting their hair done, they love watching art in motion, and they LOVE shows where people are judged with dramatic music in the background. Just look at ‘Your Kitchen Sucks’, or ‘Master-Chief’, the cooking show hosted by that one guy from the old gaming franchise. Never really understood the appeal, but this is television in 2019, my friends. There’s a market for everything, if you have the gumption and the viewing audience.


As the letter mentions, Getting Hairy is something of a beloved relic from the past, giving it a nostalgia factor. I remember the old hairdressing salon in St James Place, way back in the 1980s. I’d be getting my hair all teased up into a giant perm, as was the way of the times, and we’d all be glued to the television set. Someone would be pulling off a really competent straightening project, maybe to fashion their model’s hair into a little ski ramp with skiers made out of hair. Oh, the memories. I want to feel that buzz again, and I’m sure there are a ton of hair enthusiasts who feel the same way.

The Nostalgia Factory Book

We’re bringing it back. More hair, more spray, more wax, and definitely WAY more tears. Tears equal ratings!

The Nostalgia Factory Boston