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thanks a bunch

informal A set phrase expressing a lot of gratitude to someone for something. A: 'Your mom and I got you a new laptop for college.' B: 'Oh wow, thanks a bunch, Dad!'A: 'Here's that book you asked for, Tom.' B: 'Thanks a bunch, Sarah.'

You can show your appreciation as part of a closing line. The closing line tends to encapsulate a key. You want to say thanks, but not seem strained or sycophantic in your expression of gratitude. You also want to keep your dispatches straightforward and to the point, so there’s no room for thank-yous that are overlong or unwieldy. Write your best thank-you notes. Thanks Sweetheart! A beautiful ecard with a romantic message for your sweetheart. Special Thank You Wish With Flowers. Send this special and perfect thank you note to your friends, family and all you know. Hugs, Kisses And Thanks. A cute teddy with cute gestures says thanks. A Warm Thank You! A beautiful card with a perfect message to say. Thanks definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation.

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thanks a bunch

Inf. thanks. Thanks a bunch for your help. He said 'thanks a bunch' and walked out.
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thanks a bunch

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'Thanks' is a common expression of gratitude.

Thanks may also refer to:

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