Surat Mangyan

Surat Mangyan is not foreign. It is the living script of the indigenous Mangyan people of Mindoro, Philippines. It has been in continuous use for centuries and is still in use and being taught today. I do not add foreign letters, I am the most conservative typeface/font developer out there. Hanunuo students writing in Surat It is inscribed in the material using Surat Mangyan, an indigenous script predating the Spanish colonial era in the Philippines. Mangyan Poet Ginaw Bilog was recognized for the preservation of his people's tradition in 1993 who also records the ambahan in a notebook. A Hanunuo woman prepares traditional Mangyan items for selling in a street market during the 11th celebration of Mangyan day. A Hanunuo woman explains the Surat Mangyan, the traditional Mangyan writing that was declared by the United Nations as a World Heritage. Mangyan leaders during the start of the 11th Mangyan Day celebrations.

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UP Kamangyan Logo

The University of the Philippines Kamangyan, Incorporated is an organization of MindoreƱo youth studying in UP Diliman duly recognized by the university, accredited by the Provincial Government of Oriental Mindoro and approved by Securities and Exchange Commission. UP Kamangyan is also a member of the UP Sanlahi Alliance. Apart from its thrust of upholding social awareness, academic excellence, civic mindedness and camaraderie among its members, the organization also serves as an avenue for promoting the rich culture, tradition and heritage of the Mindoro provinces. Activities such as the Mangyan Month, Alternative Classroom Learning Experience, and Surat Mangyan and Ambahan Tutorials embody these ideals and aspirations of the organization.

Surat Mangyan Translation

The Surat Mangyan has angular characters. But it is the poetic form ambahan which truly sets the Hanunuo Mangyan apart. The verses were originally carved on bamboo stalks or culms or wooden containers for passersby to read and appreciate, with no genuine need to establish authorship.

Surat Mangyan Hanunoo



UP Kamangyan was founded on November 15, 1995 by students from Oriental Mindoro while gathering at the UP Main Library. The organization included students from Occidental Mindoro as members in 1996. In 1998, the UP Kamangyan gained official recognition from the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) as a regional organization. It wasn't until 1999 that the organization had their tambayan, which was then located at the Vinzons Hill Tambayan Complex.

Surat Mangyan

The Tagisan ng Talino at Galing (TNT), the organization's inter-highschool quiz bee for Mindoreno students, was first held on 2001 in Calapan City. Another highlight event of the organization is its free College Entrance Exam Review and Career Orientation Program (CEERCOP) which started on 2005.


Tagisan ng Talino at Galing
The most highlighted event of the organization, for twelve years now, is the Tagisan ng Talino at Galing (TNT). TNT is a platform where the Mindoreno high school students can hone their skills through friendly competitions such as TNT Quiz Bee, Impromptu Speaking Contest in English and Filipino, Poster Making Contest, and Essay Writing Contest in English and Filipino. Winners of the said competitions get to represent Mindoro for the annual Patalasanlahi sponsored by the UP Sanlahi Alliance.

Mangyan Month
Mangyan Month is a week-long celebration of the organization's anniversary every month of November. Mangyan Month 2010 included a blood-letting campaign, Sanduguan. The organization also featured two seminars regarding the tourism state of Mindoro and the Mangyan writing system. The culminating activity was a grand alumni homecoming at the last day of the week-long celebration.

CEERCOP 2012 at San Jose

College Entrance Exam Review and Career Orientation Program (CEERCOP)
The College Entrance Review and Career Orientation Program was one of the headstart activities of the organization as the organization goes hand-in-hand with UPK alumni in giving UPCAT reviews, thus, providing an edge to fourth year high school Mindoreno students in their college entrance examinations. On its 8th year, CEERCOP was held in three different areas namely Calapan City and Pinamalayan in Oriental Mindoro, and San Jose in Occidental Mindoro.
CEERCOP includes review of the subjects included in UPCAT and other college admission tests. Aside from introducing exam questions, there are also talks regarding possible courses to take in college in the Career Orientation Program. UPK alumni who were successful in their fields are chosen as speakers.

Alternative Classroom Learning Experience (ACLE)
UP Kamangyan annually joins the Alternative Classroom Learning Experience (ACLE) with the vision of delivering to the UP community the identity of the provinces of Mindoro. UP Kamangyan's ACLE centers on the ecological, ethnical, and social issues in Mindoro.


The Executive Committee of UP Kamangyan for AY 2012-2013.
President: April Anne Acosta
Executive Secretary: Mary Frances Dominique Castro
Vice President for Academic Affairs: Krisha Villanueva
Vice President for External Affairs: Desteen Marie Magbanua
Vice President for Finance: Kris Bernadette Faller
Vice President for Internal Affairs: Jake Canaco


UP Kamangyan members (AY 2012-2013):
Acosta, April Anne
Aguilar, Albino
Atienza, Miko Mark Francis
Canaco, Jake
Castro, Mary Frances Dominique
Celimen, Rocel
Cruz, Jezel Dyn
De Castro, Jethro
Dela Torre, Kathleen
Dimapilis, Ladylee
Dotig, Romwel
Fababaer, Charlie
Faller, Kris Bernadette
Fernandez, Nessa
Gayona, Joanne
Foja, Rhona Dyan
Lasac, Lovelyn
Magbanua, Desteen Marie
Mamador, Charmyne
Panganiban, John Eric
Ricohermoso, Emmanuel III
Serraon, Ace Christian
Tanada, Kaizzer Irvin
Vasquez, Renz
Villanueva, Krisha

Surat Mangyan

Contact Us

For questions, please email us at [email protected] or you can also visit us at E4 Tambayan Complex, Vinzons Hill, UP Diliman, Quezon City.

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12th Tagisan ng Talino at Galing

Surat Mangyan And Ambahan Poetry

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