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Qadha for fasts that were broken due to masturbating

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Baca Juga: Qadha Puasa atau Fidyah Bagi Ibu Hamil. Untuk fidyah, sebagian besar ulama berpandangan kadarnya adalah 1 mud atau 1 kg kurang, untuk satu hari tidak berpuasa. Sedangkan ulama hanafiah berpendapat setengah sha’ atau 2 mud (setengah dari ukuran zakat fitrah). Kapan Waktu Pembayaran Fidyah. Assallamualikum ustad. Saya mau tny istri saya saat bln ramadhan ini sdg mnyusui anak pertama saya. Rncana saya mau memberikan anak ASI eksklusif sampai usia anak 2thn. Bagi mereka yang tidak berpuasa, syariat Islam mengatur ketentuan penggantinya. Jika masih kuat secara fisik diganti dengan qadha. Namun jika lemah tubuhnya diganti dengan fidiah. Besaran fidiah adalah satu mud makanan pokok untuk satu hari puasa yang ditinggalkan. Di Indonesia, satu mud setara dengan 0,6 kilogram beras. Para sahabat dan tabiin, Ibnu Abbas, Ibnu Umar, Said bin Jabir menjelaskan bahwa ibu hamil dan menyusui yang tidak berpuasa cukup membayar fidyah tanpa harus melakukan qadha. Imam Hanafi berpendapat bahwa wanita hamil yang tidak melakukan puasa ramadhan maka cukup mengqadha saja. Yakni mengganti puasanya di hari lain tanpa harus membayar fidyah.


1. Prior to 1 year earlier, I did not know that masturbation breaks the fast and I used to do it in the state of fasting. Do I still have to make qada even if I did not know it at that time?

2. If yes, how should I calculate how many fasts I should make qada for? I am not sure how many of my fasts were broken like this. How many qadas should I make if I did not know this for 5-6 years after becoming baligh?

3. Should I make qada for all the fasts for the past 5-6 years or is there a specific number I can keep to make it alright?

4. Am I obligated to keep all the qada fasts together or can I keep them once or twice a week?

Haidh starting while one is making qadha of a Ramadhaan fast

Q: If a woman has one qadha fast to pay in. She has sehri and begins her qadha fast, later in the day her haidh begins. Is she required to fast 2 days now, because the qadha fast broke or fast one day?

Husband forcing wife to break Ramadhaan fast to engage in sexual relations

Q: What do the scholars say regarding A woman who fasts during Ramadhaan. Her husband is not normally home and comes home for a week during Ramadhaan and forces her to break her fast for sexual relations and he himself doesn't fast. What should this woman do for her fast? Ss she committing sin by this act? Please give guidance.

Qadha for fasts broken through masturbating during Ramadhaan

Q: If a person masturbates in Ramadhaan while fasting, should he give kaffarah or keep qadha?

Also, what should one do if he has doubt as to how many times he committed this heinous sin? Should he think of a reasonable number and pay kaffarah/keep qadha for that number of days?

Intercourse with one's wife during the day in the month of Ramadhaan


Q: Last Ramadhaan I indulged in a major sin unknowingly. One day I was not well and I had not fasted on that day and I had sex with my wife during the day not knowing that whether you fast or not you cannot have sex in the day. Please suggest what to do now.

Is it necessary to make a verbal intention for qadha fasts?

Q: I'm replacing my qadha fasts. I fasted for five days consecutively but sometimes I forget to make the intention although I know that I'm replacing my qadha. Should I fast again for the days that I didn't make intention verbally?

Qadha of Ramadhaan fasts

Q: Do the Ramadhaan qadha fasts have to be made up in a continous manner?

Qadha Fidia & Kaffaraall Islamic Content In One Place Crossword

Haidh coming between kaffaarah fasts

Q: I know that kaffaarah fasts have to be kept consecutively, with no break in between. My question is that if a female has to keep kaffaarah fasts, then how will she keep them consecutively, taking into consideration that her haidh will come between the fasts?


Not fasting during the month of Ramadhaan due to laziness


Q: I haven't been fasting for several years, maybe 5-6 years without any proper reason (laziness). Ramadhaan is coming next month. Do I have to record the years I haven't fasted for before I can fast in 2019? How much do I pay per day for the days I can't fast?

Keeping six fasts of Shawaal with the intention of qadha

Q: If I keep the six fasts of Shawaal with the niyyat of qadha, will I receive the special reward of these six fasts? Also, is it correct that for nafl fasts, niyyat has to be made before subah saadiq?

The Arabic noun qada (قَضَى) means 'a decree' and verb qudiya (قُضِيَ) means literally 'carrying out or fulfilling'. In Islamicjurisprudence it refers to fulfilling or completing those duties that one may have missed due to some reason or other.[1] It can also mean qadee, a court judgement or the art of adjudication.[2] A qadee is binding and enforceable, unlike a fatwa, which is merely a legal opinion. Issued by a Qaadee (judge) in response to a specific case and circumstances. The qaadee may request a fatwa to help determine the legal outcome of a specific case but is not bound to follow it. The decision is based on recognized legal precedent.



Qadha Fidia & Kaffaraall Islamic Content In One Places

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