Electrical Services

Professional independent contractors can help you with any upcoming home electrical projects as well as needed repairs, inspections or installations.

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  2. Learn about F5 application services which include BIG-IP, application security, management, and visibility.
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Tree Services

Dead trees and hanging limbs can be dangerous and visually unappealing. Our professional independent contractors can assess and remove problems at the root.


Surge Assistance

Help ensure that you are covered for surge related damage to electronics and appliances. We offer several levels of protection at affordable prices.

Landscape Lighting

Get a free consultation on stylish, expertly installed landscape lighting to help beautify your yard and provide a sense of comfort knowing your property is well-lit.

Products 2020

Post Lamps

Help make your entryway brighter and light the path for loved ones on dark nights. We offer a variety of styles designed to hold up in all seasonal weather conditions.

Security Lighting


Help feel safe on your property. Independent lighting professionals can consult and install motion-activated lights to brightly illuminate your drive and walkways.

Home Insulation

Help keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer and help save on future utility bills. Request a free consultation. Only available in some areas of OH & PA.

Home Connections

Products Made In Usa

Just moved or moving soon? In collaboration with Allconnect, we can help you set up or transfer your home utilities and get you rolling with TV and internet.

Home Repair Plans

Get emergency service and help protect yourself against unexpected plumbing, heating and cooling system problems on covered repairs with repair plans from HomeServe.

Products Of Cellular Respiration

These offerings are not available in all areas.

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All services are performed by an independent contractor. FirstEnergy Service Company, its parent, subsidiaries and related affiliates, including the FirstEnergy operating companies ('FirstEnergy') do not provide any warranty on the services performed and are not liable for damage or injuries that may arise as result of the services provided. We reserve the right to withdraw these offers at any time without prior notice. Products on this site sold by FirstEnergy utility companies are only for purchase by FirstEnergy utility company customers, where eligible. Not available in all areas.