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Platinum Collection: Greatest Hits 1-3 (CD) Average Rating: (4.8) stars out of 5 stars 33 ratings, based on 33 reviews. Walmart # 5573899. The Platinum Collection actually contains 20 songs from Betty's stint on Atlantic Records (and not 16 as the Amazon description claims). The song 'Tonight's the Night' does NOT appear on this CD, unfortunately. The Platinum Collection is actually quite good, but it does not include anything from the late 70's forward.

Platinum Collection
Box set by
Released29 November 2004 (UK)
13 September 2005 (US)
LabelVirgin (UK)
Atlantic/Rhino (US)
Genesis chronology
Genesis Archive 2: 1976–1992
Platinum Collection
Genesis 1976–1982
Professional ratings
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Platinum Collection is a career-spanning box set by British veteran progressive rock/pop rock band Genesis. It was released in 2004 in the UK and 2005 in North America.

The set consists of three CDs that serve as an overview of Genesis' career from their formative period with Peter Gabriel and Anthony Phillips, continuing through their period with Phil Collins as lead singer, to their most recent recordings with Ray Wilson as frontman. As with 1998's Genesis Archive 1967–75, this collection is mostly sequenced in reverse chronological order (apart from the fact that ...Calling All Stations...' title track is at the end of the first disc) for the purpose of providing precedence to the newer material. The majority of the tracks were also remixed by studio collaborator Nick Davis.

Featuring songs from every studio album (with the exception of their 1969 debut From Genesis to Revelation) from 1970's Trespass to 1997's ...Calling All Stations..., Platinum Collection stands as the most comprehensive Genesis retrospective available. Upon its release, it reached No. 21 in the UK and No. 100 in the US.

From left to right, the cover features pictures used on the albums We Can't Dance (1991), Nursery Cryme (1971), A Trick of the Tail (1976), Foxtrot (1972), Duke (1980), and Invisible Touch (1986).

Track listing[edit]


All tracks are written by Tony Banks, Phil Collins and Mike Rutherford, except where noted.

Disc one
No.TitleWriter(s)Original recordLength
1.'No Son of Mine'We Can't Dance, 19916:36
2.'I Can't Dance'We Can't Dance4:01
3.'Jesus He Knows Me'We Can't Dance4:18
4.'Hold on My Heart'We Can't Dance4:38
5.'Invisible Touch'Invisible Touch, 19863:28
6.'Throwing It All Away'Invisible Touch3:50
7.'Tonight, Tonight, Tonight'Invisible Touch (edited version first released on Turn It On Again: The Hits)4:30
8.'Land of Confusion'Invisible Touch4:46
9.'In Too Deep'Invisible Touch4:57
10.'Mama'Genesis, 19836:49
11.'That's All'Genesis4:25
12.'Home by the Sea'Genesis5:08
13.'Second Home by the Sea'Genesis6:06
14.'Illegal Alien' (Nick Davis remix)Genesis5:17
15.'Paperlate' (Nick Davis remix)3×3, 19823:24
16.'Calling All Stations'Calling All Stations, 19975:45
Total length:79:16
Disc two
No.TitleWriter(s)Original recordLength
1.'Abacab' (Nick Davis remix)Abacab, 19816:55
2.'Keep It Dark' (Nick Davis remix)Abacab4:35
3.'Turn It On Again' (Nick Davis remix)Duke, 19803:51
4.'Behind the Lines'Duke5:43
5.'Duchess' (Nick Davis remix)Duke6:07
6.'Misunderstanding' (Nick Davis remix)Phil CollinsDuke3:14
7.'Many Too Many' (Nick Davis remix)Banks...And Then There Were Three..., 19783:35
8.'Follow You Follow Me' (Nick Davis remix)...And Then There Were Three...4:09
9.'Undertow' (Nick Davis remix)Banks...And Then There Were Three...4:47
10.'...In That Quiet Earth' (Nick Davis remix)
  • Banks
  • Collins
  • Rutherford
Wind & Wuthering, 19764:56
11.'Afterglow' (Nick Davis remix)BanksWind & Wuthering4:09
12.'Your Own Special Way'RutherfordWind & Wuthering6:19
13.'A Trick of the Tail' (Nick Davis remix)BanksA Trick of the Tail, 19764:36
14.'Ripples' (Nick Davis remix)A Trick of the Tail8:08
15.'Los Endos' (Nick Davis remix)
  • Banks
  • Collins
  • Hackett
  • Rutherford
A Trick of the Tail5:47
Total length:74:11
Disc three
No.TitleWriter(s)Original recordLength
1.'The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway' (Nick Davis remix)The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, 19744:50
2.'Counting Out Time' (Nick Davis remix)
  • Banks
  • Collins
  • Gabriel
  • Hackett
  • Rutherford
The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway3:36
3.'The Carpet Crawlers' (Nick Davis remix)The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway5:01
4.'Firth of Fifth' (Nick Davis remix)
  • Banks
  • Collins
  • Gabriel
  • Hackett
  • Rutherford
Selling England by the Pound, 19739:29
5.'The Cinema Show' (Nick Davis remix)Selling England by the Pound10:49
6.'I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)' (Nick Davis remix)
  • Banks
  • Collins
  • Gabriel
  • Hackett
  • Rutherford
Selling England by the Pound3:54
7.'Supper's Ready'Foxtrot, 197222:52
8.'The Musical Box' (Nick Davis remix)
  • Banks
  • Collins
  • Gabriel
  • Hackett
  • Rutherford
Nursery Cryme, 197110:24
9.'The Knife' (Nick Davis remix)Trespass, 19708:53
Total length:77:48


  • Tony Banks – keyboards
  • Mike Rutherford – guitars, bass
  • Phil Collins - drums on all discs except disc 1 track 16 and disc 3 track 9, vocals on disc 1 (except on track 16) and on disc 2, backing vocals on disc 3 (except on track 9)
  • Peter Gabriel – lead vocals, flute on disc 3
  • Anthony Phillips – guitars on disc 3 track 9
  • Steve Hackett – guitars on disc 2 from track 9 and on disc 3 (except on track 9)
  • Ray Wilson – vocals on disc 1 track 16
Additional personnel
  • John Mayew - drums on disc 3 track 9
  • Nir Zidkyahu – drums on disc 1 track 16
  • Brian Eno – Enossifications on disc 3 track 2



2004UK Album Chart21[2]


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