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Oct 24, 2013 - Suwat Bisaya / Bisaya Baybayin graffiti Payter x Anito (Digital Graffiti 1). Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art.

  1. Ma'u ni aku ug kini akung ganahan wa'y mag bu'ut sa akung ginabuhatan kay ma'u man ni akung kali'ngawan ka duwa'un ni siya'g kalipayan apan di lang pud ni akung ginabuhatan.
  2. Oct 24, 2013 - Suwat Bisaya / Bisaya Baybayin graffiti Payter x Anito (Digital Graffiti 1).
  3. Posts about bisaya script written by Akopito. Traditional Writing – Does not use a Vowel Killer (Panantang Pantingog) – There are only 3 Vowel characters – There are only 14 Consonant characters / Da/Ra shared a single character – There are only 2 vowel marks Example: The Phrase “Isug og Dugo” should be written like this in Traditional.

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Payter Bisaya Graffiti Font

“Bakunawa can never devour the last moon, unless you stop making noises” – Anonymous Pintados

Payter Bisaya Graffiti

Here is a Bakunawa (Dragon) design Back tattoo
with a small description on the right written in Bisaya

The orange colored text on the right are the names of each Rosette motifs
from above to blow it reads:
1. the title above reads Bulak Patik (Floral tattoo)
2. Balintawak – Red Hibiscus flower
3. 2nd and 3rd are Pagusi – Lotus flower
4. is flower of the Tambis tree

and the white text paragraph is a small description of the Visayan tattoo
it reads:
“the beginning of getting a tattoo of
a Warrior is by battle,


this tattoo will grow like a tree, each progress
of your heroism.

each patterns of this tattoo
increases your natural strength

Payter Bisaya Graffiti Meaning

some of this tattoo design will protect
you from bad spirits”

The big Text on the middle reads “PATIKAN”

the box below is a date when i posted this
using modern Bisaya numerals:…

on the left side of the pictures
there are only few text

Payter Bisaya Graffiti Dictionary

back of the warrior reads “Move”
and near the big title is a inscription of the Calatagan pot
using modern writings :…

Payter Bisaya Graffiti Images

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