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Palisade Guardian 2 offers new types of guns, scope upgrade, and a nice new 3D background. Like the original, the premise is to defend your building from the approaching troops, artillery, trucks, tanks, helicopters and more. This game is currently blocked due to the new privacy regulation and isn't currently controlling it. In order for you to continue playing this game, you'll need to click 'accept' in the banner below. Title says it all. Shows how to hack money in Palisade Guardian 2.


Play Palisade Guardian 2 – From Defending the building is even more intense in the sequel to Palisade Guardian. Palisade Guardian 2: Modern Combat will thrust you into the action with 6 modern weapons including an MP5, an M249 SAW, and even an RPG-7. Defend through 35 action-packed levels. Anna Jones recipes: It may be Pancake Day on Tuesday, but these ones can be enjoyed any time. A tower of these American-style rounds, glistening with fresh fruit, make a fine breakfast any day.

Palisade Guardian – Flash Game Downloads – Overview
Play the role of a soldier who must gun down waves of enemy soldiers as they charges toward the wall, attempting to tear it down in order to break into the house beyond the wall and steal the secret documents within, in this Palisade Guardian defense flash game.

Download Palisade Guardian (File Size ~ 2.64 MB)
Download the ZIP archive:

Palisade Guardian – Title Menu
The menu is so foggy. Are there any monsters hiding amidst the foggy fogs? Yes? No?


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Palisade Guardian – Controls
Basically, just aim with the mouse and then hold down the left mouse button to fire away.

Palisade Guardian – Action!
So many invading enemies! No worries, your trusty Thompson will perforate them all!

Palisade Guardian – Stats and Upgrades
Completed a wave? Next! You can also check your stats and buy a new gun.

Palisade Guardian – M1 Carbine
The M1 Carbine is not exactly fully automatic but it is semi automatic though. Powerful.

Palisade Guardian – Game Over!
If you let the wall unattended the enemies will tear it down eventually. Try harder next time!

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Deimos’s Thoughts
Simple graphics yet nice and has a realistic feel to it. Simple defense game play in which the player only need to aim with the mouse and fire at the enemies.

Deimos Asks
Played any world war 2 first person shooters such as Call Of Duty before? Enjoyed them?

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