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Current Time: 21 Jan 2021, 13:02:43
Moon Phase Tonight: Waxing Gibbous
Full Moon: 28 Jan 2021, 20:16 (Next Phase)
First Quarter: 20 Jan 2021, 22:01 (Previous Phase)

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Moon Phases for Langfurth, 20 Jan 2021 – 11 Feb 2021

First Quarter


Full Moon


Third Quarter


New Moon


Moon Phases for Langfurth, Bavaria, Germany in 2021

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LunationNew MoonFirst QuarterFull MoonThird QuarterDuration
12126 Jan10:3729d 12h 44m
121313 Jan06:0020 Jan22:0128 Jan20:164 Feb18:3729d 14h 06m
121411 Feb20:0519 Feb19:4727 Feb09:176 Mar02:3029d 15h 15m
121513 Mar11:2121 Mar15:4028 Mar20:484 Apr12:0229d 16h 10m
121612 Apr04:3020 Apr08:5827 Apr05:313 May21:5029d 16h 29m
121711 May20:5919 May21:1226 May13:132 Jun09:2429d 15h 53m
121810 Jun12:5218 Jun05:5424 Jun20:391 Jul23:1029d 14h 24m
121910 Jul03:1617 Jul12:1024 Jul04:3631 Jul15:1529d 12h 34m
12208 Aug15:5015 Aug17:1922 Aug14:0130 Aug09:1329d 11h 02m
12217 Sep02:5113 Sep22:3921 Sep01:5429 Sep03:5729d 10h 14m
12226 Oct13:0513 Oct05:2520 Oct16:5628 Oct22:0529d 10h 09m
12234 Nov22:1411 Nov13:4519 Nov09:5727 Nov13:2729d 10h 28m
12244 Dec08:4311 Dec02:3519 Dec05:3527 Dec03:2329d 10h 51m
* All times are local time for Langfurth. Time is adjusted for DST when applicable. They take into account refraction. Dates are based on the Gregorian calendar. Current lunation cycle is highlighted yellow. Special events are highlighted blue. Hover over events for more details.

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2021 Moon Phases Calendar

Jan6:, 13:, 20:, 28:
Feb4:, 11:, 19:, 27:
Mar6:, 13:, 21:, 28:
Apr4:, 12:, 20:, 27:
May3:, 11:, 19:, 26:
Jun2:, 10:, 18:, 24:
Jul1:, 10:, 17:, 24:, 31:
Aug8:, 15:, 22:, 30:
Sep7:, 13:, 21:, 29:
Oct6:, 13:, 20:, 28:
Nov4:, 11:, 19:, 27:
Dec4:, 11:, 19:, 27:

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Special Moon Events in 2021

  • Super Full Moon: 27 Apr
  • Micro New Moon: 11 May
  • Super Full Moon: 26 May
  • Blue Moon: 22 Aug (third Full Moon in a season with four Full Moons)
  • Super New Moon: 4 Nov
  • Micro Full Moon: 19 Nov
  • Super New Moon: 4 Dec
  • Micro Full Moon: 19 Dec
  • No Black Moon in Langfurth in 2021 (third New Moon in a season with four New Moons)

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