Neverwinter Nights 2 Cheat Engineeasysitekiosk

While playing the game, press to display the console window, then type ' DebugMode 1 ' (case sensitive) to enable cheat mode. Press again, then press Tab to view the debug commands. Press Tab to scroll through the commands. With the new Neverwinter Nights 2 1.23.1763 +3 Trainer you will be able to access cheats such as infinite ammo, save position and teleport. NOTE: This trainer is for the 1.23.1763 version of the.

Neverwinter Nights 2. You have to fight against those who try to disrupt the peace in this world. This is actions MMORPG, which combines co-op gameplay between players, plus the hand reflexes and agility to press the mouse.
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Neverwinter Nights 2 Cheat Engineeasysitekiosk Cheats

  • Download Neverwinter Hack Tool And Open It.
  • Login to game play.
  • Press 'Connect' button, to ensure this tool is connected to the game server.
  • Press 'Get Now' button. Wait about two minutes.
  • Restart your game. Enjoy.
Neverwinter nights 2 cheat engineeasysitekiosk cheats
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Corey Feldman Interview
Slowing the Spirit Eater corruption

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. This trick allows you to determine how fast the curse eats Spirit Points and give you penalties. Use a text editor to edit the 'global.xml' file in the 'my documentsneverwinter nights 2saves' directory. Locate the following lines:


Change '1.000000' to '0.500000'. This is the lowest valid value. Do not change the speed to a lower value or it may break the game. Right below this entry you will find the 'SEPoints' value. This is your current spirit points, and its maximum value is '100.000000'.

Neverwinter Nights 2 Cheat EngineeasysitekioskEnabling Shadow PortalsXbox

Use the 'rs ga_time_advance' code to advance time to enable the Shadow Portals that only work at night.

Cheat Codes

While playing the game, press ~ to display the console window. Type 'DebugMode 1' (case-sensitive) and press [Enter] to enable cheat mode. Then, type one of the following case-sensitive codes at the console window and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: For some international versions, hold [Shift] and quickly press ~ followed by ? to display the console window.

Result Cheat Code
God mode [Note 1]dm_god
20 in all stats, new sword, cannot levelirolltwenties
Gain indicated amount of gold [Note 2]dm_givegold [number]
Get indicated spellgivespell [number]
Change indicated amount of experience points; use negative number to remove experience points givexp [number]
Add indicated feat to selected charactergivefeat [feat number]
Spawn indicated itemgiveitem [item code]
Remove Soul Eater status [Note 3]rs ka_se_terminate
Give Soul Eater status [Note 3]rs ka_se_init
Get all Spirit Eater feats [Note 3]rs ka_se_feat_add_all
Set Charisma to indicated number on selected character SetCHA [number]
Set Constitution to indicated number on selected character SetCON [number]
Set Dexterity to indicated number on selected character SetDEX [number]
Set Strength to indicated number on selected character SetSTR [number]
Set Intelligence to indicated number on selected character SetINT [number]
Set Wisdom to indicated number on selected character SetWIS [number]
Use the camera with better scrollingdm_unlockcamera
Polymorph controlled character into different creature polymorph [number]
Remove the indicated featremovefeat [number]
De-level character if experience points is near 0 resetlevels
Move one point towards evil rs ga_alignment(-1,0)
Move one point towards chaos rs ga_alignment(-1,1)
Move one point towards good rs ga_alignment(1,0)
Move one point towards law rs ga_alignment(1,1)
Raise influence level for that companion rs ga_influence ([x,y])
Raise amount of party members you may have at once rs ga_party_limit([number])
Advance time by indicated amountrs ga_time_advance([hours,minutes,seconds,ms])
Simple influence editor in the form of a dialogue rs kr_influence
Return polymorphed controlled character to normal Unpolymorph

Note 1: Select each individual party member by right clicking on their portrait one at a time, and enter this code for each one. God mode is sometimes disabled after traveling to certain locations or after certain scripted sequences.

Note 2: Right click on a character first to give gold to that player.

Note 3: Setting spirit points to 100 can be done by first removing the soul eater affliction and then giving it back.

Spriteater feats

Neverwinter Nights 2 Cheat Engineeasysitekiosk Age Of Empires 2

Use the following values with the 'givefeat [feat number]' code:

Neverwinter Nights 2 Cheat Engineeasysitekiosk Xbox One

    1976 (Devour Spirit 1)
    1977 (Devour Spirit 2)
    1978 (Devour Spirit 3)
    1979 (Devour Soul)
    1980 (Spirit Gorge)
    1981 (Ravenous Incarnation)
    1982 (Bestow Life Force)
    1983 (Suppress)
    1984 (Eternal Rest)
    1985 (Satiate)
    1986 (Mold Spirit)
    2050 (Malleate Spirit)
    2104 (Spiritual Evisceration)
    2125 (Provoke Spirits)