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Myvideo App for Android Enjoy Live TV, Radio and Video content on your Android device. TV: Pause Live TV and timeshift 70+ Georgian TV channels with an average of 2 month archive. Find your video in search results. If you recently changed your video, it can take a few days for uploaded videos to be reflected in YouTube search results. If it’s been a few days and you still can't find your video in search results, you can try to: Search for the exact video ID. Use search filters to refine your search.

Would you like to reach as many as a MILLLION viewers a WEEK?!?

Of course you would.

And now you can – because of the inherently “viral” nature of our mobile-based video app.

You create your own TV network – using the Internet as your distribution system!

Can you think of a few ways to MONETIZE such a hungry market where a million potential buyers are waiting to hear from you, each and every week?

My Videos App is a mobile app creation system that makes it as EASY as possible for you to publish and market your videos.

… Powered by Appatap, the leaders in cloud-based, template-based video apps.

My Videos App is a white label mobile app that you can own and rebrand to stream videos through a mobile app for iOS, Android, and Kindle!

Imagine having your own TV Network ON MOBILE!

Why Are My Videos Green

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Yes, now you can “private label” your very own video app.

And My Videos App can now be YOUR Videos App.

It will function more than Apple’s Videos apps – and it blends perfectly and seamlessly withtheir new iOS versions.

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Therefore, the “My Videos App” is a “private” video application that allows YOU to upload andsell your videos directly – to as many as a million new customers a week!

My Videos   The Pivot Corner!

This app makes it SUPER-EASY for people to BUY YOUR VIDEOS – on ANY platform!

So if you WANT to sell a TON of videos, this is the way!

And you’ll make FAR MORE MONEY selling through your own app than through “their” platforms!

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What’s more…

'Your Videos App' works on
Android and Kindle, too!
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the market leader for professional explainer video production.

Explainer videos rule.
And now, creating them is a piece of cake!

simpleshow has created explainer videos for corporate customers for years. With mysimpleshow, we have used all our experience and developed a simple online tool that empowers anyone to make professional videos.

My Videos   The Pivot Corner!

A guided process makes it simple to create your own video in minutes

Smart Storylines give your Script the perfect structure

Our Explainer Engine automagically turns your script into an illustrated video

Thousands of original simpleshow® illustrations support your story

Simply for YOU!


If you aim to promote your product or service, train your employees, or need to motivate your team, a simpleshow explainer video will help you shine. You can use it for training, change management, or any form of corporate communication.


Teach the world. Use mysimpleshow in the classroom with your students or contribute to open educational resources. Introduce, summarize, and explain topics worth sharing.


Spice up your blog, build a crowdfunding video, or get your dream job with a video resume. Go ahead and have fun with it. As of now there are no limits for using a great explainer video.

Our happy customers

Why you need an explainer video

A great explainer video can have a huge impact. It allows you to reach your audience and get your message across in a simple and engaging way. It doesn't matter if you need to communicate in a professional environment, teach your students, or promote important issues that you feel very strongly about. With the power of simplicity, storytelling, and images that stay in mind, your message will get heard!

Explainer videos
are fun.

Explainer videos
ease complexity.

Check out some of the clips
created with

Introduce your company

Explain a historical event

Present your resume

Explain your vision and strategy

Communicate a corporate change

Explain your business idea

What limits the size of a population

My Videos For Yahoo

The preparation of East Friesian tea

How students can use Social Media

How do writers get ideas

Accepting Constructive Criticism or a Consequence

How to write a learning log

Case Studies

Lern.Hand.Werk tests out mysimpleshow

Jan Ullmann and his team found mysimpleshow to be extremely effective for a variety of reasons.

Learn more

Pitching a Business Strategy

A business seminar presentation enhanced with mysimpleshow turned out to be a great success.

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Happy User Voices

We use mysimpleshow mainly to illustrate our eTrainings. The tool is particularly suitable for the introduction of complicated topics. The well-founded didactic support is a really good help. We also like the voice-over options. The computer voices stand out positively from competitors. A great program!

We were immediately fascinated by how quickly we were able to create high-quality explainer videos with mysimpleshow. We successfully use the videos as icebreakers to introduce new processes or to brief our store staff. The option to modify images and the very simple voice recording are very convenient. Definitely recommendable!

My team and I are fascinated with mysimpleshow. With mysimpleshow we can explain complex and 'dry' topics in a simple and entertaining way. Not only did we receive great feedback by our customers, the number of visitors to our online shop increased as well. The intuitive user interface of mysimpleshow enables us to integrate it seamlessly into our marketing processes. Altogether, a must-use recommendation!

With the help of the mysimpleshow explainer videos, we managed to dramatically increase the interest of our IT colleagues in our methods. We have seen an 80% increase of accesses to our methods showroom. We particularly like the extremely user-friendly operation of the tool and the many possibilities to visualize and vocalize our topics. A smart application!

Using mysimpleshow to make school presentations is a dream. I can make any type of presentation, and it takes much less time than making slideshows or movies! The tutorial videos will show you how to use all the features in the program. Eventhough I might use a pre-made storyline, I know that I can always make the presentation my own with my special traits.

With mysimpleshow I have found a easy to use tool that lets me and my students create engaging presentations. It also provides students with an opportunity to practice and develop their writing skills and their use of punctuation, if not correctly applied the text to speech function just reads it as a series of words and not as sentence.

What I love about mysimpleshow is the ease of use - you can start from a template, from scratch, or from your own Power Point. mysimpleshow suggests images based on your text, and then you can use, change, or add as you see fit. There are tutorials provided each step of the way, and the finished product looks and sounds professional. It is a great tool!

I used mysimpleshow with my year 9 class studying Civics and they absolutely loved the tool. They thought it was incredibly fun and easy and liked the guiding templates. They thought it was an efficient way to get an assignment done.

We are very impressed how well mysimpleshow already worked in one of its first versions. Using it is extremely easy & there are little explainer videos to help you along the way. We especially like the didactic assistance during production and that the software handles complex and time-consuming tasks (e.g. clip art searches) for you.

I found out about mysimpleshow at a meeting with fellow educators and fell in love! My students created amazing videos that looked professionally done, within a single 45 minute class period. I am so glad I found this tool. I have added it to my arsenal of tech tools and have begun sharing it during my conference presentations as well.