MMUN is a program of Youth For a Better World, a not for profit 501 (3) (c ) organization recognized as an NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council (EcoSoc) of the United Nations.

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Conference assembly at Turkish International Model United Nations in Istanbul, Turkey. Model United Nations, also known as Model UN or M.U.N., is an educational simulation and academic activity in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. [email protected] is a free one month course for middle and high school students focusing on Model UN, SDG-related topics, online asynchronous coaching and mentoring, and live online debates. If you are totally new to MUN or an experienced delegate, this opportunity has been designed for you! The ultimate MUN database, conference management tool, and social network. Join over 100,000 muners to discover new MUN conferences, organize your own MUN conference, research and publish Position Papers, travel cheaply and securely, and make friends for life. Words nearby mun. Mumps virus, mumps virus vaccine, mum's the word, mumsy, μμ, mun., munch, Munchausen, Munchausen's syndrome, Munchausen's syndrome by proxy, Munchausen syndrome Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020 Example sentences from the Web for mun. The idea to create Mun originated out of frustration with the Lua dynamic scripting language that is extensively used for game development at Abbey Games. Lua's hot reloading capabilities and LuaJIT's performance make it a great language for rapid prototyping of real-time applications - such as games - on PC.

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Maria Montessori supported the work of the League of Nations and its successor the United Nations as a forum where peace could be created. She recognized the hope for peace lay in the education of children.

Montessori Model United Nations has partnered with the United Nations to create a program for Montessori students who at the sensitive period for reason, justice and morality can participate in a life-changing experience.

The Montessori Model United Nations program culminates classroom or after school study with a two day global education simulation experience at the United Nations that enables students in upper elementary, and middle schools to learn about the operations of the United Nations and its role as the world’s largest international peacekeeping and humanitarian organization. In addition, like the high school and university Model United Nations Programs, MMUN provides students from 9-15 years of age an opportunity to:

  • Learn about cultures, governments and peoples of nations throughout the world.
  • Use research skills, writing skills and written & oral communications skills.
  • Develop critical thinking skills, problem solving skills and evaluative skills.
  • Debate current global issues and world problems.
  • Practice and use leadership skills in a real life global situation.
  • Understand the need for peace and conflict resolution throughout the world while developing their own conflict resolution and debating skills.

Through the process of role-playing, each student becomes a delegate of a selected nation. They write, present and debate issues affecting their nation and peoples of the world. By assuming the character of a citizen of their selected country they fully develop an understanding of the needs of a people and the importance of accepting differences.



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