Mr. Gimmick 2 (enhanced Audio)

This version of Mr. Gimmick has the full audio of the original Japanese release. The Expansion Mod has been installed on the board. For those of you that want the full original experience this game is for you. NOTE: You MUST Have the Audio Mod done to your NES Sysytem for this to work. Possibly the most bizarre film gimmick involved screenings enhanced with specific smells. “AromaRama” made its big-screen debut in 1959 with Carlo Lizzani’s “Behind the Great Wall,” using the theater’s air conditioning system to disperse scents through an auditorium. Gimmick 2 SKU: $45.00. $45.00 - $65.00. Unavailable per item Gimmick is back in this all new, action packed adventure! It was several years ago that he captivated our hearts as he set out to rescue his owner from the toy dimension and its ruler, Shadow. In this game, the little girl is now a grown woman with a child of her own, Maddie.

Today I felt like playing a game that was never released “Mr Gimmick!”. Who wants to wait for another person to make a reproduction and ship it…. when you can just do it yourself! 😀 Also If you want to see me play it for the first time badly, skip to 10 minutes in.

I did speed up the boring parts, but left them in so that you could see what creating a reproduction cartridge actually entails. This was the first time I have tried making a reproduction cartridge and the total real world time was about an hour 😀

Mr. Gimmick 2 (enhanced Audio)RomAudio)Mr. Gimmick 2 (enhanced Audio)

For the CHR eprom I used a 27c1001 128k
For the PRG eprom I used a 27c020 256k
The game sacrificed was Batman Return of the Joker by sunsoft as it is the only released North American game that used the FME-7

To split up the PRG and CHR files from the original NTSC version of the rom I used a program called TNINES under dosbox.


The NES I used is modded for full true stereo audio and proper composite output, sadly my camera simply cannot pick up the wonderful audio I was hearing 😦 I also still need a bit of practice with recording 😛 I will get better! I promise! 😀

Mr Gimmick Rom

Thanks for watching! 🙂