Weebly has gone mobile with the recent releases of its mobile website builder and mobile apps. Weebly is becoming an ever growing platform for building a website and it is now easier then ever to manage and interact with Weebly’s mobile options.

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In this article we are going to focus on;

  • Weebly’s new mobile website builder.
  • Weebly’s new mobile app that allows you to check in and edit your website.
  • Other options for editing a Weebly mobile website and why you might use them.

With the more and more need to reach your websites audience on mobile devices. Weebly has made it possible to edit, grow, interact and manage your website on mobile technology. Lets first take a look at Weebly’s new mobile website builder and its list of features.

Weebly’s Mobile Website Builder

Weebly’s new mobile website builder is a pretty neat feature for easily creating a mobile website and it uses the same drag and drop interface as the main website builder. This is great for anyone that is familiar with Weebly’s main interface and its great for new comers alike.

Weebly’s Mobile website builder offers some great features including;

  • 17 different mobile themes
  • Drag and drop interface
  • 28 website elements/widgets
  • Visual editor

These features help build a very professional and functional mobile website. Some of the downsides of the Weebly mobile editor are;

  • Lack of different layouts
  • Lack of content control

These are pretty limited downsides, but our biggest problem with Weebly is the fact that you only have access to your content through the editor, or your website. There is no way to access your content in bulk on a server. Also note that you will have to separately create a mobile app for your Weebly website, if you so choose to create one.

Weebly’s Mobile App

Weebly’s mobile app really can come in handy, with the app you can do things like;

  • Check stats
  • Create blog posts
  • Manage you blog
  • Manage form entries
  • Manage your store
  • Edit general settings

No you can’t edit your website on the mobile app, but I don’t think that would be a very fun experience for anyone. What you can do, is stay up to date and maintain your website on the go. So if you need to respond to an email, or comment, post a picture, or video to your blog, you can do it from the mobile app.

Checking your stats is another great feature, because you can stay up to date with how your visitors are interacting with your website even when your out for coffee.

Other Weebly Mobile Options


I do not recommend using Duda Mobile any Longer. Their Method of Mobile redirection will hurt your websites search engine optimization. I recommend using the built in Weebly mobile website builder, or using one of their responsive themes.

Yes you can do a lot of stuff with Weebly’s mobile features, but for some the ability to do more on mobile is needed. This is where a mobile website builder like Duda Mobile comes in. If you need some more features, here are some Duda Mobile has to offer;

Weebly App Store
  • Cross technology compatible
  • Easy to use
  • Click to call
  • Mobile maps
  • Auto site setup
  • Advanced editor
  • Mobile Analytics
  • WordPress Integration
  • More mobile templates
  • Paypal integration
  • Google checkout integration
  • Yelp integration

These are just some of Duda’s features to get you started and the point I really want to drive home here is that you can more closely optimize your website for its mobile users. This is an important step if you want your mobile visitors to become your mobile customers.

Note that Duda isn’t the only service that brings mobile optimization to your website and a simple search can find a plethora of services.

Mobile App Creation

Mobile Rv

Weebly app store

Mobile apps are an excellent way to ensure your websites users keep coming back. What better way to remind your websites visitors to comeback then placing a reminder in the app tray of their smartphone. Mobile app creation can be a little more technical then website creation, but there are many services available that help build a mobile app.

Being set aside from Weebly’s actual mobile services, creating an app for your Weebly website can be a great stroke of business.

Weebly Mobile Conclusion

All in all Weebly has come a long way in catering to its mobile users and in standard Weebly fashion, I am sure they are going to be building on to these features over the coming years.

Mobile Mobile

With the third party features available any webmaster should be able to make their website mobile and handy to their user and more and more, there are less and less excuses to not be mobile.

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As always if you have any questions about Weebly, or any other website inquiry, we are happy to help, contact us anytime.

Weebly Does Mobile

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Weebly does mobile. Weebly has naturally responsive themes and design. For older Weebly mobile versions, there is a simple mobile website option.

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