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We all use ice in different forms and for different purposes. But some ice can completely enhance your drinking and eating experience. And the name of that ice is sonic or nugget ice that is smaller and much softer than the normal ice cubes.

These ice cubes can make your drinks refreshing and your cocktails as yummier than before. But how can you get that ice? Well! Various nugget ice making machines are available in the market that can produce the yummiest nugget ice cubes. But you cannot trust every company’s product as not every product works in the same manner as advertised.

So, if you want the best nugget ice making machine for your home then here we have ten machines that you can go through to select the best according to your needs and budget. All of them are best in the business and can produce a good amount of ice in less time. But some differences between them make them apart.

Also, there is a buying guide that will help you in purchasing your ideal machine.

Buyer’s Guide

Various factors that are necessary to consider when buying a nugget ice machine are as follows:


The first thing that is required to consider is the size of the ice making machine. The units come in different sizes from portable ones to full standalone machines. So, it all depends on your space available, activities, budget, and the amount of ice you want to produce.

If you have a big kitchen, then you can go for a freestanding ice making machine. But if space availability is the problem then under the counter machines are best to buy. Also, you have the option of buying portable ice making machines that you can place on the countertop.

The portable ice makers are very helpful when you travel a lot. Also, for various outdoor gatherings and parties, they are ideal because you only need to add distilled or normal tap water without a need for an active water line.

The size of the machine also depends on your budget. You can get big sized units if your budget is big, and if your budget is small, then you can easily get the portable units.

Also, the size of the ice making machine depends on how much ice you need per day. If you need much ice daily, then the under-counter or freestanding ice makers are ideal for you, and if your requirement is low, then you can go for compact sized portable units.

Setup and installation

The ice making machines differ in terms of the water source and the drainage of melted ice. And in both these aspects, portable ice making machines are the best.

First of all, you only need to add water into the water reservoir of the portable machines. On the other hand, big units such as under-counter or freestanding machines need proper installation for water supply. They must be connected with a water pipeline to get water for making ice. And for this, you need a plumber that can do this job for you.

Also, if we talk about the drainage of melted ice, then portable ice makers are easy to set up. In some of the advanced models, the melted ice water goes back into the water reservoir so that it can be used again. And in other models, you only need to pour out the melted ice water which is quite an easy step.

But the drainage of melted ice in under-counter and freestanding machines need a bit of work. You have to go for the gravity drain or pump drain models according to your convenience and the type of drainage you want. Also, the under-counter ice making machines require some work to do for proper drainage of the melted ice.

So, it is always best to go for portable machines if you don’t want to get involved in any setup and installation.

The capacity of the machine

The production capacity and the storage capacity of the ice making machines are also important to consider. You must need to check how much ice your ideal machine can make in a day. For home usage, 26 pounds of ice is enough to chill your beverages for dinner or parties and picnics. But if you need more ice because of your big family or you have other work to do with ice then you can go for those units that can produce a large amount of ice.

Also, if we talk about the storage capacity, then you can either go for those units that can store less like 1.5lbs to 2lbs of ice or that have the large storage capacity of 20lbs to 26lbs.

Ice making time

The ice making time varies from machine to machine. Some machines take around 15 minutes to introduce the first batch of ice and then take around 6 to 7 minutes to produce ice for the whole day. On the other hand, some machines work faster, and some take more time to produce ice. So before buying, make sure that your machine has the ability to produce ice in less time.


If you want to have different sizes of ice cubes, then it is best to buy the portable units that can produce two to three sizes of ice cubes. They can also be easily carried anywhere and can produce ice cubes in different sizes.

Some big units can also make three to four different sizes of ice cubes, but they are hard to move to any outdoor place. So, in terms of versatility, portable machines are best.

Best Nugget Ice Maker Machines for Home

1. Opal Nugget Ice Maker

The very best nugget ice maker machine that can create soft, yummy, and chewable ice is the Opal Nugget Ice Maker. It works as a professional ice-maker that makes it the best of the best. Its compact countertop design makes it ideal for keeping in the kitchen or for carrying to any place.

The best thing about this nugget ice maker is its speed. It only takes around 15 to 20 minutes to give you the first nugget. Its ice bin can carry about 3lbs of ice that can be easily filled in 3 hours. But the quantity of ice produced depends on the environmental conditions.

It is also a smart product that correctly senses when to start making ice and when to stop. The ice container is not equipped with a refrigerator, so when the ice starts to melt, the machine senses it and starts making ice to refill the tray.

The machine is also integrated with an app so that you can easily control the machine remotely.

2. Della Portable Ice Maker

Another portable ice making machine that makes decent quality nugget ice is from Della. Its compact design makes it ideal for keeping on the countertops, or you can also take it outdoors for perfect parties and picnics.

The machine needs to be directly connected with the tap water pipeline.

It can make 26lbs of ice per day and only takes 6 minutes to offer you the best ice cubes. It works fast and quietly to make the best, soft, and chewable ice for home usage.

It also has a large storing capacity. The built-in water reservoir can keep around 1.8 liters of water. And the ice bin can keep around 1.5lbs of ice at a time.

The ice maker is also quite easy to use as you only need to connect it with a power outlet, fill the machine with water, and wait for the ice to pop out.

3. RCA- Igloo Compact Ice Maker

This ice making machine from RCA is quite similar to the Della Portable Ice Maker that is perfect for both the indoor and outdoor activities. It is also quite a fast machine that delivers the batches of chewable ice after every 6 minutes.

The machine has a capacity of producing 26lbs of ice every single day. But the ice bin has the storing capacity of 1.5lbs of ice at a time. You can also enjoy ice in 2 different sizes to make your drinks and cocktails refreshing.

The ice maker is also featured with 2.3 Quart reservoir with electronic LED controls.

It is also quite easy to use. All you need is to add water, press the button, and here we go.

If possible add chilled water to get bigger ice cubes.

4. Della Portable High Capacity Electric Ice Maker

Another best ice making machine from Della is on the list that is quite affordable, compact, and convenient. It is also a compact sized machine that you can either place on the counter of your kitchen or can take it outdoors.

If we talk about the performance of the machine, then it takes around 6 to 7 minutes to provide you the batches of ice cubes. It can produce 9 cubes per cycle and has a capacity of producing 28lbs of ice in a day in 3 different sizes. Also, the storage container is well-insulated that can store around 2lbs of ice.

The machine also alerts when the water level goes down, or when the storage capacity reaches to the maximum level.

Also, it is quite easy to use as the smart control panel allows doing different functions with ease.

5. Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S Ice Maker

The Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S is a good quality ice making machine that can produce 26 pounds of fresh and chewable ice within a whole day. The first batch of ice takes around 15 minutes and then after every 6 minutes, you can chill your drinks and cocktails with 9 yummy ice cubes.

The machine is also quite easy to use; there is no installation required. Also, its compact size makes it ideal for taking it outdoors.

The ice maker also offers two ice size options so that you can get the ice in different sizes to fill your drinks.

Also, it indicates when the water level goes down or when the ice storage box fills up to the maximum level.

6. Ivation Portable Ice Maker

The ice making a machine from Ivation is also a compact sized product that you can easily keep at home or carry for your outdoor activities.

It allows you to make 2 different sizes of ice cubes with a production capacity of 26.5 pounds per day. Also, it has a water storage capacity of 2.5 Quarts.

It is designed in such a way that you can easily see the ice making process through a large see-through window. The sophisticated control panel allows you to control the machine fully, and the low water level and maximum ice production alerts make life easier.

And when the machine works in its full rhythm, it produces ice batches after every 6 minutes.

7. Frigidaire EFIC103 Ice Maker Machine

A portable stainless steel ice maker for your everyday need is the Frigidaire EFIC103. The machine is perfect for traveling as it is compact sized.

On average, this ice maker can produce 26 pounds of ice every single day. You also have the option of producing small, medium, and large-sized ice cubes.

The ice maker can produce a set of 9 ice cubes after every 7 to 15 minutes. And the ice bucket can hold up to 2.2 pounds of ice.

It also features a large-see through a window so that you can monitor the ice making process without opening the lid. Also, a convenient drain plug makes it easy to drain and clean the machine.

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8. Manitowoc CNF-0201A-L Ice Maker

This ice making machine from Manitowoc is not only an ice maker but can also serve you the glass of chilled water. It is made of stainless steel and can produce ice in less time.

The best thing about this ice maker is its production capacity that is 315lbs of ice in 24 hours. If you prefer bigger units, then this machine is perfect for you.

Also, it has a large storage capacity of 10lbs.

It is quite an expensive machine but as the production and storage capacities are higher so you can go for it if your ice usage is much.

The machine is also featured with a control panel for pouring water into the glass, getting nugget ice cubes, and to get both water and ice at the same time.

9. Scotsman SCN60PA-1SS Brilliance Nugget Ice Machine

Another bigger unit that you can purchase for making a large quantity of ice is the Scotsman SCN60PA-1SS nugget ice machine. It is a pump drain model that can drain much as compared to the gravity drain models.

It has a production capacity of 80lbs of ice that is quite enough for the home user.

If we talk about the storage capacity, then it can store up to 26 pounds of ice at a time. The well-insulated bin keeps the ice frozen for long.

Also, like other advanced machines, it has a sensor that senses the ice melting perfectly and starts remaking the ice to fill the bin again and then shuts down.

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10. Ice-O-Matic GEMU090 Pearl Self-Contained Ice Machine

The last nugget ice making machine on the list is the Ice-O-Matic GEMU090.

Its ice production capacity is 85 pounds per day, and its storage capacity is 22 pounds. As soon as the ice starts melting in the bin, it starts making more ice to keep the container full.

Installation of the machine requires a professional and needs some time, but you always have to expect that when going to install these big units.

Also, the 3-section control panel makes it easy to use. Moreover, the ice making process is noise-free that makes it a perfect choice for those who prefer silence in the house.

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