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Take the guesswork out of WHAT TO TEACH your preschooler!

  • Stop spending hours on Pinterest and the internet searching for the right concepts to teach.
  • Say goodbye to being overwhelmed by the time consuming process of writing lesson plans.

Integrated Lesson Plans. Search through our range of over 300 different integrated computer lesson plans. We make it easy to for you to use computers in math, english, science, art and more subjects. Save time prepping with Study.com's free lesson plans! Print & use as-is or adjust to the needs of your students. Created by experienced teachers to provide comprehensive coverage.


Plan an entire year of preschool activities with little to no effort!

Covering some of the most popular themes, this bundle comes with 24 lessons per theme! These thematic units are literature-based, easy to prepare, and fun to implement.


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Make learning fun with our preschool units bundle.The easy-to-follow lesson plans include activity modifications and adaptations to meet the needs of any learning style. You’ll enjoy being able to:

  • Have a variety of themed hands-on activities!
  • Build vocabulary and early literacy skills with songs and games!
  • Get learners ready for school with printable pages!

Every theme contains hands-on activities and engaging printables with book recommendations, so that you can easily pair your favorite books with activities.

Themes & Concepts Included In This Bundle:

  • Fall: leaves, apples, pumpkins
  • Winter: Winter, snow, snowflakes
  • Spring: rain, flowers, garden
  • Summer: Summer, sun, watermelon, lemonade, picnic
  • Transportation: trains, cars, trucks, wheels, roads
  • Dinosaurs: dinosaurs, fossils, eggs
  • All About Me: self, home
  • Five Senses: sight, sound, taste, smell, feel
  • All Around the World: world, cultures
  • Colors: identification and words
  • Farm: farm animals, barns, tractors, crops
  • Space: sun, moon, stars
  • Construction: construction vehicles, tools, rocks
  • Habitats: animals, habitats
  • Bugs & Butterflies: butterflies, caterpillars, insects
  • Weather: rain, sun, wind
  • Animals: animals, night animals, animal body parts, grass
  • Ocean: ocean animals, reefs, water
  • Flowers & Trees: flowers, seeds, trees
  • Community Helpers: firefighter, mail carrier, doctor, teacher

Each lessons plan covers:

  • Literacy
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Sensory Exploration
  • Arts & Crafts

And touches base with concept-building skills:

  • Counting
  • Pre-writing
  • Alphabet
  • Social and Emotional Well Being
  • Shapes
  • Measurement
  • Number Sense
  • Music
  • Gross-Motor
  • Fine-Motor
  • and much more!

Getting Started is as easy as 1... 2... 3...!


Lesson plans computer scienceThis is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD product

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Teaching a preschooler isn’t always easy if you’re trying to guide them beyond their natural flow of development. A lot of parents want their children mastering skills that come much later in childhood, and find themselves frustrated.

One quick Google search will pull up hundreds of ways to teach a preschooler matched with thousands of combinations to implement them. Quite frankly, it can be exhausting trying to piece together what to teach, how, and when.

That’s why the Preschool Units were created! It will help you take the guesswork out of what to teach and how to teach it. Because let’s be honest, children learn at different paces and through different styles.

How much does the Preschool Units Bundle Cost?


Teaching your preschooler doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, but their education is totally worth some sort of investment.

Lesson Plans.com

Sure… you can continue spending money trying to put together your own lessons plans or buying workbooks that end up half done.

Or… you can pay one low price of $19 for an entire year’s worth of preschool unit lesson plans and activities.

Purchasing these units individually would cost hundreds of dollars, but you can save 90% by buying the bundle and pay less than $20!

THAT’S A WIN-WIN! Not to mention, this is a digital download product meaning you can use it for all your preschoolers, your preschool classroom (for teachers), and make as many copies as you need for personal use.

Your Investment is Fully Backed by Our 30 Day Money Back GUARANTEE!!



A-Z Alphabet Book ($5 Value)

Teaching children to learn all 26 letters of the alphabet can seem like a daunting task ...but it doesn’t have to be!
Many children enjoy the process of creating crafts. Crafts are a great way for children to be creative, work on fine motor skills, develop a sense of pride in their work, and learn more about the world around them.
Letter crafts in particular help children learn the shapes of letters and associate them with their sounds.They are a fun, hands-on way for children to learn about letters and a wonderful accompaniment of a well-rounded alphabet curriculum.


A Year of Scissor Activities: Monthly Cutting Projects for Preschoolers ($7.99 Value)

Activity-based projects that are developmentally appropriate for young learners, this book offers a different way to teach scissor skills (without worksheets!)
Each month has three activities to choose from, ranging from beginner projects to more advanced cutting skill activities, allowing parents to begin teaching any learner at any time of the year.


Beginning Sounds ($15 Value)

This Beginning Sounds Bundle has 10 different activities to keep learning about beginning sounds fun and engaging! We've included beginning sound recognition puzzles, matching games, card games, play dough mats, sorting mats, BINGO games and so much more!
This is a fantastic bundle to include in your word work activities and centers.


Preschool Game Pack ($6 Value)

The preschool game pack consists of 10 themes with 6 popular games in each totaling 60 games to help your preschooler have fun or have a study break when needed.
Because the themes generally match the themes taught in classrooms / homeschooling they make a great addition to any existing curriculum.


Preschool Assessments ($5 Value)

This assessment pack provides a variety of tools as well as record keeping resources
These assessments may help guide future fun, play-based, hands-on learning.




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About the Authors:

Never before has a team of experienced classroom teachers and homeschoolers come together to create Preschool Lesson plans that will fit into any situation.
Whether you are a classroom teacher with years of experience, brand new in the classroom or teaching your own children at home, this is the perfect set of lesson plans for you!
Built for strong learners, special needs kids and every child in between, these lesson plans are easily differentiated for every need.

Don’t miss out on these one-of-a-kind, engaging lesson plans! Try one theme today or save time and money by getting lesson plans for the whole year with this amazing bundle!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you implement this- Weekly? Monthly?

The lesson plans are written as sets of themed activities rather than a day-by-day guide so the activities can fit into your schedule as needed. Each unit could be used for 1 to 3 weeks depending on how you use them and if you use the adaptations and extensions.
Can it be used with different ages in a group setting, like 3 year olds and 5 year olds?

Lesson Plans Common Core

Yes, you can definitely use these with children who are different ages. Each theme contains extensions and adaptations for children that are working at different levels in their preschool work. We have used these activities with multi-age groups, including a three year old, a four year old, and 2 five year olds at the same time.
I can’t see anything in the 'Look inside' feature on the site?

Click here to download a larger look inside sample.


Do you support purchase orders?

Yes, we do! Please click on 'Other Methods' and select 'Purchase Order/Invoice'. This is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD product

Free Teacher Lesson Plans Printables

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