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Legacy Australia
MottoCaring for the families of those who served their country
Founded1923; 98 years ago
FounderMajor General Sir John Gellibrand
Founded atHobart
Legacy Australia, Wagga Wagga Branch

Legacy is an Australian non-profit organisation established in 1923 by ex-servicemen.[1] The organisation has the aim of caring for the dependents of deceased Australian service men and women. The dependents of World War I, World War II, the Korean War, Malayan emergency, and Vietnam War deceased are cared for. In addition the peacekeeping operations in East Timor, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have provided ongoing work for Legacy. Finally, any death which is deemed service-related is attended to by Legacy.

Volunteer members are called 'Legatees' because they accept the 'legacy of care' for their comrades' families; this title has continued to the present day. Some 5,500 legatees assist more than 90,000 widows and 1,900 children (referred to by Legacy as 'Junior Legatees') and disabled dependents across Australia providing assistance, accommodation, medical and social support. Legacy's assistance depends on the individual situation of the person supported. With the help of Legatees, who stay in touch with all families, Legacy ensures families receive their Legacy entitlements and access to government benefits.

As well as financial help, Legacy provides companionship and assistance with the education of children. Assistance in dealing with the Army, Navy, or Air Force, or the government is provided. In particular, specialist assistance is provided in submitting applications for Compensation for Dependents of Deceased Members and Former Members, including for War Widow's pensions and Income Support pensions. If initial claims are unsuccessful, when appropriate, Legacy will arrange for advocates before review tribunals. These services are provided at no cost to claimants.

A road tunnel under construction in Brisbane is named Legacy Way in honour of the men and women serving in the Australian Defence Force.[2]



Funds are raised by a variety of methods, the most notable being the sale of special badges and other goods during 'Legacy Week'. This is usually during the first week of September when mainly school children volunteer their time to accomplish these sales, especially in Australia's central business districts. Legacy also solicits donations from the public to assist with its mission.

In the past money has also been raised from special events, sponsorships, dinners, bequests and other events.

Australian postage stamps[edit]

In 1973, the Australian Post Office issued a 7 cent commemorative stamp to commemorate 50 years of Legacy in Australia.

Also in 1948, the then current 2½d Red Mitchellcommemorative stamp was privately overprinted with the words 'Supporting Legacy for 25 years' and a value ranging from 1/- to £1 was also added which was the fundraising amount in addition to the legal cost of stamp of which the denomination was 2½d. Ten values were issued and were intended to raise funds for Legacy. It is believed these stamps were authorised by the secretary of Fremantle Legacy Club in Western Australia.


Legacy Park, Campbell ACT[edit]

Legacy Park Canberra - memorial

Legacy Park Campbell is an urban memorial park in the suburb of western portion of Campbell, Australian Capital Territory, a short distance from the Australian Department of Defence headquarters at Russell Offices. It was officially opened on 30 September 2001, the 75th anniversary of Legacy.

The memorial has a stone wall with three mounted bronze plaques, and a seat for visitors to contemplate the memorial. The approach to the memorial is by the loop walkway off Savige Street, Campbell, with concrete stepping stones every several metres, each mounted with the name of an Australian city or town and a piece of stone representing that city.

An Aleppo Pine, a descendant of the original Lone Pine of Gallipoli, was planted in the park on 30 June 2006.

  • view from Savige Street

  • sign on Lone Pine

  • Lone Pine and memorial

  • left plaque

  • centre plaque

  • right plaque

  • path marker


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