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(ANS – Turin) – “SPACE OVER TIME.Places of work, paths of growth” is an innovative project that involves diverse Salesian realities in promoting the work placement of disadvantaged young people and in developing innovative actions of educative type.

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As the work culture is being reshaped with coworking spaces taking big and small towns all over the world, the same is happening in Italy. The country known for its sandy beaches and exquisite cuisine, is now also home to some unique coworking spaces, and their numbers are continuously growing every year.

Initially, mostly Rome and Milan were well equipped for remote workers, but now one can find a coworking space even in small villages in the country. They obviously vary in sizes and coziness, but luckily most of them have been designed thoroughly with high attention to details, something which this country has always been known for.

The two biggest chains of coworking spaces in Italy are Impact Hub and Copernico, and for that reason, we are paying special attention to them as they are good examples of of quintessential coworking space chain. While you might have heard of Impact Hub before, the big Austrain chain of coworking spaces taking over the World with operations in over 50 countries.

Italyempty Spaces The Blog

Copernico, on the other hand, is something like a hidden gem for most of us. Positioning themselves as more than a network – an ecosystem, Copernico shows that through their interior design. Described as a people-centered space where efficiency and productivity merge with beauty, art, sustainability and cultural enrichment, Copernico definitely stands among others and is definitely worth your attention. Beyond those two, we selected a few other unique coworking spaces in Italy.

Unique Coworking Spaces In Italy

Copernico Garibaldi

Corso Valdocco 2, Turin Italy

Italyempty Spaces The Blog

+39 011 19721200

From the historical headquarters of Turin’s legendary newspaper Gazzetta del Popolo, to the headquarters of L’Oréal Italy, this charming building is now home to Copernico Garibaldi and it might just be the future of your business. Located quite close to the Porta Susa train station, on the corner of Via Garibaldi, this is one of the most unique coworking spaces in Italy, and it lies at the heart of a city undergoing dramatic changes.

At Copernico Garibaldi, elegance can be found in every detail: frescoed ceilings, heavy wooden doors, granite columns. The Belle Epoque atmosphere meshes perfectly with dynamic elements to create a stimulating environment that includes offices, meeting rooms, coworking spaces, a lounge, all modelled to fit your business needs.

A dynamic community that every day creates opportunities for exchange and growth, intensifying the energy of the Copernico ecosystem. Key figures are corporations, startups and freelancers, all experts in sectors such as tech, finance, legal, marketing and communication.

Copernico Carlo Felice

Largo Carlo Felice 11, Cagliari, Italy

Italyempty Spaces The Blog Example

+39 02872528

In the heart of the historic center of Cagliari, Copertino Carlo Felice holds the next spot in our list. It has a huge network, thanks to the connection with other companies throughout Italy. It has a very central location, in the immediate vicinity of banks, public offices, and activities, is one of the pluses of the structure from which you can easily reach the railway station, the port, and the airport.

A new concept of workplace that integrates modern and elegant space design and services that support flexible work within a context that facilitates the creation of synergies between the entrepreneurial fabric of the territory and the Copernico network. A unique location in which to experience a stimulating work experience.

More than 4,000 square meters of spaces in which to work, meet professionals, organize events or even just relax for a moment. In Copernico you will find furnished offices (250 workstations), coworking (50 workstations), 15 meeting rooms and a location for over 300 events per year, in addition to the lounge, the small café, the break areas and a terrace with a panoramic view of the city.

Copernico Isola for S32

via Sassetti 32, Milan, Italy

+39 02872528

And if we are talking about unique coworking spaces in Italy, we can’t help to mention Isola S32, a fintech heart that accelerates business through new financial paradigms. Opened by the Minister of Economy, Pier Carlo Padoan, Copernico Isola for S32 is the physical headquarters of Milan’s Fintech District and the most business oriented out of all of Copernico’s locations.

At Isola for S32 space and experiences are structured vertically, creating new opportunities that arise from exchange. 13 floors play host to offices, coworking spaces, a library, meeting rooms and a café. In addition to a stunning rooftop with sweeping views over the city.

The Isola for S32 ecosystem hosts Fintech startups and companies that drive innovation. Insure tech, media, global digital marketplace sectors and platforms have made community and sharing the key to their success.


Copernico Rizzoli

Via Rizzoli 26, Bologna, Italy

+39 02872528

A new concept of workplace that integrates modern and elegant space design and services that support flexible work within a context that facilitates the creation of synergies between the entrepreneurial fabric of the territory and the Copernico network. Copernico Rizzoli has a unique location in which to experience stimulating work experience.

More than 3,000 square meters of spaces in which to work, meet professionals, organize events or even just relax for a moment. In Copernico Rizzoli you will find furnished offices (200 workstations), 9 meeting rooms, in addition to the lounge, the small café, the break areas and a beautiful terrace with a 360° view over the city.

A community of companies and professionals in the sectors of technology, IOT, consulting, mobility, food as well as media, marketing and much more with which to compare and create synergies. Over 300 events per year to stimulate your networking.

Impact Hub Syracuse

Via Vincenzo Mirabella 29, Siracusa, Italy

+39 0931 69883

Impact Hub in Sicily was founded by a group of social innovators eager to create work and meeting places, to which people who believe in the project have been added over time: different professionals, with profiles ranging from international cooperation, to microfinance, to project management, to the organization of events.

Today Impact Hub Syracuse is made up of a Social Promotion Association , which operates throughout Sicily, and a cooperative that provides services: in Syracuse and Catania there is an active management team that promotes events and spaces.

Imagine you could do your daily work in a place that feels like a holiday. Why don’t you come to Sicily and enjoy the warm and inspiring mediterranean area while having a professional working environment at the same time? You could arrange your day between focusing on your work in a new atmosphere and connecting with the vibrant community of mediterranean changemakers, explore social innovation in Sicily and gain some unplugged detox times at the sea.

Impact Hub Bari

Fiera del Levante, Viale Volga 70123, Bari, Italy

+39 080 990 4680

Easily accessible via public transport with plenty of car parking, the doors are open from 8.30am to 8.30pm Monday to Friday giving you the weekend to explore the city. Opened in 2011, Hub Bari coworking facilitates collaboration and synergies between people and projects that have a common vision. One of the most unique coworking spaces in Italy, Impact Hub Bari is also a business accelerator, where you can meet likeminded souls, organize events and get some work done.

There is no added cost to become a coworking member, and you can change your rate whenever you want, month to month. Memberships are on an individual basis and you will be invited to an informal interview to ensure that your profile is suitable for their network

In line with the over 15,000 members of the global network, from San Francisco to Tokyo, Impact Hub Bari also has a multi-disciplinary community of professionals. Here you will find everything you need.

Impact Hub Trento

Via Roberto da Sanseverino 95, Trento, Italy

+39 0461 158 3407

As mentioned earlier, Impact Hub is a global network of coworking spaces, that has more than 15,000 members in 86 countries with a shared focus on creating a real impact on the cities they operate in. And Trento is not an exception.

Another great example of unique coworking spaces in Italy, Impact Hub Trento currently has more than 100 members and is constantly expanding with people from different backgrounds – entrepreneurs, researchers, designers, developers and project managers. You can check the list of community members on their website.

It’s also a place to network and receive concrete support for your project with an opportunity to accelerate the business, search for private and European funding and also get Project Management consultancy.

Impact Hub Reggio Emilia

Via Statuto 3, Reggio Emilia, Italy

Italyempty Spaces The Blog

Italyempty Spaces The Blog Template

+39 0522 175 1690

Italyempty Spaces The Blog Ideas

Impact Hub Reggio Emilia, was founded by a small team of entrepreneurs, professionals, creatives, training institutions and enthusiasts who wanted to create a home to host radical ideas and create positive social change.

Born in May 2015, it is the place where you get to develop an idea or a project that needs skills, support and encouragement from others, or to rent a workstation in an open environment, shared and collaborative.

The goal is to become a reference point and to bring this international spirit also to the city of Reggio Emilia and its province, creating a place dedicated to innovation, social entrepreneurship and the network of different and complementary experiences and skills


Via Roma 235, Cagliari, Italy

+39 070 773 0973

Another impressive and unique coworking space in Italy is in the center of beautiful Cagliari, where locals entrepreneurs and creatives meet and gather.

The “right” place is wherever you want to be, from this they started and that is why they have been working for more than a year so that Hub/Spoke is the right place for the community and for all those who gravitate around them. Seems to be a great motivation which resulted a very nice atmosphere.

Together with all the amenities for coworking spaces Hub/Spoke also has 250 square meters of relaxation area. In this space the spokers do what they want, they read from the shared library, they meet each other and socialize, they eat or play ping pong.

They also do have Prototyping Laboratory with 3D printers, electronic prototyping stations and much more.

Lino’s and Co

Via di Prampero Artico 7, Udine, Italy

Italyempty Spaces The Blog Examples

+39 0432 229833

Lino’s & Co. is part of a network that operates also in Genoa and Verona.

In 2016 a multidisciplinary group of people, Simona, Andrea, Cristiano e Irene, decided to believe in Lino’s & Co project, aware that nowadays sharing expertise and experience in the workplace, it’s more important than ever and here we are.

Lino’s & Co. is the perfect place, in the heart of Udine, for you to grow professionally, broaden your network and enhance your business. They organize workshops, conferences and events in order to fuel creativity and interconnection and we provide coaching and mentoring support for enterprise development.

The Lino’s & Co. space is also the headquarter of our two enterprises: Montessori Craft, an artisan company that produces, with digital fabrication processes, educational materials for the Montessori pedagogical method and BrodoStudio an experiential marketing agency focused in the design and production of original contents with an unconventional approach.