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We are a diverse community of people from all over Europe and beyond, who are committed to Free Software. If you feel likewise, join us in our work for freedom. There are many ways to engage and you will surely find a way that fits your interests and skills.

Contribute can be used to make new pages or to edit existing pages. Contribute users can also use templates created in Dreamweaver. See 'Using templates with Contribute' (TechNote 16581) or use the Starter Page templates that are included with Contribute. Contribute has a built-in browser that is embedded with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. If you have the WHY of Contribute, you do really well when you are valued for being a great friend and companion. You are typically very supportive and easy to be with; you use your time, money, energy and connections to help others do better. Verb give, provide, supply, donate, furnish, subscribe, chip in (informal), bestow They say they would like to contribute more to charity. Contribute to something be partly responsible for, lead to, be instrumental in, be conducive to, conduce to, help Design faults in the boat contributed to the tragedy.

To make your start easy, we've collected some ideas below. If you are still not sure where to start, you have other ideas or you would like to get in touch with our volunteer coordinators, you can always reach us at [email protected] Please make sure you comply with our Code of Conduct when you contribute.

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Just some clicks away

  • Be up to date with the latest news

    Follow us on one of our social networks, subscribe to our RSS-feed and Newsletter to ensure you receive the latest news from FSFE.

  • Spread the word

    Spread the word about Free Software by ordering leaflets, stickers or posters and giving them to your friends and colleagues or distributing to the public.

  • Show your affiliation

    Show your love for Free Software by using and wearing our inspiring FSFE clothes and items. Each sale helps us fund critical projects.

  • Become a supporter

    FSFE is a charitable non-profit organisation. Your financial support enables us to continue working together for software freedom.

Help And Contribute

Ready to dig deeper?

  • Meet us

    Join us in an event taking place near you, including speeches, booths, or local FSFE meetings.

  • Join our community

    Participate in our discussions, share your experience, learn from others and become an integral part of our community.

  • Join a local group

    Connect with our community face-to-face by joining events or regular meetings organised by a local group close to you.

Help and contribute physical

Passionate to volunteer?

Help Contribute 違い

  • Translate and proofread

    Help us reach as many people as possible by translating our articles, press releases and news into your mother tongue or a language you know.

  • Organise a booth

    It is essential for FSFE to be present with a booth at conferences and other events. Join us by helping organise a local booth.

  • Improve our website

    Our website is the first impression people get about FSFE. Join our web-team to improve our communication and enhance our face to the world.

  • Design for freedom

    Help us design our printed and digital material and see your design spreading around the globe.

Join us full-time

Help And Contribute Fitness

  • Be our next intern or trainee

    Apply as intern or trainee and become a part of FSFE. We look for motivated people, who help us contributing to software freedom on many levels in social, political and legal areas.