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Guild Wars 2 Epic Dance Video. Posted on October 22, 2012. There’s tonnes of Guild Wars 2 dance videos out there, but this has to be one of my favourites so far. Check it out below, and if you like what you see there’s more here! When The Old Republic came out, we stripped off our characters' clothes and had them all join together for a big, fun, underwear dance party. We figured that with the launch of Guild Wars 2, we'd.

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Dance is a continuous emote invoked using the /dance or /dancenew chat command or by using the respective localized version for your language. Each gender of each profession has their own dance. Also a disguise, form, or tonic can temporarily change your dance.

/dancenew is only available as Assassin, Ritualist, Dervish and Paragon.

  • While in certain forms, the /dance emote will show a line in the chat window, but will have no visible effect.
  • If you do the Collector's Edition dance with the Assassin or Ritualist and Shadow step away, your background dancers will stay in their place, and continue to dance, but will disappear once you move.
  • Typing /dance * or /dancenew * will allow you to synchronize several dancing people, if all who have typed /dance * or /dancenew * have pressed the Enter button within 5 seconds of each other.
  • The Nightfall Collector's Edition dance (/dancenew) emulates the dance from Coming to America.
  • Typing /dance after typing /dancenew with a Dervish or Paragon will cause the character to keep the animation (Discoball or Lightorb), and dance their original dance.
  • Typing /dancenew after typing /dance with an Assassin or Ritualist will cause the character to retain the Divine Aura effect while also displaying the complete special edition dance for that profession.
    • Typing a continuous emote (i.e. /bowhead) after typing /dancenew will also cause the character (Paragon or Dervish) to continue their dance animation, for as long as the character does not move, or end the emote.
  • Typing /dancenew without having the collector's edition dance unlocked, or as one of the original 6 professions, will cause the character to dance their original dance, instead of the collector's edition dance.



This dance is a combination of John Travolta dance moves from Saturday Night Fever and Pulp Fiction. Players with Avatar of Balthazar active will use this dance.

  • Male Warrior Dance or click image.

The female warrior dance emulates the dive, a popular dance style in the '60s. It was also seen in the movie Pulp Fiction when Uma Thurman's character, Mia, dances.

  • Female Warrior Dance or click image.



This dance incorporates moves from locking and a breakdancing power move called the windmill.

  • Male Ranger Dance or click image.

This dance features many common cheerleading moves, as seen at sporting events worldwide. Players with Avatar of Melandru active will use this dance.

  • Female Ranger Dance or click image.



The male monk's dance possibly emulates a combination of tai chi and capoeira.

  • Male Monk Dance or click image.

The female monk dance appears to derive from a Changquan (or Long Fist) form. This particular dance is used by Zhang Ziyi in House of the Flying Daggers. Players with Avatar of Dwayna active will use this dance.

  • Female Monk Dance or click image.



This dance is a combination between headbanging and moshing. Players with Avatar of Grenth active will use this dance.This is the only dance where the player's weapon is still displayed.

  • Video of headbanging (YouTube).
  • Male Necromancer Dance or click image.

This dance emulates Michael Jackson's Thriller. Players with Avatar of Sweetness active will use this dance.

  • Video of Thriller dance (YouTube).
  • Female Necromancer Dance or click image.



The male mesmer dance resembles Riverdance or Irish stepdance. Players with Avatar of Holiday Cheer active will use this dance.

  • Male Mesmer Dance or click image.

The female mesmer dance resembles the Spanish flamenco. Players with Avatar of Lyssa active will use this dance.

  • Female Mesmer Dance or click image.



This dance uses moves from two tv series, Seinfeld and Friends. which culminate in Elaine Benes's style of dancing from the episode entitled 'The Little Kicks'.
This dance is unique in that it does not loop from the very beginning; instead, it loops from the start of the 'little kicks' segment, as pictured.
The other dance moves come from 'The Routine', a dance routine danced by Ross and Monica Geller in Friends.

  • Video of Elaine dancing (YouTube).
  • Video of 'The Routine' (YouTube).
  • Male Elementalist Dance or click image.

This dance emulates a version of the belly dance. One example is the belly dance performed by Shakira during live performances of Ojos Así.

  • Female Elementalist Dance or click image.
  • Video of Ojos Así belly dance (YouTube).



This type of dance is called Popping. The assassin Divine Aura, in addition to resembling shuriken, resemble photons used in some street dances. The dance also contains the 'Moonwalk' as made famous by Michael Jackson and the robot. The first part of this dance is taken from a dance performed by Will Smith during a Fresh Prince of Bel Air episode.

  • Video of robot dance (YouTube)
  • Video showing use of photons (YouTube)

No longer available - Video of robot dance from 'Major Payne' (YouTube)

  • Male Assassin Dance or click image.

This dance appears to have moves from street acrobatic martial art style called 'tricking'. Also, the beginning of this dance is known as 'skanking,' a style of dancing known to be seen at punk or ska concerts.

  • Female Assassin Dance or click image.



This dance emulates that performed by Jon Heder in the movie Napoleon Dynamite

  • Male Ritualist Dance or click image.

This is a form of interpretive dance, most often done with a ball, but also called balance dancing as seen in Cirque du Soleil.

  • Female Ritualist Dance or click image.



This dance emulates the dance performed by Michael Jackson in the music video for 'Beat It'.

  • Male Paragon Dance or click image.

The Female dance resembles a traditional African tribal dance. A segment can be seen in video for song 'Alane' by Wes.

  • Female Paragon Dance or click image.



This dance emulates the dance done by Christopher Walken in Fatboy Slim's'Weapon of Choice'

  • Male Dervish Dance or click image.

The female dervish emulates the dance of Sufi whirling dervishes. It also features elements of figure skating and ballet.

  • Video of whirling dervish (YouTube).
  • Female Dervish Dance or click image.


The junundu will just wiggle its head from side to side.

  • Junundu Dance or click image.

Rollerbeetle Racer[edit]

The animation used for the rollerbeetle racers is a mixture of the popular dance move called 'Raise the Roof' where you push your hands up to the ceiling in time with a beat, and the popular breakdancing spin - the back spin.

  • Rollerbeetle Dance or click image.

Siege Devourer / Trained Devourer[edit]

Siege Devourers and Trained Devourers will just jump, then start side-walking left and right, while snapping its pincers as if it were snapping fingers or playing castanets. When Trained Devourers dance, they have the same spotlight and confetti / sparkles effects as Paragons performing the Collector's Edition dance.

  • Siege Devourer Dance or click image.


If you do the /dance emote in front of Abaddon, before aggroing his Monoliths, he will do a segment of the Warrior Male dance, shortly before your whole party automatically dies, and a message will show on the screen, saying, 'You Got Served.'

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As we get closer to the release of Heart of Thorns, testing has picked up and pre-purchasers of the expansion have finally been able to get a sneak peek of what they invested in advance for. Guild Wars 2’s upcoming expansion brings a lot to the table. This time around however, ArenaNet didn’t add a lot of new content to the beta, so instead I decided to focus on some of the profession specializations of the existing classes.

The goal for specializations is to bring something new to the table. To fundamentally change, or offer a very different playstyle, than the profession currently provides. For example, the Necromancer profession is well known for their debuff manipulations and the ability to summon minions to aid them in battle. Currently they lack group utility, as the majority of their abilities only benefit the player and they are unable to sufficiently support their allies. This leads to Necromancers being the redheaded stepchild in party situations that require a fair bit of high level play and party synergy in order to power through encounters as quickly as possible. Pet AI is somewhat suspect at times and they have no real way of synergizing with party/ally combos. Although some of these issues were addressed in recent game updates, they are still unsuited for group play outside of playing a special role in a select few game types.

Guild Wars 2 Dance

At face value, the Reaper specialization attempts to solve their lack of party-supporting combat roles by offering a playstyle that allows the Necromancer get up close and personal. The only melee oriented builds the Necromancer has are Dagger or Death Shroud builds. Both suffer from somewhat weak DPS and the inability to effectively hit more than 3 enemies at a time, whereas the Reaper is designed around being a true menace on the battlefield. To be able to dish out damage as well as receive it. Selecting the Reaper specialization as a trait line allows the Necromancer to equip a Greatsword, their first weapon allowing them to hit more than two enemies. This is fantastic as it allows them to cleave multiple opponents, as well as take advantage of hitting bosses a number of times with a swing by being able to reach multiple hitboxes. Additionally, Death Shroud is tweaked to enhance being in melee range. Dubbed Reaper Shroud, it provides an empowered version of what the Reaper is. They also gain access to shouts, previously a Warrior-only skill line. Shouts enable the Reaper to perform short range area-of-effect abilities that debuff enemies and buff themselves.

During my play session, the Reaper performed the way it was billed by the developers: using a Greatsword as a Necromancer, the animations deliberately slow and packing a punch with each hit. Each auto attack felt that it had weight behind it. Skills used with the Greatsword felt deliberately slow and powerful. For example, the Gravedigger skill is an AoE ability that has a small windup, you bring your sword back in an attempt to make a huge swing and when it goes off, the animation is very quick, showing just how much power the player character built up to perform that ability. The skill itself hits relatively hard, and it has a special passive ability, whereas if you use it on a low health target the recharge on the skill is significantly reduced, allowing you to use it more often on those types of targets. This particular aspect of the Reaper, I felt, was very well done.

Additionally, when I went into Reaper Shroud, I felt like a souped up version of myself. My attacks were faster, I gained a nifty slightly wonky gap closer, as well as a pretty awesome AoE ability. Executioner’s Scythe stuns a target in ice for a short duration and will additionally do more damage the lower the health is on the foe in question. That awesome AoE ability I mentioned earlier is called Soul Spiral. It’s a channeled, point blank AoE ability that deals massive amounts of damage as well as poisons all foes it hits. Throughout my time with the Reaper, I felt Reaper Shroud was an amazing iteration of an existing profession-only ability that accentuates the idea of a powerful melee attacker. Jumping into a fight, debuffing my enemy with two of my Greatsword skills and then jumping into Reaper Shroud and performing Soul Spiral, then follow it up with Executioner’s Scythe for a quick stun and going to town with my auto attack was a joy to do over and over again. Especially since I specialized my Necromancer to build Might, increasing the power of my melee attacks and applying vulnerability, decreasing the ability to mitigate damage to the targeted enemy with each swing of my auto attack. I truly felt like a juggernaut while using Reaper Shroud.

On the flip side, there are some aspects of the specialization that I felt weren’t being used to their full potential. Their class of shout abilities felt underwhelming with the exception of one. When used, Rise summons Jagged Horrors for each enemy struck. Unfortunately, these minions do not do direct damage, instead they apply stacks of the bleeding condition per melee attack. This specialization doesn’t synergize well with bleeding and the damage it does is minimal. I feel this shout in particular did not have a real use in any situation. Alternatively, the “You Are All Weaklings” skill provided a decent power boost while debuffing the surrounding enemies with weakness, causing attacks to hit for less damage as well as reducing endurance rate to dodge attacks. That was a skill I constantly used while completing events and tackling bosses.

Another thing I found frustrating was the lack of a dedicated gap closer. Sure, Death’s Charge in Reaper Shroud could be used as such but it traveled slowly and, depending on distance, it could pass right through an enemy and you would still need to make adjustments to reposition yourself. The specialization somewhat revolves around the chill condition and benefits in various ways if the enemy they are fighting is inflicted. Unfortunately, very few skills had this debuff available to them, and it was very tough to maintain by yourself, so I felt that some of the traits that were reliant on them went a bit under-utilized or weren’t worth taking over other skills that I could choose from.

Guild Wars 2 Dance Commands

Lastly, it still lacks in terms of group support as it carries the stigma of the Necromancer as a selfish profession. The boons it provides are for the player only and there is no way of spreading them to allies. It would be nice if I could help my allies a bit more. Overall though, I loved the feel of the Reaper, but I feel that it still has room to grow and improve before the expansion launches.

Thankfully, ArenaNet has heard all the feedback regarding the specialization and will implement changes moving forward. For example, they are increasing the damage of the Greatsword overall to compete with the already available Dagger, as well as receiving a number of quality of life changes including fixing and changing animations for a smoother experience and increasing life force gained through skills. Shouts are also being tweaked and improved. Cast times are down across the board and functionality has been improved to provide more substance when you are in a situation where you cannot hit a lot of enemies around you. They are tweaking a number of abilities and traits to improve chill condition application in order for the player to have an easier time maintaining it without help from allies. Positive changes so far, I hope they continue to monitor and improve the specialization. I’m still hoping they provide something that improves party functionality, or at least makes the profession wanted in group play. That aside I really enjoyed my time with the specialization and I can’t wait to play it again and see how it performs iteration after iteration.

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