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Short Wii Game Reviews + ISO Download. We are another type or a review site where after reading you can actualy download and play he game! WiiISO is not like your usual Wii Download site that only provides a list of Torrent files or even worth - an endless list of expiring RapidShare, MegaUpload, soon deleted HotFile and FileServe or FileSonic links that make you wait for every download to. Shop at Best Buy for Wii U games. Seamlessly switch from playing a Wii U game on your TV to playing on the Wii U GamePad.

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Download Animal Crossing App Mod APK on MaxModAPK.
Download Animal Crossing App Mod APK on 100ModAPK.

Animal Crossing and Amiibo seem like a match made in heaven: cute characters, and collectable toys. Sadly, the duo's first pairing turned out to be a shallow, dull board game without much replay value. Fans longed for a full Animal Crossing toys-to-life experience -- and this year, they're going to get it. Sort of. This fall, Nintendo will be updating the 3DS' 4-year-old Animal Crossing: New Leaf with Amiibo support. The mobile version of Animal Crossing will hit our iPhones and Android mobile phones later in 2017. Here's all you need to know about Nintendo's Animal Crossing for mobile, including UK release date rumours, story details, gameplay info and more. Animal Crossing is about as a game title that is informal as you’re ever going to perform. The concept is dead simple: you are a girl or boy residing in a town inhabited by a myriad of creatures, who live together in tranquillity and peace. You are free to do that which you want in the world surroundings that is open, from fishing to decorating your home and harvesting and investigating the surroundings for strategies that are concealed. The enjoyment of Animal Crossing is the fact that real-time is really passed in by moment in the sport. Perform through the gameworld as well as nighttime will soon be dark, while periods additionally represent the season. In the event that you discover time to stock up the sport on these days, your creature pals will celebrate Christmas and your birthday. Dog Crossing has formerly appeared on a variety of Nintendo games consoles, including Wii U, Wii, the GameCube, DS and DS. Today it is making the changeover to the cellular telephone, therefore everyone maybe not fortunate enough to possess a Nintendo carton may get included. Dog Crossing Mobile is going to be the next Nintendo name hitting on cellphones. The primary was Super Mario Operate, while the Fire Logo Characters that are superb was introduced early in 2017.

File Namecom.mod.animal.crossing
App Download Version:1.0
Apk Size55.96 MB
Last Update TimeFeb 14, 2017
MinAndroid 4.2、4.2.2 (JELLY_BEAN_MR1)
Screenssmall, normal, large, xlarge
Min OpenGL0x20000
Densities120, 160, 240, 320, 480, 640
User FeaturesArray
ROOTNot required
Offers In-App PurchaseNO
637 total


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  • La yo2017-12-04 01:59:55

    Necesitó la versión 1.0.3

  • Einlenzer2017-11-30 03:07:56

    Outdated for 1.0.2 and above

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  • Version:1.4

    Now available 'Radio24syv App DK Free Online' for mobile devices smartphones and tablets. Easy to use and fast access.
    If you have doubts and suggestions regarding contact us through the email [email protected]
  • Version:4.0.4

    RoyalTV is the most advanced and user friendly TV player. With RoyalTV you will enjoy your TV playlists on your Android devices including TVs, TV Boxes, firestick and tablets. If you don't have smart tv, we offer firestick services.
    - Saves recently played lists and resume playback from last saved position.
    - Supports selection of audio tracks (if media contains audio tracks information)
    - Allows seek to precise position, you can drag the time slider to the precise position.
    - Quickly search for items in playlists.
    - Allows creation and customization of favourite groups for quick access.
    - Supports embedded groups in playlists.
    ** RoyalTV doesn't include any channels, contact
  • Version:1.5

    Let's face it, being a writer we all end up having a writer's block. Why? It could be many reasons but what if we told you that you can master yourself against writer's block once and for all. With Call of Writing app you are asking you to join us on our war against writer's block so what are you waiting for? Get it now!
    Call of Writing is a writing app that will help you unblock your writer's block by challenging you to write without thinking. if you stop writing, all your progress will be deleted!
    What You Get:
    ● Learn how to focus when you sit to write. Find those brilliant ideas that have been lost in your mind between all the frustration.
    ● Learn to write and express your thoughts like a Pro. As you write more everyday even for a minute, you will start to see improvement.
    ● Gain more HP as you write everyday to unlock writing challenges, word prompts and hardcore mode!
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    ● Switch to Night mode at night time when you write to save your eyes. We leave you no excuses to not write.
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    Writing everyday for a couple of minutes can really keep you going. At times our app can be frustrating for you but it will eventually prove to be very productive if you keep writing on it regularly.
    I hope this proves productive for you and you really get to improve yourself at writing!
    Write to SD Card - Your writings and backups are stored in 'Phone Storage/Call Of Writing/' folder.
  • Version:1.0.5

    RECOVER YOUR BALANCE WITH YOGABOT. A Yoga application that adapts to you and advances with you.
    Your Yoga practice. Your experience. Your rhythm
    How does Yogabot work?
    At Yogabot you can do four fundamental things.
    1) SELF-DIAGNOSTICARTE: You have a body self-diagnosis process that measures the current state of your body using 40 biometric parameters.
    The self-diagnosis process is divided into 6 challenges that in themselves make up a test of resistance of tone and elasticity for each body area. When you have finished your first self-diagnosis, you will have YOUR BIOMETRIC MATRIX
    The 6 self-diagnosis challenges are divided into:
    - Lower muscle train
    - Torso
    - Upper muscle train
    Your Biometric Matrix is ​​a personalized 'map' that indicates the elasticity, tone, power and balance level of each area of ​​your body. And based on the results of your Biometric Matrix, the system offers you a ...
    2) PERSONALIZED PRACTICE: The Yogabot algorithm, designed on the pedagogical principles of practice and teaching of NEXOYOGA, will design a yoga practice 100% personalized and optimized for you, taking into account your biometric matrix: your current body state.
    You can also add some extra settings to your personalized yoga practice, such as:
    - Duration of your practice: How much time do you really have to practice? You can choose between a short, medium or long sequence, and Yogabot will reorganize your practice to make it OPTIMAL, always prioritizing the highest levels of imbalance.
    - Practice level: You can choose between a Beginner or Advanced level. NOTE: the advanced level is REALLY advanced. It is a practice with all the rigor of a great Yoga teacher.
    - Postures name: Do you want to hear the postures name in Sanskrit or in your language (currently Spanish) Many of our users choose to hear the postures in Sanskrit, because they also learn the name and the original pronunciation of each posture.
    - Technical audio: You can decide whether or not you want to listen to the technical audio of each posture, which reinforces the main posture safety instructions.
    - Type of accompaniment: Lastly, you can choose that the accompaniment of your practice be in photos (images of asanas) or in video (premium users). In other words, you have the possibility of practicing, with the teacher, your PERSONALIZED sequence. It's like having your Yoga teacher at home
    NOTE: we advise you to update your Biometric Matrix (self-diagnosis) after accumulating 25 - 30 hours of practice, so that Yogabot can update and optimize your Personalized Practice. This guarantees you continuous transformation.
    3) ALTERNATIVE PRACTICES: in addition to your personalized practice, you have a section in which new, specialized and categorized sequences of practices will be published every month.
    With “Alternative Practices” you will never get bored and you will always have a yoga practice option at hand for those days when you WANT or NEED a different practice.
    The alternative practices are Yoga sequences designed and balanced in a professional way and with all the rigor of NEXOYOGA Pedagogy, to achieve specific objectives and obtain specific benefits.
    These are some of the categories that we have created for the Alternative Practices section, in which new, fresh and original content will be published EVERY MONTH
    - Restorative sequences for specific situations
    - Learn to conquer a Posture
    - Sequences of widely practiced methods
    - Intensive sequences to enhance specific areas.
    - Specific Objective Oriented Sequences
    - Therapeutic Sequences
    - Etc.
    4) PERFECT YOUR TECHNIQUE: you have the option of studying each of the asanas in which you want to perfect your technique. They are punctual and optional purchases for when you want to master a posture within your practice ...
  • Version:1.1

    Kupitia App hii ya Simulizi Tamu za MApenzi utapata kusoma simulizi Tamu, chombezo, visa na mikasa, riwaya nzuri na za kusisimua zilizoandikwa na waandishi mbalimbali waliobobea kwenye uandishi wa simuliz na Hadithi tamu za Mapenzi kila siku.
    Simulizi Tamu za Mapenzi kwa njia ya sauti zinazosimuliwa na waandishi wenye uzoefu kwenye kusimulia hadithi na simulizi mbalimbali.
    Soma mikasa na visa mbalimbali vilivyotungwa na waandishi waliobobea .
    Utundu na Utamu wote wa chumbani.
    Siri zote za Mapenzi.
    Darasa la Mapenzi.
    Simulizi nzuri za Mapenzi.
    Ushauri kuhusu Mahusiano na Mapenzi.
    Ujumbe mzuri wa Mapenzi.
    Mapenzi Mubashara.
    Utajifunza namna Ya Kulinda Penzi.
    Sms za mapenzi.
    Mikasa ya mapenzi na Simulizi.
    Udaku Video
    Utamu Chumbani Wakubwa Tu
    Jinsi Ya Kutongoza Mwanamke
    Kupitia App ya simulizi za Mapenzi pia utapata fursa ya kusoma visa mbalimbali kutoka kwa watu mbalimbali wakihitaji ushauri kwenye Mambo yanayowatatiza kila siku kwenye Maisha
    Jisomee simulizi mbalimbali za kusisimua zilizotungwa na mwalimu joshua, simulizi za maisha, mapenzi nk.... Ni simulizi zinazogusa maisha halisi usiache kupakua app hii hutojutia
    Sasa Unaweza Kusoma na Kujifunza mambo mbalimbali Kupitia App hii ya Tuna vipengele vingi Uvipendavyo kama ifuatavyo
    Hapa Utaweza kusoma Hadithi, LoveStory, Na nyingine nyingi za watunzi mbalimbali hapa nchini,...
    Hapa Utaweza kujifunza namna ya kuishi na Mume / Mke au Mahusiano,
    >> MIKASA
    Hapa Utaweza kujifunza yale yaliowakuta watu katika maisha au mahusiano yao,
    Sasa unaweza kusikiliza simulizi nzuri kutoka kwa watunzi mbali mbali unaowapenda wakati wowote, mahali popote kupitia simu yako ya mkononi
    Simulizi hizi zinafaa kwa kujifunza mambo mengi kuhusu mapenzi, visa na mikasa mbalimbali ya maisha pamoja na simulizi za kidini kutukumbusha na kutufundisha mambo mbalimbali kuhusu maisha yetu ya sasa na ya baadae.
    Application hii ina mambo yafuatayo:-
    1. Inafunguka kwa haraka sana
    2. Unasoma ndani ya Application kila kitu bila kwenda kwenye blog au website
    3. Kila siku tunaweka simulizi mpya na kuweka muendelezo wa zile zenye mwendelezo.
    4. Unapofungua simulizi inahifadhiwa sehemu ambayo kwa baadae unaweza isoma hata bila Internet
    5. Unapata ujumbe kila simulizi mpya inapowekwa.
    6. Na mengine mengi utayapata ukipakua Application yetu.
    Usipitwe na simulizi tamu na zenye maudhui ya kuelimisha lakini pia kuburudisha kuifanya siku yako iende vizuri.
    Utamu Kitandani ni App maalumu kwa kujifunza masuala ya mapenzi ambapo utajua jinsi ya kuishi na mpenzi kwa furaha pia utapata kujua njia ya kumpata mrembo yoyote na njia za kumpata, pia kwa wanawake utajua jinsi ya kuwa na handsome yoyote. Pia katika App hii utapata simulizi zitakazo kusisimua na kukufundisha pia kukuburudisha hivyo install app hii ili ufurahie yote hayo katika app hii bora kabisa ya mapenzi na utamu kitandani na kupata ufundi chumbani.
    Kumpata mpenzi
    Ufundi kitandani
    Utamu Chumbani
    Simulizi za mapenzi
    Ushauri wa Mapenzi
    Vyote hivyo vinapatikana katika App hii bora ya Utamu Kitandani
  • Version:1.1

    Raha za chumbani ni app kwa ajili ya mafunzo ya mambo ya mahusiano na ndoa na utundi na ufundi wote wote wa mambo ya kitandani , jifunze utundu na ufundi wote kwenye mambo ya chumbani kupitia app hii.
  • Version:1.0

    Kupitia App hii unaweza kuapata Matokeo ya Mechi zote za ligi kuu zote za Ndani na za ulaya, tetesi za Usajili na uhamisho wa wachezaji kila siku.
  • Version:4.0.3

    The game is completely free
    Parchisi board game allows 2 or 4 players to play
    It allows chatting and exchanging emojis while playing
    Designed to fit tablets & mobile phones
    Includes a daily magic box. Open to win up to 50K Coins every day
    You can achieve achievements when you play this fun game
    Availability of a set of dice cubes
    Parchisi is played with two dice, four pieces for each player and a board with an outside path, four corners and four tracks leading to the center end space. Most of America's famous Parcheesi panels have 68 blank spaces around the edge of the board, of which 12 are dark safe spaces. Each corner of the board contains where the player will be stationed or starting area.
    If you have the time and want to spend it fun then Parchisi is here for you. We all played this game as a child. So we are here to bring back your childhood memories so that you can relive these moments again.
    Kings have played this game before and now you are enjoying it. Parchisi has become the favorite game for people on the internet around the world. Inspired by the Indian classic game Parchisi.
  • Version:2.3

    Ipakue sasa uweze kufaidi mafunzo yote ya mapenzi na mambo ya chumbani
    UTAMU KITANDANI - Jifunze zaidi Ufundi, Ubunifu na Utundu katika Mapenzi na Mahusiano, kupitia App hii.
    UTAMU KITANDANI, Mahali pekee utakapojionea mambo matamu ya chumbani
    Kupitia App hii utapata dondoo Mbalimbali za mahusiano na mapenzi zinakazo kusaidia kujenga na kuimarisha mahusiano yako wewe na Mwenzi wako. Pia utapata kujua mikasa na matukio mbalimbali kuhusu Mapenzi, itakayokujenga na kukuimarisha kifikra na kukupa burudani zaidi
    UTAMU KITANDANI - Pia utapata Hadithi mbalimbali za Mapenzi, itakayokujenga na kukuimarisha kifikra na kukupa burudani zaidi, Mahusiano na ndoa, Utundu wote wa chumbani, Siri zote za Mapenzi.Ushauri, Simulizi nzuri za kusisimua Mbinu mbalimbali za kuboresha mapenzi.
    UTAMU KITANDANI - Kupitia App hii utapata dondoo Mbalimbali za mahusiano na mapenzi zinakazo kusaidia kujenga na kuimarisha mahusiano yako wewe na Mwenzi wako.
    UTAMU KITANDANI- ni mahali utakapo pata Elimu ihusuyo Mapenzi na huku ndipo kuna Dunia ya Mapenzi, Sayari ya Mapenzi pamoja na kijiwe safi kwa ajili ya mahusiano pamoja na mapenzi.
  • Version:1.28

    The purchase of the MGO3 system is essential for the use of the Android APP.
    MGO3 is a modular system that allows the connection of more than one Ozone generating unit with special sensors interconnected to each other, via Wi-Fi.
    The sensors have two main functions:
    • Remote monitoring of Ozone concentration
    • Through a powerful ventilation system (230 m3/h) guarantees effective air circulation within the environment to be disinfected
    The MGO3 system is the first and the only one to be able to be controlled completely autonomously through a Smartphone APP that allows the programming of disinfection cycles as desired, for example on a daily basis, allowing regular disinfections and significantly reducing the risks of exposure of elements infected.
    Other advantages of the system:
    1. Monitoring of O3 concentrations in air
    2. Monitoring the status of devices
    3. Detailed report of the disinfection process
    4. Maintains ozone at optimum level, protects your equipment
  • Version:2.1

    Tap once to switch the state; you can set the port to the desired one. This app provides simple error checking along with troubleshooting.
    Licence notice:
    Application icon was created by combining and modifying an 'Android logo' icon made by Google LLC and 'WiFi connection signal' icon made by Rami McMin from; both images are licensed under CC BY 3.0 available at
  • Version:1.2

    Digital books for Class 9 PKN subjects in the 2013 Curriculum 2018 revised edition with a menu of options per chapter:
    Chapter 1 The Dynamics of Manifestation of Pancasila as the State Foundation and the Nation's View of Life
    Chapter 2 The Preamble of the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia
    Chapter 3 Sovereignty of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia
    Chapter 4 The Diversity of Indonesian Society in the Framework of Unity in Diversity
    Chapter 5 The Harmony of Indonesian Diversity
    Chapter 6 Defending the State in the Context of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia
  • Version:1.0

    Online store of Al-Sham Import and Export Company in Germany
    It includes high quality products that meet the international health conditions
    Foodstuffs - candies - cereals and legumes - coffee - juice, soft drinks
    Products are imported from the Arab countries (Lebanon - Syria)
    And distributed in Europe
    The sale is wholesale and retail
  • Version:2.0

    Black White Business Keyboard Theme is now available with new beautiful font styles and emojis! Get Black White Business Keyboard Theme, to make your phone more stylish and modern than before! Black White Business Keyboard Theme will give your phone the best modern and stylish improvement. Meanwhile, Black White Business Keyboard Theme has the most fantastic typing experience. Download and install Black White Business Keyboard Theme now for free!
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    ✨How to use Black White Business Keyboard Theme:
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    Privacy and Protection:
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    Features include, but are not limited to:
    * Writing gestures;
    * Suggest the next word;
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  • Version:3.0.0

    Are you ready to push your limits ??
    how to play?
    - Drag blocks of gems to place them on the board.
    Try to create complete lines on the grid either vertically or horizontally.
    - Blocks cannot be rotated.
    Pass if there is no place for extra blocks.
    - Try to remove multiple lines simultaneously to get a higher score.
    Why did you choose us?
    - Great game interface!
    - Easy to play, classic brick game for all ages!
    - Everything is free and no wifi needed!
    - Support leaderboard.
    - No time limits.
    Please feel free to contact us if you have any question.
    * E-mail
    [email protected]
    let's play! More gameplay and more exciting !!!
  • Version:1.2

    Discover ways to get most out of your Android device easily by everyone. Get the best hidden Mobile tricks with this app and also help you to increase knowledge. You will also able to learn a lot of things about your android phone that you never know before. All the tricks are explained step by step in phone tricks and tips app. Master your Android phone within minutes using this app and Any Mobile device support several secret codes.
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    Take Screenshot.
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    Wifi Hotspot connection guide.
    Android Useful Tricks
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  • Version:1.1

    Announcement: Our application will be constantly updated and renewed. Please do not delete an e-mail to [email protected] in case of error. many new features will be added, our best regards, the BiSEO Team.
    live list of the earthquake that occurred in Turkey. The skeleton structure of our application has been created and we will be presenting the features with the new design as soon as possible.
  • Version:0.2.1

    MyTempo was born by the necessity of having more than a metronome, i wanted to combine quavers and triplets, i wanted to speed up the bpm, maintain the bpm, then speed down.
    Now myTempo aims to help you more with creativity, randomize notes, or get a random scale to practice. The list will grow more over time!
    Or test your rythmic capabilities with the simple polyrithmic metronome!
    And More! MyTempo aims to be the solution to many creative limitations, tap the Random Button (Dice) to have random accents, or long press to have custom measures. MyTempo is not just another metronome.
  • Version:1.3.2

    The Image Search app is used to reverse image search in search engines. With a minimalistic interface , you can concentrate, and look up where does the image come from. Or look for similar images.