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Memory is a good path to self-generating past emotional experiences and having them once again, if we are not in the grip of an emotion. So, everybody can self-generate joy by remembering an. Recognize one’s emotions, values, strengths, and limitations Self-awareness Slf Responsible Make ethical, constructive choices about personal and Manage emotions and behaviors to achieve one’s goals SEL decision making Self-management about personal and social behavior Social awareness Relationship skills Form positive relationships, work Show. EI affects how you manage behavior and work through social complexities. It influences how you handle stress, makes decisions, and achieve positive outcomes. EQ Team Training Workshop Format Options. The Emotional Intelligence training workshop is designed for staff, supervisors, high potentials, managers, and executives.

Dealing with Emotions Builds Self-confidence During Self-defense Training

Model Mugging Self-defense is a comprehensive system specializing in the needs of women. In actual attacks against women, victims have reported their initial reaction to be surprise and they describe freezing in fear. Their mind goes blank and they are quickly overwhelmed by the violence.

Emotions, Self Awarenessdialectical Behavioral Training

It is common for students to experience a spectrum of emotions. The most common emotion is fear. Acknowledging fear is the first step to working with it. Model Mugging students learn how to work with fear and eventually change it into an empowering emotion. For many, fear stops people from finding freedom and more happiness. Instead, when taught how, fear can become a very powerful emotion.

Model Mugging Self Defense Student overcoming her fears of being assaulted while building her self-confidence through realistic scenarios.

Training Courses Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Applying a supportive designed system, women quickly build self-confidence as they learn how to defend themselves in realistic scenarios. Progressively they learn to use “real” fear to their advantage by transforming it into positive fighting energy. Fear becomes part of their fighting shield and an energy used to escape against rape and other street violence.

During the basic self-defense course women also learn to deal with other feelings such as inferiority, helplessness, and anger. In the advanced self-defense course women learn how to protect themselves from gang rapists, armed rapists and robbers in reality based scenarios.

Model Mugging shows women how to use their smaller size and lesser strength to their advantage. It is more than learning how to “fight like a girl”, but using self-defense techniques that are effective against rape aggression. Women learn no nonsense self-defense skills to counter attack and stop a rapist based on the strengths women possess. Women also learn how to use distractions and surprise against an assailant, which are critical to realistic fighting. It is very difficult for an assailant to defend himself from a counterattack if he is unprepared for it. Learning how to harness fear and attack a larger attacker progressively builds self-confidence and improves physical skills with each drill and fighting scenario.

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There are certain benefits of the course that cannot be obtained by osmosis, reading a book, or watching a video. Students need actual fighting experience and feedback from a certified self-defense instructor team. The fighting experience builds self-confidence and empowers women to overcome fear and feelings of helplessness.

Learning positive methods to change fear into empowerment is a process requiring experience. Each student is encouraged to participate at their level of physical and emotional capabilities.

Emotions, Self Awarenessdialectical Behavioral Training

Students gain self-confidence through firsthand experience of protecting themselves. Crime is a physical act, defending yourself against crime requires physical practice. Knowing how to protect yourself creates a shield of self-confidence allowing you to discourage an attack before one even starts!

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Student experiencing the joy of self confidence during the Basic self-defense course.