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ROMS is basically a Game file, if you remember the old days when we use to play games on console, we use some sort of cartridge of video games, which is loaded with games software or in other words games ROMs. But now as we are using the virtual tools i.e emulators to replace those console. We need ROMs file to play our favourite games.

- They are just different ways via which the Kernel chooses which CPU to use for the different tasks you perform on a daily basis. HMP is almost deprecated at this point and all the new phones releasing with Kernel tag 4.9 and higher come with EAS by default. EAS is smoother and with proper configuration, more efficient. Forget the clutter and download the All in One Emulator today! Contains emulation software for all these beautiful consoles: GBA GBC NES SNES NDS N64 PS1 PCE MD WSC Features: Cheats Fast Forward External Controller Support Much more! Please be aware this app does not contain any game files or bios.

Here you can play online and download them free of charge. You can use 19 emulator to play all your favorite games compatible with it. 19’s list includes popular ROMs games, such as Need For Speed Underground 2, Shenmue II, Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks, Halo 2, GTA Vice City, Halo - Combat Evolved, Marvel Vs Capcom 2, and lots of others.

Here on Romsemulators.net, users from around the world have extracted the ROMs file and submitted here. Now you can download your favourite game ROM file from here and can play your game.


Now you know the concept of ROMs, you do not need to go in deep. You can simply select your desired ROM category from above and find your favourite game.


Since you got the concept of ROMs, now you have your favourite game ROM on your system but no console. Now What ? You need an Emulator of that console to play that ROM file. In simple words, Emulator is a virtual machine for your console device. Which you can install in your PC, and then download the ROM from Romsemulator.net, or if you have any ROM file, which is not listed here. You can submit and we will make it public for other users. You can play your ROM file on the compatible emulator.

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File type(s)Emulator(s)Backup
BIOS filesRetroArch
BIOS filesMednafen(standalone)
BIOS filesOpenEmu
ROMs Pack(0.151)MESS
ROMs Pack(v16)
ROMs Pack(v17)
ROMs Pack86Box


NES / Famicom

File type(s)Emulator(s)BackupNote
Family Computer Disk System BIOS fileVariousRequired for FDS emulation. MD5 Hashes

SNES / Super Famicom

File type(s)Emulator(s)BackupNote
Satellaview BS-X ROMshigan(bsnes)
Required for some Satellaview releases.
Including Japanese original ROM, no-DRM ROM and English-patched ROMs (DRM or no-DRM).
Sufami Turbo BIOS fileRequired for Bandai's Sufami Turbo emulation.
SuperDisc BIOS fileNo$SNS(1.6)Required for Sony's SNES-CD emulation.
Super Game Boy boot ROMhigan(bsnes)Required for Super Game Boy emulation. MD5 Hashes
Coprocessor firmwaresIncluding CX4, DSP1/1A, DSP1B, DSP2, DSP3, DSP4, ST010, ST011 and ST018.
More information

Nintendo 64

File type(s)Emulator(s)BackupNote
LLE RSP pluginProject64N/A
64DD IPL and PIF ROM (JPN Retail)CEN64Required for 64DD emulation in CEN64.
Japanese region only.
64DD IPL (JPN Retail)Project64Required for 64DD emulation in Project64.
64DD IPL (US Retail)
64DD IPL (JPN Development)

GameCube / Wii

File type(s)Emulator(s)BackupNote
GameCube IPL BIOS fileDolphinOptional.
Required for rendering original system fonts. MD5 Hashes
DSP-LLE pluginOptional.
Needed for more accurate low-level emulation (LLE) of DSP audio.
Required in Dolphin for connectivity with GBA units.
An incomplete HLE solution removing this requirement exists.
GameCube homebrew utility. More information
Old version (r241)
Wii WC24 network SSL certificatesOptional.
Required for connecting to Wi-Fi Connection service.
More information

Game Boy / Game Boy Color

File type(s)Emulator(s)BackupNote
Game Boy (DMG) boot ROMsVariousOptional.
Game Boy Pocket (MBG) boot ROM
GBC boot ROMOptional.
Required for color palette support for monochrome GB games.

Pokémon mini

File type(s)Emulator(s)BackupNote
BIOSVariousOptional in PokeMini and minimon.

Game Boy Advance / e-Reader

File type(s)Emulator(s)BackupNote
Boot ROMVariousOptional.
Required for some games, homebrew, and connectivity with the GameCube.
e-Reader BIOS filesRequired for e-Reader emulation.
Including Card e-Reader (Japan), Card e-Reader+ (Japan) and e-Reader (USA).

Nintendo DS / DSi

File type(s)Emulator(s)BackupNote
DS BIOS files and firmwareVariousOptional for DeSmuME and No$GBA.
Required for melonDS, GBE+, medusa and other emulators.
iQue BIOS files and firmware
DSi BIOS filesNo$GBARequired for Nintendo DSi emulation.
DSi NAND dumpOptional.
Improves compatibility for Nintendo DSi emulation.
Update No$GBA in the package to the latest version is highly recommended.
DSi BIOS & NAND (USA)melonDS, No$GBARequired for DSi emulation on melonDS.
Includes BIOS and firmware for both the DS and DSi, and a NAND dump.
For No$GBA, rename:
respectively, and place them in the No$GBA main folder.
DSi BIOS & NAND (JAP Classroom)

Nintendo 3DS

File type(s)Emulator(s)BackupNote
Extra dataCitraRequired for some games.
BootromsRequired for fuse-3ds to decrypt encrypted games.

Wii U

File type(s)Emulator(s)BackupNote
FontsCemuRequired for rendering text properly in some games.
Lacks three more unused fonts, but Cemuhook has their replacements.
Online filesCemu(1.11.0 or later)
Needed for online connection.
Lacks unbanned account.dat file unique to the console but some custom servers with lax authentification are working in progress.
Menu files (EU)Cemu(1.11.4 or later)Version 5.5.2, European region
Required for rendering Mii and improving compatibility. More information
Can be accessed from the .rpx under mlc01systitle0005001010040200codemen.rpx.
Menu files (US)Version 5.5.2, US region
Required for rendering Mii and improving compatibility. More information
Can be accessed from the .rpx under mlc01systitle0005001010040100codemen.rpx.
Menu files (JP)Version 5.5.2, Japanese region
Required for rendering Mii and improving compatibility. More information
Can be accessed from the .rpx under mlc01systitle0005001010040000codemen.rpx.

Nintendo Switch

File type(s)Emulator(s)BackupNote
Shared fonts and derivation keysyuzuRequired for some games and encrypted ROMs.



File type(s)Emulator(s)BackupNote
BIOS filesVariousRequired for some emulators. More information and MD5 Hashes
Copyright-free HLE BIOS files replacements exist for other emulators.
Crash Bandicoot pre-extracted dataPSXperiaRequired for repackaging ISOs for use with PlayStation Pocket, given that PSXperia is only able to extract wrapper data from two specific releases of the Crash Bandicoot APK.


Eas Files And Emulator Download Windows 10

File type(s)Emulator(s)BackupNote
BIOS filesPK201Required for PocketStation emulation.

PlayStation 2

File type(s)Emulator(s)BackupNote
BIOS filesVariousRequired for PlayStation 2 emulation.
More information and MD5 Hashes

PlayStation Portable

File type(s)Emulator(s)BackupNote
Original fontsVariousOptional.
Required for rendering original system fonts.
Emulators have replacement fonts.

PlayStation 3

File type(s)Emulator(s)BackupNote
Official firmwareVarious✓ (Archive)Required for PlayStation 3 emulation.

PlayStation Vita

File type(s)Emulator(s)BackupNote
Official firmwareVarious✓ (Archive)Required for PlayStation Vita emulation.

PlayStation 4

File type(s)Emulator(s)BackupNote
Official firmwareVarious✓ (Archive)Required for PlayStation 4 emulation.


Master System

File type(s)Emulator(s)BackupNote
BIOS filesKega FusionOptional.

Genesis / Mega Drive / CD / 32X

File type(s)Emulator(s)BackupNote
Genesis / Mega Drive BIOS filesVariousOptional for Kega Fusion and other emulators.
CD BIOS filesRequired for Sega CD emulation.
32X BIOS filesRequired for 32X emulation.


File type(s)Emulator(s)BackupNote
BIOS filesMednafen
Required for Mednafen.
Optional for SSF.


File type(s)Emulator(s)BackupNote
BIOS filesnullDCRequired for Dreamcast emulation in nullDC.
MD5 Hashes
BIOS filesDEmulRequired for Dreamcast, Naomi and Hikaru emulation in DEmul.
MD5 Hashes
VMU BIOS filesVariousOptional for ElysianVMU.
Required for MAME.



Emulators For Pc Download

File type(s)Emulator(s)BackupNote
BIOS filesXQEMURequired for Xbox emulation.
Blank HDD imageRequired for Xbox emulation.
Pre-built 8G blank image.
BIOS filesMAMERequired for Xbox emulation.
MCP-X bootrom included in the package is a bad dump.

Other consoles


File type(s)Emulator(s)BackupNote
BIOS filesVariousRequired for 3DO emulation.

Atari 7800

File type(s)Emulator(s)BackupNote
BIOS file (NTSC)
BIOS file (PAL)

Atari Jaguar / Jaguar CD

File type(s)Emulator(s)BackupNote
BIOS filesVariousOptional for Atari Jaguar emulation.
Required for Atari Jaguar CD emulation (Incomplete).

NEC PC Engine CD (TurboGrafx-CD)

File type(s)Emulator(s)BackupNote
BIOS filesVariousRequired for PC Engine CD (TurboGrafx-CD) emulation.

Personal computers

Microsoft/ASCII MSX

File type(s)Emulator(s)BackupNote
BIOS files and machine configurationsblueMSXRequired for MSX games (except some cartridge games covered by the unofficial C-BIOS file).
System ROMs setopenMSXRequired for MSX emulation on certain machines and extensions like Panasonic FS-A1GT for example.
Copy all files to ~/.openMSX/share/systemroms (GNU/Linux and MacOS) or %USERPROFILE%My DocumentsopenMSXsharesystemroms (Windows 7 or later).

NEC PC-6000

File type(s)Emulator(s)BackupNote
System ROMsPC6001V
Required for PC-6001 series emulation.

NEC PC-8800

File type(s)Emulator(s)BackupNote
System ROMspc8801ma
Required for PC-8800 emulation.

NEC PC-9800

File type(s)Emulator(s)BackupNote
Fonts (Binary format)Neko Project IIOptional.
Needed for rendering text properly.
Fonts (BMP format)Anex86Optional for Anex86 and other emulators.
Needed for rendering text properly.

Fujitsu FM-7

File type(s)Emulator(s)BackupNote
System ROMsXM7Required for Fujitsu FM-7 emulation.
Some boot, sub-monitor and dictionary files are missing but enough in most cases.

Fujitsu FM Towns

File type(s)Emulator(s)Backup

Sharp X1

File type(s)Emulator(s)BackupNote
X1 and X1 Turbo BIOSVariousNot all files are required for all emulators.
X1 Turbo BIOSX millennium AdvanceUses a different naming scheme than other emulators.

Sharp X68000

File type(s)Emulator(s)BackupNote
System ROMsXM6 Pro-68k
XM6 TypeG
Required CGROM.DAT and IPLROM.DAT for X68000 Expert emulation.
Required SCSIINROM.DAT and SCSIEXROM.DAT for enabling X68000 Expert SCSI interface.
Required IPLROMXV.DAT, CGROM.DAT and SCSIINROM.DAT for X68000 XVI emulation.
Required IPLROMCO.DAT, CGROM.DAT and SCSIINROM.DAT for X68000 Compact emulation.
Required IPLROM30.DAT, CGROM30.DAT and ROM30.DAT for X68030 emulation.
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