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Clockspot makes time tracking easy for remote teams of all sizes.

  • Clock in from any approved device

    Clock in from any mobile device with a toll-free number or WiFi connection.

  • Track GPS and caller ID

    Know exactly where employees clock in from using GPS or caller ID.

  • Prevent buddy clocking

    Avoid buddy-clocking by using our voice authentication feature.

  • Manage timesheets online

    Review, edit, and approve timesheets online. See who's working in real-time.

  • Job costs and Paid Time Off

    Automatically calculate PTO accruals, job costs, overtime, and more.

  • Easy payroll reporting

    Generate and export detailed payroll reports in a matter of seconds.

Time Clock Software

Customerspower Clock Software

No more guessing whether employees are at the job site. See everything online and in real-time.

Punching in with Clockspot's mobile time tracking software takes 30 seconds or less. To ensure accuracy and security, you're shown:

Give us a call at (435) 753-4102 for information on pricing of upgrades and to update your software to the correct license size. How does the mobile app work? Our latest version of TimeClick, TimeClick 21 supports our new mobile app.

  • Caller ID
  • Device ID
  • GPS Coordinates
  • Voice recording (to avoid buddy-clocking)
  1. CKZ Time Clock Software Pricing. NOTE: All pricing is in USD and a 1 time fee that gives you access to all future updates for life for free.
  2. First, an employee clocks in using our toll-free number 877-342-0832 or online. Punching in with Clockspot's mobile time tracking software takes 30 seconds or less. To ensure accuracy and security, you're shown.

Customers Power Clock Software Free

Listen to a sample clock in:
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  • Add job codes to track time spent on specific tasks, projects and clients.
  • Configure your employee's paid time off (PTO) with quick and easy settings for automatic accrual.
  • Set hourly rates or employee costs for individuals or groups.

Once logged in, employees can view their own hours, payslips and overtime, giving them confidence that their time is being tracked correctly.

  • Sort by employee, date, project, location, client or task.
  • Review, approve or make changes to timesheets on the fly.
  • Communicate privately with employees using fast, built-in messaging.
  • Get edit requests directly from employees within the software.

Customers Power Clock Software Review

Customers power clock software downloadPower clock software
  • Spot previous changes easily as they're highlighted in yellow.
  • See who made the change, what the change was, and what the original numbers were.
  • Set individual roles and permissions to allow others to make changes or prevent those who shouldn't.
  • Set up pay schedules once and never need to again.
  • Track reimbursements, deductions and additional earnings as-needed.
  • Generate detailed payroll and drill-down reports in a matter of seconds.
  • Export reports to PDF or Excel with a couple of clicks.
  • See when employees are approaching overtime and adjust accordingly.
  • Get alerted when employees are nearing overtime.
  • Supports California overtime.
  • Generate earnings and payroll reports.

Customerspower Clock Software

We're constantly adding new features and improving our software, so we recommend you try our free 15-day trial! More features:

  • Manual time entry

  • Time off requests

  • Clock time rounding

  • Timesheet edit requests

  • Message employees in the app

  • Track deductions and reimbursements

  • Share payslips with employees

  • Allow employees to record a work report

  • Data backed up daily

  • Stay secure with SSL encryption

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