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  • Jan 08, 2021 Valve is also adding a series of changes to maps in CS:GO's Jan. 7 patch, updating and fixing Ancient, Cache, Engage, and guard. Here's the full list of changes. Here's the full list of changes.
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– Fixed names for several Operation Broken Fang patches to appear as different Steam Community Market commodities. – Fixed Sir Bloody Darryl’s death sound. – Fixed a regression with soft shadows under agents. – Fixed demo playback for the compatibility version of Mirage. It appears the CS:GO community is keen to see a big update hit the game, and soon, and has now decided to try and make this happen using a novel approach – by invoking the “caster curse”.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has just received a brand new update from Valve, this time bringing some much needed improvements to the matchmaking system, while tweaking the Tec-9 pistol or the Overpass map.

CS:GO has been around for over two years and developer Valve has drastically improved the game since its initial debut on the Steam digital distribution platform. With several key updates that brought forth weapon skins, in-game events like operations, and other major improvements, the popularity of the multiplayer shooter skyrocketed and currently shows no signs of stopping.

A new patch improves matchmaking in different ways

Cs Go Patch

Now, a fresh update has just been released by Valve, via Reddit, and one of the main aspects fixed by it is the matchmaking system, which helps players find new servers and matches online.

The backend loading function for the matchmaking mechanic has been optimized, while the actual process of connecting to game servers can be recovered if a patch rolls out during a match or right before starting the search process. What's more, when a game update is released, a special notification is going to appear for players who are still searching for a match.

Searching for all the official game modes will now display a single interface, as opposed to the old situation in which only players in the Competitive mode got to see how many other people were looking for a match.

Last but not least, official competitive matches will be aborted if any player abandons the game prior to the end of the warmup phase.

Cs Go Updates

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The Tec-9 pistol and Overpass map have also been tweaked

Besides drastically improving the matchmaking system, the new CS:GO update also brings new enhancements to the Tec-9 pistol, which now boasts further improved accuracy and additionally reduced recoil.

The Overpass map has seen some more tweaks, such as the addition of a boiler to the room next to the pit in bombsite A, new collision detection on top of the pillars in the Park area, and a fix for a bug that allowed a bomb in the A site to be defused from the B bombsite balcony.

More changes have also been added to the general user interface, which now boasts a fresh main menu bar, but also to help navigating for skins and stickers made by the talented members of the CS:GO community.

Cs Go Update Patch Downloadwhonew Notes

The new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive patch is already available for download via the Steam service and clocks in at around 48MB in size.

Patch Notes

2020.02.24 -

Today’s update includes a revamped buy menu, a simple way to customize (and share) your crosshair, and an all new way to personalize your favorite agents!


Introducing Patches

Looking for a way to personalize your agent? Patches featuring a variety of classic designs can now be applied to specific locations on each character model, and you can apply more than one for each agent. You can find patches in the CS:GO Patch Pack, available now.

Cs go patch download

Choose Your Own Crosshair

Customizing your crosshair has never been easier. Head over to the settings menu, where you’ll find a variety of crosshair settings that can be tuned to your personal taste. You can share your crosshair code with others or import a code to try someone else’s.

Full Buy

Cs go

Today’s update also includes a visual rework of the buy menu, featuring an interactive preview of your character holding weapons and equipment. Along with some slight rearranging, now you can preview the equipment you can afford with illuminated icons in the buy wheel.

Cs Go Update Patch Downloadwhonew

New operation missions – Light Buy

Maximize your earnings. Do more with less. Play new Shattered Web Operation missions beginning Tuesday at 2:00 pm PT.