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Mar 19, 2012 02:10 AMnecro_mancerLINK

Crystal Report Service Packfasrresume

Crystal Reports functions a bit differently with over fifteen-year experience in reporting that led to separating database from report processing. During these years efficient partnerships have been worked out, thereupon currently cooperating with Flash or other formats is rather trouble-free. I'm trying to exclude any value from a certain field (table.value) that does not match this format AA#####A. Example if they entered APT12345T, or PT12345PT and No Value then I want to exclude it from the report.

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Hi yogesh,
The problem you experience is caused by the fact that the Crystal Report version you used is not supported by the server OR the crystal report assemblies installed does not match the version you used. To solve this issue:
1. Please make sure you installed the same Crystal Report version on your server. You may need to uninstall any crystal report version installed on the server before
2. Please make sure you set the correct assemblies on your web.config
3. Please make sure your site is set to work under LOCAL SERVICE permission
4. Please make sure aspnet_client and crystalreportviewer folders are copy to your working folder.
If you still have problems publishing your crystal report 13 site, you can check with as this host has supported this crystal report version. It should not be something hard to solve and based on my experience, if you follow all the steps above, you can solve the problem almost instantly.
Please mark this response as an 'answer' if it helps you. Thanks heaps!