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HillsChristmasCharismas Photo Albumhidden Hills Stable

Christmas With festive pizzas loaded with all the Christmas trimmings (veggies, vegans and gluten free folk we got you!), mulled cider that will have you all fired up and beats to get you (seat) dancing, you’re sure to be filled with Christmas cheer when you book your festive get together at The Stable this year. 561 Free photos of Stable. Early Morning Equestrian. Sheep Head Lamb Nose. Horse Stable Farm. Horse Nostrils Close Up. Horse Horse Stable. Horse'S Back Ride Horse. Sheep Animal Mammal. Horse Horse Stable. Stable Barn Horse Barn. Horses Friendship. Married to a Larry Bennett, a thirty-eight-year-old human resource manager for another hospital, since she was nineteen. He has no clue about her homosexuality. They live in a middle class house in Agoura Hills, about forty minutes’ drive from National Boulevard on a good day. They have a young child. First year of kindergarten.

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Christmas Photo Album 4x6

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Charismas Photo Albumhidden Hills Stable

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  1. A Sliver of Ice, a Beam of Hope by gideonbd

    Fandoms:Starsky & Hutch

    20 Oct 2011


    It has been almost six months since Starsky’s reinstatement as a BCPD homicide detective, and Hutch is no longer sure how long he can endure this extra-tetchy, morose, antagonistic version of his partner who seems to find a perverse delight in pissing him off for no reason whatsoever. Like Starsky can’t stand his physical presence. Like Starsky wants to drive him away and preserve a respectable distance between them after months of him hanging around Starsky throughout Starsky’s arduous recuperation. Like Starsky is fighting him, fighting him when there isn’t a conflict to begin with, or fighting something that has to do with him.

    It makes no fucking sense to Hutch at all. None of it.

    And Starsky thinks he’s the weird one?