Celebrates Its Fifth Anniversary!

SARASOTA, Fla. – Since its founding, local music school Music Compound has encouraged members of all ages to learn music, make friends and rock out loud. As its five-year anniversary approaches, Music Compound will take its own advice and “rock out loud” with a celebration in early February.

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On Friday, February 5, 6-9 p.m. at the Sarasota Fairgrounds Robarts Arena (3000 Ringling Blvd., Sarasota), Music Compound presents its 5th Year Celebration, featuring music by The Good Time Groove Band – a jazz group led by a Music Compound instructor – DJ Joey D, and some student groups. The event will also include red carpet entry, a meet & greet, a 2,000-square-foot interactive maze that showcases the history of Music Compound, testimonials by longtime staff, dancing, and food and beverages (including cash bar).

“My goal in founding this business in 2016 was to be more than a place where people took music lessons – I wanted to create a music community,” said founder and owner Jenny Townsend. “Over time, we have built a place where member families and staff feel like a part of our family, where instructors adhere to certain standards but have the creative freedom to express their own passion, where aspiring artists of all skill levels can gain confidence that will carry them throughout their lives, even if they don’t pursue music professionally. I feel so fortunate to be able to love coming to work each and every day.”


Since its beginnings, Music Compound has experienced steady growth; there are 375 members currently on the rolls. In 2018, Townsend opened a second location in downtown Sarasota, adjacent to The Bazaar on Apricot & Lime. An additional expansion was planned for 2020 in Lakewood Ranch but the coronavirus pandemic derailed those plans – for now.

The organizer of a virtual celebration to mark the fifth anniversary of Canada’s welcoming Syrian refugees says Canadians’ support for the newcomers has been a beautiful example for the rest of the world. In an interview with The Canadian Press, the executive director of the Syrian Canadian. Heartfelt role-playing game Undertale celebrated its fifth anniversary on Sept. 15, and to mark the occasion, merch website Fangamer and Japanese localizers 8-4 held a sweeping, epic concert. – Since its founding, local music school Music Compound has encouraged members of all ages to learn music, make friends and rock out loud. As its five-year anniversary approaches, Music Compound will take its own advice and “rock out loud” with a celebration in early February.

Townsend has also been recognized for her business savvy, dedication to music education, and commitment to the wider community. She was named a “40 Under 40” winner by the Business Observer in 2015 and recognized as the “Young Professional of the Year” by the Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce in 2019.


Community partners, friends and family members, and the general public are encouraged and welcome to attend the celebration. For ages 4 and up – kids’ activities will be available.

The event will follow CDC guidelines and attendance numbers will be limited. All attendees must sign a COVID-19 waiver; those who have traveled within the previous month, been sick recently, or who are actively experiencing flu-like symptoms are asked not to attend.

Attire is cocktail and guests are encouraged to wear red, black and white – Music Compound’s signature colors. Cost for entry is free for active Music Compound members, $15/public; reduced-price tickets available for past members and staff. RSVP at musiccompound.com/five. For more information about Music Compound, go to musiccompound.com or call (941) 379-9100.

About Music Compound
The Music Compound provides an environment to inspire, collaborate and educate children and adults in pursuit of their love of music. The goal is to transform dreams into reality by providing a contemporary and influential environment for musicians of all ages. For more information, visit musiccompound.com.

As SpaceX closes out a halcyon year, today marks the fifth anniversary of the first Falcon booster landing and the company is celebrating with record-breaking streak of success.

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SpaceX completed its last launch and landing on December 19th, delivering a mysterious US spy satellite to low Earth orbit (LEO) while Falcon 9 booster B1059 returned to Landing Zone 1 (LZ-1) for its fifth successful recovery in 12 months. Known as NROL-108, the mission was SpaceX’s 26th of the year, crushing its previous record of 21 launches by almost 25%.

Aside making Falcon 9 the world’s most-launched rocket of 2020 and demonstrating over a full quarter that an annual cadence of 40+ launches is well within SpaceX’s reach, NROL-108 also marked an impressive booster landing milestone almost five years to the day after the first success.

As of NROL-108, SpaceX has now consecutively landed 20 Falcon boosters without failure, breaking a previous record of 19. Incredibly, the company has set that record in 2020 despite the fact that the last Falcon booster landing failure occurred in March of this year. In other words, SpaceX has successfully landed 20 boosters in a row in the eight months since.

After a flawless year of landings in 2017, SpaceX has suffered one or a few failed booster landings every year since – including two in 2020. As SpaceX continues to demonstrate that Falcon boosters really are capable of meeting their design goal of no less than 10 launches each, failed landings (and thus the loss of boosters) are an increasingly undesirable outcome. With any luck, 20 back-to-back landings suggest that SpaceX has found its stride and hopefully quashed most of the technical and organizational issues that allowed for multiple failed recoveries in recent years.

Celebrates Its Fifth Anniversary Traditional

As of NROL-108, SpaceX Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy boosters have completed 70 successful landings (of 80 attempts) in the last five years. In other words, of the Falcon family’s 105 successful launches, almost two-thirds (67) have included one or more successful booster landings.

Celebrates Its Fifth Anniversary Gifts

Ultimately, SpaceX is just getting started and CEO Elon Musk recently revealed a target of 48 launches in 2021 – nearly double its already record-breaking pace in 2020. With expendable Falcon launches an increasingly endangered species, it’s safe to say there will be a lot more booster landings next year.