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Today people have great awareness and knowledge about the different car brands on the market. They identify with the car they drive and the brand's personality. A car showroom must first and foremost be able to illuminate a car properly but it should also be a reflection of the brand. The feeling of the showroom, the structure, interior and lighting should reflect the statement of the brand. Read more about how to illuminate different areas in the car showroom by clicking on the tabs below.

Private car service or ride-sharing vehicle when passengers are present. When no passengers are present, face coverings are strongly recommended. Complete details, including all requirements and exemptions to these rules, can be found in the guidance. Face coverings are strongly encouraged in other. Find 4996 cars dealers in India. Get updated Contact No. Address Reviews Photos Map for all car showrooms across India at

A car showroom with workshop designed in 33000 sq.ft. Area on Ground and mezzanine Floor. Here Ground Floor accommodates front open area for parking and new cars unloading, Big showroom with car display, Car Service Area, Service Workshop, Ramp going towards terrace for new cars storage. Similarly mezzanine floor accommodates office area.

The entrance should be pleasant and welcoming. From the outside the store needs to look natural and exciting. As an example use bollards for walkways and recessed or integrated light to shape the structure of the building.

Car showroom management pdf

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Car showroom management pdf

As you enter the showroom try to avoid glare as much as you can. If needed use accessories that help to cut of the direct sight of the light source. Honeycomb louver or cap cones are two great accessories to achieve a pleasant non-glaring light, consider also using barn doors for this effect.

To get a good understanding of the set up, use different light in the different areas of the shop.


The height of the installation in these shops can be a challenge. Use luminaires between 1100 and 3000 lumen up to 3500 mm. Above this height use luminaire with a higher light output.

The sales area can be divided into areas with different purposes, depending of the brand offer; the primary displayed area, where the latest cars and campaigns are displayed and the secondary displayed area, the area where more cars are displayed such as older cars or second hand cars.

In the primary displayed area use more spotlights together with general light to create an interesting and dynamic environment. In the secondary displayed area there is not the same need for exclusive luminaires but just as important to use luminaires that give sufficient light.

Due to the nature of car sales the cash desk tend to look a bit different than normal shops.

Car Showroom Pdf

To create a pleasant place where you sign the contract and buy your car, you can imitate the light as if it where in a home or another comfortable environment. Try combining many different types of light experiences. From a high performing downlight to a nice looking pendant. Elaborate with light intensity and notice that a lower general light level with strong contrasts can create a more enjoyable experience.