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  2. And the last game of Boxhead game series. Zombie wars are starting the biggest and the last battle! Now, there are countless zombies against you and you are alone in this battle. But you have wonderful weapons and trap tools. You must repulse all Zombie attacks with these weapons.

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The famous Boxhead game is not new. This entertainment appeared several years ago and quickly gained popularity online. The series combines best features of dynamic action, colorful shooter and intriguing quest. The flash game is keeping a player tensed and involved. This gaming software is more than just an online entertainment it's a real alternative world that attracts generations of players.

While there are a lot of creepy images, blood and shooting, Boxhead is not propaganda of blind violence. The game character is always a kind hero that saves family, friends, city or the whole world. This game is sending a message that fighting has right to exist only when there is a great reason standing behind it. Boxhead is often played by adults but many parents and experts think that the game is acceptable for children of middle school age and older.


This is a good entertainment to relax and to forget your stressful day. It's also acceptable as a way that helps to throw one’s tantrum and controls level of psychological tense if you are looking for a quick way to drive your attention to something dynamic and entertaining.


BoxheadPancakeBoxhead 2 player roomsjosh

Boxhead is one of those entertainments that get popularity quickly. Since the first version was released over a million players has become loyal fans of the game. Such a great interest inspired developers for creating more fascinating sequels and alternative versions of a game.

Currently there are more than 20 games that reflect this concept. Among them there are official sequels and games that were inspired by first releases. Players can find series of games that are combined with quests, sport competitions, racing, etc. All rooms of Boxhead games offer different challenges and gaming modes.



While original releases and similar games differ greatly in design and even sub-genres, there are features that are common for all Boxhead games:

  • Dynamic gaming. Main mission is to keep you interested and excited during the whole game. A player won't have a minute to be bored. The game is getting faster and more involving minute after a minute.
  • Numerous options. Developers try to individualize the game. The matter is not only diversity of offered games, but also an opportunity to adjust each game according to personal preferences. Most games allow players to choose new rooms, maps, characters levels of difficulty and specific mission. You can play the way you like and change the whole gaming process another minute.
  • Free Playing. Games are free and easily accessible. They are created for wide auditory and don't require any payment.


Boxhead 2play Rooms

Here we've collected Boxhead 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and great number of similar online entertainments. Our team has dedicated a lot of time and efforts to download all releases, including oldest and newest versions. We've also presented here some best-quality and creative answers to original versions developed by numerous soft producers.

Our site is a place that groups most devoted players and fans. Here all games are available for free and without any registration. Check what we've prepared for you and find your favorite game among our offers!

This third game in the series of Boxhead games offers more fun to the player with more rooms just like the name suggest. The game gives you eight rooms to choose from and fight zombies without being killed. The more zombies you kill the more upgrades and weapons you get. The red devils are the biggest threat because they shoot right back at you. Use the up, down and right/left arrow keys to move forward, behind and sideways respectively. This movement will help you gain better sight of the zombies and be in a good position to fire and finish off as many as possible. Use the space key to shoot and kill as many zombies as possible while at the same time swaying to avoid being shot by the red devils. The numeral keys, 1 to 0 are the ones for changing the weapons as you the player deems suitable. ”P” is for pausing the game. Play your favourite flash games all versions for free.

Boxhead 2 Player Game

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