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WIll make a merged Patch notes at some point Fully customizable to your liking via Filter Tool Patch notes of V1.0 Patch notes of V2.0 (contains whatever patch v1.0 contains plus 2.0) Patch notes for V2.1. Full change log here Usefull links/tools for installing the patch Borderlands Mod Managerl by LightChaosMan and his team Link. 1 day ago Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is an action-packed shooter providing players with many XP farming opportunities to elevate their character's level and skill.This roleplaying first-person shooter is the third installment in 2k Australia's influential Borderlands series, which has also spawned a series of graphic novels.

Borderlands The Pre Sequel Free Download Setup for Windows. it is the first person shooter game where player has to complete several mission

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel PC Game Overview

Borderlands The Pre Sequel Free Download PC Game is developed by 2K Australia and presented by 2K Games. This game is similar to the previous series game Borderlands 2. In this game player has to complete several missions by choosing different weapons of his own choice. Each weapon has its own characteristics. Player can also choose different characters from a number of multiple characters, as each selected character has its own tactics and abilities i.e. one of the character has the ability to get himself make invisible from the enemies so no one would be able to see him. As the time passes and the player kill a number of enemies given, some skills are added to that specific character. Most of the weapons, items are same as the previous game. But in this series a number of new tactics, skill characters and weapons have been added. For example one of the new skill that is been added in this series of game is that a player can freeze his enemy. Another feature added is that player can jump high and can deal with the high damage. There is also a farming area given in the game where player can try his luck and can find different hidden items from there. You may also like similar game called Bulletstorm.

The overall graphics and visual effects of Borderlands The Pre Sequel PC game 2014 are amazing. People who love to play shooting games and especially RPG games usually like this game. Sound effects are also very nice in this game, facial features of the player gives a very realistic effect in the game which enhances player will to play the game. If you like this game, then you will for sure like similar game Star Wars The Force Unleashed II

Features of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel PC Game

Following are the main features of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Free Download that you will be able to experience after the first install on your Operating System.

  • Amazing graphics and visual effects
  • Different maps used.
  • Latest weapons introduced in this game
  • New characters added
  • Latest skills and tactics added for the player
System Requirements of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel PC Game

Before you start Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Free Download make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP SP3/ Windows Vista ( 32 Bit )/ Windows 7 ( 64 Bit )/ Windows 8 and 8.1
  • CPU: Dual Core 2.4GHz
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Hard disk Space: 13 GB

Borderlands The Pre Sequel Free Download

Click on below button to start Borderlands The Pre Sequel Free Download. It is a full and complete game. Just download and start playing it. We have provided direct link full setup of the game.

Some time ago, I became aware of theBorderlands 2 Unofficial Community Patch (UCP)and theBorderlands The Pre-Sequel Unofficial Community Patch (UCP),some fan-produced mods/patches to Borderlands 2 and TPS, and the ratherlively modding community which produced them. Check out theBLCM Project on github, orits more easily-browsable wikifor a rather overwhelming amount of mods to sort through.

At the time, getting mods set up on Linux (and Mac)was a little more involved than on the Windows side, since the automated toolsto enable mods in BL2/TPS which worked on Windows didn't work on Linux systems,and the alternatives required some manual effort (and data collation, which iswhy I'd originally put this page up).

BLCMM: Enable, Manage, and Create Mods

As of July 10, though, theBorderlandsCommunity Mod Manager (BLCMM) was released, which features new methods ofenabling mods on Linux and Mac, and works a treat! So, that is now the recommendedway of enabling mods on Linux and Mac. There's still some 'gotchas' whenusing BL2/TPS mods on Linux, but since the original creation of this page,the modding project's wikihas been updated quite a bit, including a page onLinux andMac Setup Gotchas, which details most of what this page used to.

So, honestly, at the moment those are your best resources! Install BLCMM toget mods running (and manage your mods), and take a look at that 'Gotchas'page to make sure you're aware of some of the other things. (Disclaimer:I've been helping out with BLCMM development for awhile now, so obviouslyI'm biased. It's pretty great, though.)

Issues to Keep In Mind

These are mostly all mentioned in theLinux andMac Setup Gotchas page of the BLCMods project, but I'm keeping themhere as well for reference, since they're already written and why not?

Case-Sensitive Filenames

When you try to execute patches in Borderlands 2/TPS on Linux, the filenamethat it tries to execute will automatically be converted to all-lowercasebefore it looks for the file. So if you have a file named Patch.txt(with an uppercase 'P') and try to exec Patch.txt (also with anuppercase 'P') , you'll get a confusing error message saying that itcouldn't execute Patch.txt, even though the file clearly exists.

Borderlands The Pre Sequel Community Patch

So, make sure that your file is all-lowercase. If you want to keep theoriginal case of the distributed UCP files, you can always set up symlinkslike so:


Execute Mods From the 'Press Any Key' Screen

Windows users are able to execute mods right from the main menu (where yourcharacter is seen shifting weight occasionally), but that doesn't work onLinux or Mac. Instead, we've got to execute the patch from the 'Press any key'screen, though you've got to first hop into the main menu to ensure that allthe DLC is loaded. So, to run patches, this is the sequence:

  1. Start the game, click any key to get to the main menu
  2. At the main menu, hit escape and say Yes to get backto the loading screen.
  3. Bring down the console, run: exec patch.txt(Or whateverfilename you used)

Note that Linux/Mac doesn't have a handy autoexec method like Windowshas. That's one area where we're still lagging behind.

Disable 'Sanity Checks'

When Borderlands loads a savegame, it runs all the weapons and items inthe savegame through a 'sanity check' to make sure that the items arevalid. If an item/weapon is discovered which fails the check, it issilently removed from your inventory. If you don't notice at the timeand the game saves over your game, you'll have lost that item. (HittingAlt-F4 to force-quit the game would prevent overwriting yoursave, if you notice in time.)

Some Borderlands mods will create items which would otherwise run afoulof this sanity check. So long as you remember to execute the patch/modbefore continuing the game from the main menu, the sanity check won'ttouch your modded weapons, but it's easy to occasionally forget to execute the mod before actually loading the game, which could lead to lostitems. So, the solution is to disable these checks!

c0dycode has aBorderlandsMac and Linux Stuff page with information on hex-editing to disable thischeck, along with a little Python script to automate it for you. (c0dycodealso created a HexMultitool project for Windows which does this and other tweaks, but thatonly works on Windows binaries.) For reference here, these are the valuesyou'd need to tweak if you wanted to hex edit yourself:

Change FromChange To
Borderlands 2 (item check):E8 A9 24 17 0090 90 90 90 90
Borderlands 2 (weapon check):E8 F7 23 17 0090 90 90 90 90
The Pre-Sequel (item check):E8 CF 94 17 0090 90 90 90 90
The Pre-Sequel (weapon check):E8 0D 94 17 0090 90 90 90 90

Mod Directory Sorting Issues

NOTE: OSX's historical filesystem,HFS+, does not havethis problem but starting with10.13/High Sierra,APFS is starting to be used, and that does appear to have the same problem that Linux users have. If anybody has experience setting up alternate mountpoints in macOS, let us know (or edit this page) to let us know how to address it on those platforms.

This is a rather strange situation which occurs because of some cross-platform differences between Windows and Linux, and because of some behaviors of the Borderlands engine.

Basically, when looking for DLC on your hard drive, Borderlands looks inside the steamassets/dlc directory and loads the mods in the order they're given by the kernel. On Windows, the filesystem driver will return the directories in alphabetical order by default. On Linux, the order of the directories is effectively random. (When looking at a directory listing via ls on Linux, the ls command does the sorting for you. If you want to see the 'native' order in which the directory entries are given, you can run 'ls -U' or 'ls --sort=none'.)

As the engine loads these DLC, some of the property names get dynamically-assigned number suffixes, and the numbers depend on what order the DLC is loaded. Mods which try to edit these values need to hardcode a number to use -- any mod written/tested on Windows is going to be using the numbers you get by sorting the directories alphabetically. For instance, the internal part list collection for one class mod from the Dragon Keep DLC has this property name:

However, on my main Linux desktop system, the property was showing up as:

And on my laptop it was a different number entirely. This doesn't have asuper wide impact, since there aren't that many mods which actually touchthese variables, but UCP does contain a few statements which do, and you'llrisk not getting the full effect of some mods.

Borderlands The Pre Sequel Community Patch Downloadwhonew

So, how do I fix this?

Unfortunately, the only real fix for this is to mount your Borderlands DLCdirectory under a separate filesystem which supports sorting directoriesalphabetically. No native Linux filesystem does this. It's possible todisable some features on an ext4 filesystem, so that directory entries willbe given in the order in which they were created. So theoretically youcould create an ext4 partition, use the following tune2fs commandon it:

... and then carefully copy the DLC directories into that filesystem, oneat a time, in alphabetical order. That method seems quite fragile to me,though, and I wouldn't recommend that even though you'd still be using anative Linux FS.

Borderlands 2 Community Patch Download

What I've done on my own system is to just resign myself to using NTFS. The Borderlands 2 DLC dir contains a little over 6GB of data, so I created a new 10GB LVM LV, used 'mkfs.ntfs /dev/vg/bl2dlc' (obviously substitute the proper device name there), copied over all the DLC data into that new filesystem, and then added the following to my /etc/fstab -

Note the special string '040' in the pathname, required because there's a space in the directory name. Adjust the device name, path, UID/GID/unmask, etc, to suit your circumstances. Make sure that the dir is mounted properly and that the DLC data is in there, and you should be good to go. You can use 'ls -U' in the DLC directory to verify thatthey're showing up in alphabetical order now.

Borderlands The Pre Sequel Pc Mods

So... yeah. That is quite weird, and I suspect not a lot of folks are going to be willing to do something like that to their system, just to support some game mods. Still, if you're looking for 100% mod compatibility inside Linux, this is a step you'll have to deal with.

Legacy Information

If you'd still like to take a look at all the older info about replacingengine.upk files (no longer necessary), and other fiddly bitslike that, take a look at the legacy page.


So, that's it! Aside from the directory ordering thing, things arepretty straightforward now that BLCMM's been released. If there'sanything in here which is wrong, incomplete, needs streamlining, or just if there's something else which would be useful to have on this page, feel free to contact me!


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