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I realized that I actually have made quite a number of pages with printable cards, but also that it can be hard to find these pages.

Send your happy birthday wishes and let your loved ones know how much they are thought of.Send happy birthday cards, Birthday greetings, Happy Birthday,Happy Birthday Glitter Comments and Graphics,facebook Scrap and Pictures,eCards Greetings for animated, birthday gifs,birthday wishses. 69 Free Birthday Clipart images. Use these free Free Birthday Clipart for your personal projects or designs. Last Added Clipart. Thanksgiving Png Clipart. Fall Tree Clipart. Stack of Books Clipart 18. Hot Chocolate Clip Art. Party Hat Clipart. Home » Greeting » Free Birthday Clipart. Happy birthday card Clipart Free download! View 1,000 Happy birthday card illustration, images and graphics from +50,000 possibilities. This site uses cookies. By continuing to browse you are agreeing to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies.

So this page is meant to be the main page for all these and up-coming pages with Halloween cards, Easter cards, Valentine cards and so on.

Most of the cards can be printed with 200 dpi to the size approx. 13 cm x 9, but depending on when I made them, and also the quality there might be some differences.

I guess you will have to take a look at the cards you like, and then decide how to print them.

Like all other material on this site the cards are my own material, and you can read more on Homepage about the rules for using my material.

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You can print the card, but you can also choose to send it via the internet. There are a lot of sites that offer that you can make your own card and send it for free, and this will be a great way to use some of my cards.
Below, after the overview of the card pages, you will find a kind of manual of how to make your own printable cards on the internet.

Overview of the pages with Printable Cards:

New Year cards, funny facts about New Year, New Year greetings and quotes, and the New Year greeting in different languages.

A small number of printable Valentine cards, with more on the way before next Valentines.

This is the first page I made with Valentine cards.

Lots of funny and cute cards for children to send and receive.

Many of them with Valentine bear drawings and red love hearts.

This Valentine card page gives you 10 modern printable Valentine cards.

I really enjoyed making these cards, and I hope you will like them too.

A page where you can read about the traditions of Valentine cards af gifts, about how Valentine day is celebrated in different countries.

You will also find 6 original Valentine cards.

These 10 cards are all totally genuine and original, made in 2015. If you find them anywhere else, that will be somebody who got them from my website.

There are a couple of very funny cards with a morning egg, some more crazy ones with motives from a bowling alley, and a couple with a sheep and a chicken.

On this page you will find 5 very different, and totally original cards for Mother's Day

I am planning on making more, but making cards takes quite a long time - so in time there will be more.

10 printable cards for Father's day with motives with father and daughter, father and son, a dancing penguin, a dancing very old father.

They are all free and ready for printing.

A page where you can find templates for making your own original birthday invitationsshaped as cats, trains, helicopters and many animals.

You will also find printable birthday invitations.

Here you will find birthday humor, 40th birthday jokes, 50th birthday jokes and even 65th birthday jokes. That should almost cover the most funny birthday jokes.

Some cute birthday sayings and some funny birthday sayings.

This is a page with funny birthday quotes and happy birthday quotes, and together with the other pages about birthday on this site, I think you should be able to find almost anything you need for making a great birthday card.

Original birthday cards for all ages, starting with cards for middle aged.

Also a card if you have forgotten someones birthday. It should never happen - but it does. This card will make the birthday child forgive you (I hope).

Spooky, creepy and funny and cute greeting cards for Halloween.

With spiders, witches, and lots of pumpkins. Just the kind of card you would like to receive from a friend.

Adorable and funny old vintage postcards, restored and ready to use, for printing or just sending as an email or SMS.

I have chosen the best of the old cards I have found, and they will look really good on print.

Really funny greeting cards for kids and grown ups, with turkeys as sheriffs and detectives.

Also some cards with funny vegetables wishing you a happy Thanksgiving Holiday.
All the cards are genuine and loveable.

Here you will find 6-10 different Christmas greeting cards to use for your own personal purpose, not commercially. But you can use them for free.

How to Make Your Own Cards

Making your own printable cards can be a good way to give someone a personalized greeting card, but without having to spend a single red cent! Buying greeting cards at your local Wal-Mart or supermarket can be kind of pricey, and you'll end up paying far more than you should for a simple card. If you want to save and still get your friends, family members, or loved ones a card that they will love, it's a good idea to look into printable cards instead.

Printable Cards Using MS Publisher

The beauty of printable cards is that you can easily make your own, using nothing more than Microsoft Publisher - a program that comes with the Microsoft Office suite. It's a quick and easy process, and you don't need to be a computer guru to do it. Follow the steps below, and you'll have a cute card that you can print out and give to whoever you want!

Step 1:
Open Microsoft Publisher. You'll need to look for the 'Start' menu at the bottom left hand corner of the screen, navigate to 'All Programs', and scroll down the list to find Microsoft Office. Once you open the Microsoft Office menu, you should see Microsoft Publisher near the bottom. Open it up and get ready to make those printable cards!
Step 2: When you open MS Publisher, you'll be given a variety of options of publication types. Look for Greeting Cards, and click on that to see the selection. Click on one of the templates that you want to work with, and double click to open it in a new window.

Birthday Scrapped 's Free Printables Digi And Clip Art Images

Step 3: Find any pictures you want to add into the card, or locate the clipart you want to use. You can download a lot of awesome clipart from the many pages on this site. Once you've found the clipart of your choice, simply drag and drop it into the window where you want it to be. Remember, the average greeting card template has 4 pages - meaning the card is designed to be folded into quarters.
Step 4: Once your pictures are where you want them, look at the top center of the screen to find the 'Draw Text Box' option. Draw a text on the page, and type any text you want into the card. You can use the 'Text Options' tool bar to help you change the font, the size of the text, and even the color. It's pretty easy to work with text thanks to MS Publisher.
PrintablesStep 5: After adding text and images, your card is ready to print. Click 'Save As…', and scroll down the list of options in the 'Save as Type:' menu. You should look for PDF, as that will be easiest to print. Once it's saved as a PDF, simply copy the file onto a USB flash drive, and take it to your printer to get it printed out.

If you don't want to make your own printable cards using the MS Publisher template, why not look through all the pages you find above with printable cards and see which one works best for you? You'll find that there are a so many beautifully designed greeting cards on this site - Christmas cards, Birthday cards and a lot more, all of which can be printed out.
You can even open the files in Microsoft Publisher if you want to add a bit more text or some more images, and you'll find that it will make it easy for you to whip up your own printable cards in a matter of minutes. It will definitely make sending that customized, personalized greeting card a whole lot easier!
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It’s really important for a designer to search for a quality clipart. Filling the base with images, backgrounds and textures. Every designer should follow the up-to-date fashion and make something new and original.

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