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Question: Programming The Beckman Coulter Biomek Fx Robot

Note: If using a Biomek FX software version before 2.1, use Advanced Manual Control to move the D axis to -0.6 cm with an absolute move and extend the grippers. Refer to the appropriate Biomek FX User’s Manual for information on Advanced Manual Control. Turn off the instrument and make sure the plastic bottom cover is removed (Figure 3). The Beckman Coulter Biomek FX Automated Liquid Handler is a complete system built to handle just about any automation need your lab may have. This robust, large scale liquid handling station is ideal for hit picking and sample reformatting, with greater positional accuracy and handles every aspect of liquid handling from pipetteting, to dilution, dispensing and integration in one single system.

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Our lab has a Biomek FX 'Laboratory Automation Workstation' and I'm going to need to program it.

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What we need done is basically moving/combining samples from arbitrary wells in several 96-well plates to arbitrary wells in a 24-well plate, for several plates. (The point of all this is combinatorial pooling with error-correcting binary codes for deepseq samples, not that it matters). I already have a python script that defines all the steps that need to happen (i.e. which source plate well needs to go into which destination plate wells), I just need to figure out the correct format for a Biomek file with the same information. I know the Biomek has an option of loading a file that will tell it what to do, but the manual is pretty long-winded and confusing to read from the point of view of someone who doesn't need to know how to use machine, just to make the file.

Has anyone here done this? Is there an example file you could give me?

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I can't see the qualitative difference between this question and a question about converting Illumina NGS file formats between different encodings or writing code to pull down a particular chunk of the UCSC database. A lot of questions posted on this site and considered within bounds are not research topics; they're extremely specific requests for help with a practical engineering problem that arose from a bioinformatics analysis. I still think there's a long way between those tasks and installing printer drivers. (And my thanks to those whose main job is installing printer drivers).

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This falls outside of what I consider to be a bioinformatics research problem. Closing for that reason.

Biomek Fx User Manual
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@neilfws: Oops, sorry. I figured biology + programming = bioinformatics.

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I think this one is similar to a question posted by Pierre. This question also got 2 votes in approx 8 hours, that indicates there is some level of interest. It will be nice if we could reopen this.

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If someone else wants to reopen, go ahead. Personally, I think that when we define bioinformatics as 'anything with a plug' (as one of my colleagues says), it devalues the subject and strengthens the perception that what we provide is little more than IT support.

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As this is a very specific commercial platform, I doubt you will get a useful answer here. You'll have more luck with (a) reading the manual properly or (b) sending a support request to your supplier.

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Perhaps adding a definition of what is considered bioinformatics to the FAQ would be useful to prevent this kind of confusion, then. Still, I think a question about programming, not just using or fixing, a complicated biology-specific machine is pretty far from 'anything with a plug'. And yes, I'm aware my chances of getting an answer aren't high, but I thought it was worth asking. If I don't get anything, I'll post the information myself once I figure it out, and maybe someone else will find it useful someday.

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We have several Fx stations at our site... but why on earth do you directly want to python program it? The accompanied Beckmann programming FX software has so far fullfilled all our needs. Maybe my ignorance...

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We're doing 'combinatorial pooling' - basically we need to program it to combine samples into larger pools in a complicated and non-regular way. Luckily it can take simple plaintext input that defines all the operation, so I can generate that file in python, I just needed to figure out the format (unsurprisingly it didn't turn out very complicated).

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Brand:Beckman Coulter
Product Code: 18390
Availability: SOLD

Beckman Biomek FXp Liquid Handler w/ Span8, 96-Multi, Gripper Unit2 - AV SOLDOUT Priced $0.00 (18390)

Here is a Beckman Biomek FXp Liquid Handler w/ Span8, 96-Multi, Gripper Unit2
Setup with Span-8 Arm and 96-Multichannel Arm with Gripper
New costs around $150K
Predecessor to:
Current model.
This Beckman Biomek FXp Liquid Handler is in good working order.
Please see the exact video and photos below.
Testing we performed:
The Beckman Biomek FXp Liquid Handler passed all tests and was found to be fully functional:
Tested initialization: PASSED
Tested 96-Multichannel arm liquid transfer: PASSED
Tested Span8 arm: PASSED
Tested plate gripper labware transfer: PASSED
Tested tip wash and disposal: PASSED
This Beckman Biomek FXp Liquid Handler has been run through methods designed to utilize and verify proper function of all features and to exercise all moving parts.
After verifying all systems are go, we thoroughly clean and lubricate the system to prep for the demonstration video shown in the listing.
Due to this work you can buy confidently knowing this Beckman Biomek FXp Liquid Handler is ready to go.
System consists of:
Beckman Coulter Biomek FXp Laboratory Automation Workstation
Span-8 Arm
96-Multichannel Arm with Gripper
Tip Loader Block
AccuFrame Tool
Span-8 Teach Tool
Multichannel Teach Tool
Tip Trash
Span-8 Wash
3x4 deck position
1x3 deck position
(5) 1x1 deck positions
Desktop PC with Biomek software ver3.3
Communication and power cables.
Configuration and Setup:
Robotic Arm(s): Span-8, 96-Multichannel w/ Gripper
Channels: 8 and 96
Volume: 1 to 250ul for all channels on Span-8 and max of 200ul on 96-channel arm
Disposable Tips: 20, 50, 200ul can be used
Application: liquid handling and sample preparation
Video Description:
The video starts with a front view of the Beckman Biomek FXp Liquid Handler. The multiprobe head fills a microplate with liquid.
The Span-8 fills one column of the microplate with another liquid. The multiprobe gripper moves the microplate across the deck and places it on the left position.
The camera moves 360 degrees around the Beckman Biomek FXp Liquid Handler.
Start-Up Manual:
User Manual:
This will ship via freight. Please contact us with your zip code to obtain shipping quote.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Beckman Biomek FXp Liquid Handler w/ Span8, 96-Multi, Gripper Unit2 - AV SOLDOUT

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