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Batman Vs Predator is an awesome story! Especially if you are a big fan of both franchises! In this crossover story the predator drops into Gotham for hunting season. Find the value of the DC comic Batman Vs Predator mini-series. What is your Batman Vs Predator comic book worth? Batman Vs Predator is an awesome story! Especially if you are a big fan of both franchises! In this crossover story the predator drops into Gotham for hunting. The Batman's last Fight. In this video You can see Batman, Joker, Alien and Predator fighting.

(Redirected from Batman vs. Alien vs. Predator)
Batman: Dead End
Directed bySandy Collora[1]
Produced byDaren Hicks
Simon Tams
Written bySandy Collora
Based onCharacters
by Bob Kane
Bill Finger
Jerry Robinson
Dan O'Bannon
Ronald Shusett
Jim Thomas
John Thomas
StarringClark Bartram
Andrew Koenig
Distributed byCollora Studios
  • July 19, 2003
8 minutes
CountryUnited States

Batman: Dead End is a fan film written and directed by Sandy Collora that premiered July 19, 2003 at the San Diego Comic-Con, and on the internet shortly thereafter. The film crosses over the DC Comics superhero Batman with the Alien and Predator science fiction film franchises.

Batman versus Predator is a comic book crossover featuring a duel between Batman and the creature from the Predator film. It was written by Dave Gibbons, with art by Andy Kubert and published by Dark Horse Comics in 1991. This story is separate from either series canon. In 1995, a sequel was published called Batman versus Predator II: Bloodmatch.

Batman Versus Predator: The Collected Edition


During a stormy night in Gotham City, the Joker escapes from Arkham Asylum while Batman prepares to hunt for him. Batman finds the Joker at a deserted dockyard, but before the Dark Knight can take him back to the asylum, the Joker is quickly dragged off by an Alien and is seemingly killed. Another Alien attacks Batman, but is killed by a Predator, which the Dark Knight fights and defeats. Suddenly, more Predators appear just as more Aliens emerge from the darkness behind Batman. The film ends abruptly with a cliffhanger as the Dark Knight is surrounded by the two monster species.


Batman Versus Predator
  • Clark Bartram as Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • Andrew Koenig as the Joker
  • Kurt Carley as the Predator
  • Jake McKinnon as the Alien
  • Dragon Dronet, Patrick Magee and Kurt Carley as other Predators


The film was made for a reported $30,000 and filmed in parts of North Hollywood, California, as a stand-in for Gotham City.[2][3] Collora filmed a similar project, 2004's World's Finest, with much of the same cast and crew.


Film director and comic book writer Kevin Smith called it 'possibly the truest, best Batman movie ever made',[4] and comic book artist Alex Ross praised it as 'Batman the way I've always wanted to see him'.[5] Collora has stated in interviews that the film was made as a demonstration reel to attract attention to his directing skills, and as such, succeeded in its goal.

Fan Films Quarterly listed Batman: Dead End as one of the 10 most pivotal moments in fan film history in its Summer 2006 issue.[6]

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Batman Versus Predator Ii: Bloodmatch

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