7475: Connie Goes To Camp, Parts 12

  1. 7475: Connie Goes To Camp Parts 120v
  2. 7475: Connie Goes To Camp Parts 12th
  3. 7475: Connie Goes To Camp Parts 12 Volt

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. This special six audiocassette album features the following 12 great episodes: 1. The Imagination Station, Parts I & II (death and resurrection of Jesus), 2. A Bite of Applesauce (obedience and trust), 3. Eugene's Dilemma (honesty and sacrifice), 4. Connie Goes to Camp, Parts I & II (resposibility), 5.
  2. 'any very long story with dramatic events or parts'. “Connie Goes to Camp, Part 1”. #12: “The Tangled Web” (A step in Connie's development).

Go Eat Outdoors Go Outside and Play Go Fly a Kite. C R E A T I N G. P O S I T I V E. R E H O B O T H. May 31, 2019 Volume 29, Number 6 camprehoboth.com. Drama Camp is about so much more than a performance, the whole truly is greater than the sum of its parts and each part is precious! We will be on location each day with your students. We are honored to serve as your coordinators for this week Cheryl Wilhelm, Connie Abel and Stephanie Taylor. Camp Rock - Rated: T - English - Drama - Chapters: 12 - Words: 16,282 - Reviews: 330 - Favs: 129 - Follows: 174 - Updated: 8/9/2011 - Published: 6/26/2008 Fluff Stuff by midnightwriter1898 reviews A buch of random one-shots based on our favorite pairings from Camp Rock.

Q: What is the cost of Drama Camp?
Elementary Camp is $130 and Jr/Sr High Camp is $180. There is a discount for families with more than two children registered, each additional child is half price. Full price is assigned to the two oldest children.
Q: Can I register online?
No. Frankly, my webmaster skills are not up to the task. In addition, the online collection of information regarding our campers and their family requires security to be added to our site, the difference between http: and https:. This added security costs money and as all payments go to the Academy of the Arts, we choose to use the offering to pay for other external costs that directly benefit our campers. Payment online through PayPal or another credit organization carries fees of 30 cents per transaction plus ten percent of the payment, this is not a cost we choose to incure.
Q. Are there other costs to Drama Camp?
Your full registration payment goes to the Academy of Arts and the rest of the camp is funded by FWAHS, DASH and the offering that is taken up after each performance. In order to keep costs down we have a list of items that can be donated to help our camp run. From bobby pins to zip-top bags, you can signup to bring a few of these items at Auditions. Some of the sign ups are a donation of your time, check out our current list here.
All participants are expected to provide some “costume” pieces for themselves. These are to reduce the number of costumes the Academy Team must transport. All lead role costumes are provided, what will likely be needed are foundation clothing like pants and shirts. Check out the Elementary Costume Requirements or Jr/Sr High School Costume Requirements for more information.
Q: How do we choose the week we where would like to participate?
West week and East week are run by different coordinators, so if you are interested in the East week which is April 5- 10, 2021 in Bluffton click here to go to their website. The weeks do work together so if one is full you can still participate if it fits your schedule.
Q. How many is full and how will we know when that happens?
We have set a limit of fifty students per play based on the size of the stage at The River Church. When this number is reached we will place a message on the Registration Page, all Registration will be closed after auditions.
Q. What are the ages for the different Camps?
The Elementary Camp is for First to Sixth graders who are at least six years old on January 1st of the camp year.
The Junior High/Senior High Camp is for Seventh to Twelfth graders who are at least twelve years old on January 1st of the camp year.
Q. Do you ever make any exceptions?
The plays brought to us by the Academy of Arts contain a variety of roles to fit every camper. Camp days can be tiring for the young and old alike. We keep to the age guidelines for when children can participate in the different age plays. Older more mature children are needed in the elementary play to fill the lead roles and be role models for the younger children. We do allow parents to hold back their Seventh grader if they feel that they would benefit from one more year of the elementary play.
Q: Is my young child is ready for drama camp?
Are they able to stand quietly for 30 minutes or more, keep their hands to themselves and follow directions? They will be kept busy, but there may be times when they need to stand quietly and pay attention to the director. Use your best judgement, if your child is within the age guidelines and can do the above we will make every effort to make their camp experience enjoyable.
Q. What happens if plans change and we cannot participate in Drama Camp after we have registered?
Everyone who registers for Camp gets a role on stage. Those roles are assigned after auditions. If you let us know that you will not be participating before Auditions we will refund your registration. If a camper drops out any time after Auditions no refund will be given.

Adventures in Odyssey Audio

Great for road trips, each adventure is about 25 minutes long.

Chronicles, Kings, & Crosses

Description: This collector's album from the popular radio drama series includes:

1. The Imagination Station, Parts I & II,
2. Elijah, Parts I & II,
3. Bernard & Joseph, Parts I & II,
4. Back To Bethlehem, Parts I, II & III
5. On Solid Ground,
6. Moses, the Passover, Parts I & II

#1 The Early Classics

Description: The Early Classics episodes are taken from the program's first year in production. These 12 shows laid the groundwork for the imaginative writing, lively characters and heartwarming stories that are the hallmark of 'Odyssey.'

The collection includes the following adventures:

1. Whit's Flop (The very first episode!),
2. Life of the Party (Acceptance),
3. Connie Comes to Town (We meet Connie Kendall),
4. Recollections (The story of Whit's End),
5. Gifts for Madge and Guy (A Christmas fable),
6. The Day After Christmas (Loving one another year-round),
7. Promises, Promises (New Year's resolutions),
8. Nothing to Fear (Courage in God),
9. An Act of Mercy (Parable of the unmerciful servant),
10. The Tangled Web (Lying),
11. Isaac the Benevolent (The Golden Rule),
12. The Trouble With Girls (Honesty).

#2 Grins, Grabbers and Great Getaways

Description: Grins, Grabbers and Great Getaways is a six cassette album featuring 12 episodes from Focus on the Family's radio drama series for children.

The adventures in this selection include:

1. Family Vacation, Parts I & II (Making the most of family time),
2. The Day Independence Came (History: Revolutionary War),
3. Stormy Weather (Coping with change),
4. Kids Radio (Working together).
5. V.B.S. Blues (Teaching Bible stories),
6. Camp What-A-Nut Parts, I & II (Camp experiences),
7. The Case of the Secret Room Parts, I & II (The consequences of greed),
8. Return to the Bible Room (The story of Jonah),
9. The Last Great Adventure of the Summer (God's protection).

#3 Secrets, Surprises and Sensational Stories

Description: Introducing 'Secrets, Surprises and Sensational Stories' an exciting collection of audio adventures featuring the kids from Odyssey. They manage to get themselves into - and out of- all kinds of interesting predicaments. And with a little prodding from John Avery Whittaker, they learn how God can help them deal with anything!

Here's what's inside Volume #3:

1. Back to School -- changing friendships
2. The Shepherd and the Giant -- faith in God
3. Mike Makes Right -- pride
4. Rumor has it -- gossip
5. Heroes -- hero worship
6. A Single Vote -- civic duty
7. Thank You, God -- giving thanks
8. Karen -- coping with death
9. Connie -- salvation
10. The Sacred Trust -- keeping secrets
11. Peace on Earth -- meaning of Christmas

#4 Grins, Puns, Parables And Perilous Predicaments

Description:Puns, Parables and Perilous Predicaments is a six cassette album featuring 12 episodes from Focus on the Family's radio drama stories for children. 1. By Faith Noah (Noah),
2. The Prodigal Jimmy (Reconciliation),
3. A Matter of Obedience (Obedience),
4. A Worker Approved (Importance of Bible study),
5. And When You Pray (Prayer),
6. The Boy Who Didn't Go To Church (Church involvement),
7. Let This Mind Be In You (Becoming more like Jesus),
8. A Good and Faithful Servant (Stewardship),
9. The Greatest of These (Loving others),
10. Bad Company (Choosing friends wisely),
11. Choices (Obeying authority),
12. Go Ye Therefore (Evangelism).

#5 Daring Deeds, Sinister Schemes

Description: Adventure, mystery, and just plain fun -- that's what you can expect when the kids from Odyssey get together! This special six audiocassette album features the following 12 great episodes:

1. The Imagination Station, Parts I & II (death and resurrection of Jesus),
2. A Bite of Applesauce (obedience and trust),
3. Eugene's Dilemma (honesty and sacrifice),
4. Connie Goes to Camp, Parts I & II (resposibility),
5. The Nemesis, Parts I & II (forgiveness and reconciliation),
6. Our Best Vacation Ever (family fun regardless of circumstances),
7. Heatwave (proper use of one's imagination),
8. The Battle, Parts I & II (God's protection against evil).

#6 Terrific Tales, Mysterious Missions

Description: 'Terrific Tales, Mysterious Missions' is a six-cassette album that features 12 episodes from Focus on the Family's radio program for children (and adults,too).

Here's what's included:
1. The Ill-Gotten Deed -- sibling rivalry
2. The Treasure of Le Monde! -- consequences of greed
3. The Price of Freedom -- history/Vietnam War
4. That's Not Fair! -- true meaning of fairness
5. Good Business -- being conscientious
6. An Encounter with Mrs. Hooper -- reconciliation
7. A Prisoner for Christ -- forgiveness/book of Philemon
8. A Mission for Jimmy -- the importance of missions
9. Rescue from Manatugo Point -- relying on God in difficult times
10. Operation: Digout -- witnessing for God
11/12. Elijah, Parts I & II -- The power of faith/reliance on God

#7 Courageous Characters, Fabulous Friends

Description: 'Terrific Tales, Mysterious Missions' is a six cassette album featuring 12 episodes from Focus on the Family's radio drama series for children (and adults,too).

The adventures in this selection include:
1. Isaac the Insecure -- self-image
2. The Very Best of Friends -- anger
3. The Reluctant Rival -- competition and sacrifice
4. Monty's Christmas -- the impact of divorce
5. The Visitors -- compassion
6. The Barclay Ski Vacation -- adolescent crushes
7. Ice Fishing -- sibling rivalry
8. Scattered Seeds -- parable of the sower and the seeds
9. Front Page News -- responsibility
10. Isaac the Courageous -- bravery
11/12. Lincoln, Parts I & II -- the Civil War

#8 Cunning Capers and Exciting Escapades

Description: Cunning capers and exciting escapades are a way of life for the Odyssey kids! They're always up to something -- and every adventure leads to an important lesson about living for God.

The adventures in this selection include:

1. By Any Other Name (deception),
2. Bad Luck (superstition),
3. 'A' is for Attitude (positive thinking),
4. First Love (choices in dating),
5. Curious, Isn't It? (nosiness),
6. Suspicious Minds (trust),
7. Pranks for the Memories (consequences of practical jokes),
8. Missing Person (loving the 'unlovable'),
9. Castles and Cauldrons (dangers of role-playing fantasy games),
10. The Winning Edge (competition),
and 11. All's Well with Boswell (responsibility).

The whole family will enjoy these wholesome, values-guiding programs anytime, anywhere!

#9 Amazing Antics, Dynamic Discoveries

Description: Your kids can listen to the popular radio show 'Adventures In Odyssey' anytime they want! Each set features 12 different episodes, and each episode provides 30 minutes of fun-filled adventure that stimulates the imagination (while teaching moral lessons and biblical truths). A great way to make car trips more enjoyable!

The adventures in this selection include:

1. The Big Broadcast,
2. Two Sides to Every Story,
3. What Ever Happened to the Silver Streak?,
4. Better Late Than Never,
5. Wishful Thinking,
6. Have You No Selpurks?,
7. Bernard and Joseph, parts 1 & 2,
8. Cousin Albert
9. Not One of Us,
10. The Vow,
and 11. Over the Airwaves

The whole family will enjoy these wholesome, values-guiding programs anytime, anywhere!

#13 At Home And Abroad

Description: Odyssey is a town where you'll find a surprise twist at every turn. Every episode provides wholesome entertainment and character-building values for the whole family.

The adventures in this selection include:

1. Cross of Cortes, Parts I & II (Danger of power),
2. A Model Child (Beauty contests),
3. The Curse (superstition),
4. A Test for Robyn (Importance of preparation),
5. Room Mates (Personality conflicts),
6. A Thanksgiving Carol (Thankfulness),
7. Hold-Up (Sinfulness of man),
8. East Winds, Raining (Pearl Harbor story, bigotry),
9. Where's Your Daddy? (Parents in prison),
10. The Star, Parts I & II (True meaning of Christmas),

#16 Flights Of Imagination

Description: Now your kids can listen to Odyssey's fantastic adventures any time they want!

This set includes:

1. The Mortal Coil, Part I (eternity),
2. The Mortal Coil, Part II (life after death),
3. Best Intentions (helping others),
4. Columbus: The Grand Voyage (God in history),
5. The Living Nativity (freedom of religion),
6. Like Father, Like Son (acceptance),
7. It Is Well (peace),
8. Treasures of the Heart (priorities),
9. This is Chad Pearson? (being yourself),
10. A Game of Compassion (sacrificial giving),
11. An Adventure in Bethany, Part I (faith),
12. An Adventure in Bethany, Part II (God's timing).

#18 A Time Of Discovery

Description: Don't waste another minute wondering what to do! Exciting adventures await you in Odyssey!

Adventures on this set:

1. My Fair Bernard (Competition),
2. Greater Love (Visting graves),
3. The Mysterious Stranger, Parts I and II (Handicaps),
4. The Jesus Cloth (Archaeological rumors),
5. Why Don't You Grow Up? (Being a kid),
6. Hymn Writers (Christian composers),
7. The Case of the Delinquent Disciples (Commitment),
8. The Marriage Feast (God's judgment),
9. Family Values (Family values),
10. Terror From the Skies (Discernment),
11. Count It All Joy (Real joy).

#21 Wish You Were Here

Description: Pack your bags and get ready to hit the road for coast to coast adventure with the folks from Odyssey. The episodes included in this six cassette collection are:

1. First Hand Experience (Eugene and Bernard),
2. Second Thoughts (Kids and Parents),
3. Third Degree (Fanaticism),
4. It Happened at Four Corners (Gold fever),
5. Fifth House on the Left, Parts 1 & 2 (Wealthy poverty),
6. Gone (Difficult good-byes),
7. But Not Forgotten (Coping with change),
8. The Fundamentals (Willingness to learn),
9. The Election Deception (Dishonesty),
10. A Book by It's Cover (Judging others),
11. The Twilife Zone (Destructiveness of addictions).

#22 Changing Times

Description: Welcome to Odyssey, land of change - well, at least that's how it seems these days! Some new folks have moved into town and others are finding themselves in situations they couldn't have imagined in their wildest dreams. So come on along and check out the latest in the most exciting neighborhood around!

Episodes in this set include:

1. Tom for Mayor, Parts I and II
2. Siege at Jericho
3. George Under Pressure
4. A Name, Not a Number, Parts I and II
5. A Code of Honor
6. A Call for Reverend Jimmy
7. Soaplessly Devoted
8. Blackbeard's Treasure
9. Red Wagons and Pink Flamingos
10. Unto Us A Child Is Born

#23 Twists And Turns

Description: Life can be a bit like a roller coaster - you just never know what's around the next bend. The folks at Odyssey, young and old alike, are learning some very important things lately: being responsible for yourself, accepting and understanding others, and being a friend even when it isn't easy. Whether it's a peak, a valley or a hairpin curve, you're guaranteed a fun-filled, action-packed ride with the gang from Odyssey!

Episodes include:

1. I Want My B-TV,
2. The Truth About Zachary,
3. Preacher's Kid,
4. The Good, The Bad, and Butch,
5. Share and Share Alike,
6. All the Difference in the World,
7. St. Paul: The Man From Tarsus,
8. St. Paul: Set Apart by God,
9. A Victim of Circumstance,
10. A Perfect Witness, Parts I, II, & III

#24 Risks and Rewards

Description: 'Take a chance!' 'Go for it!' 'You never know unless you try!' Bet you've heard those expressions before - and how true they are! As sure as God has a plan for each of us, it's tough sometimes to see just how everthing will fit together. But when we take a step of faith and trust His leading, we may find that what looks risky often yields the the greatest rewards. The Odyssey gang has had its share of challenges too, and they've made some lifechanging discoveries. From a desperate flight for freedom to respecting authority to accepting God's will, you won't want to miss a single story!

Episodes include:

1. Underground Railroad, Parts I, II, & III
2. Poetry in Slow Motion (Homework),
3. Subject Yourself (Authority),
4. Rewards in Full,
5. Top This (Competition),
6. BTV: Envy (Wild Side),
7. A Touch of Healing, Parts I & II,
8. Where Is Thy Sting (Painful loss),
9. The Turning Point (Eugene and Katrina),

#25 Darkness Before Dawn

Description: An unprecedented wave of criminal activity has broken over the town of Odyssey and it's citizens are stunned. Thefts, broken windows, graffiti . . . who on earth is behind this outbreak of lawlwssness? It's up to the crew at Whit's End to find out. But as Jack, Jason, Eugene and the others set out to uncover the answer, they face a tremendous test of faith, friendship and forgiveness. Will they get through tish dark time to see the light of dawn?

Episodes include:

1. A Little Credit Please,
2. Small Fires, Little Pools,
3. Angels Unaware,
4. Gathering Thunder,
5. Moving Targets,
6. Hard Losses,
7. The Return,
8. The Time Has Come,
9. Checkmate,
10. Another Chance,
11. The Last Resort,
12. The Final Conflict,

#26 Back On The Air

Description: On the heels of Dr. Blackgaard's demise, those who participated in the treachery are feeling the sting of consequence. Meanwhile, new life in Christ means growth for Zack and his mom, and for Eugene, it also brings about the restoration of a special friendship. Jason takes a step closer to the altar with a relationship of his own, but not without some bumps along the way. And for the Barclays, an intriguing offer finds them seeking God's will for the future. Lessons about life, love and the importance of following God's plan are in store for one and all!

Episodes include:

1. Welcome Home, Mr. Blackgaard,
2. Do, for a Change,
3. Love Is In The Air, Parts I & II,
4. The Pretty Good Samaritan,
5. W-O-R-R-Y,
6. Hidden in My Heart,
7. Easy Money,
8. St. Paul: Voyage to Rome,
9. St. Paul: An Appointment with Caesar,
10. Pokenberry Falls, RFD, Parts I & II,

#27 The Search for Whit

7475: Connie Goes To Camp Parts 120v

Description: Just when you think you've got things figured out, it seems there's always another surprise awaiting you! Future career opportunities are front and center for Connie, Jason's relationship with Tasha has taken a new turn, and Eugene and Bernard have a courtroom experience that shows them the real meaning of justice. But that's not all . . . While life goes on in Odyssey, something's gone terribly wrong in the Middle East, where Mr. Whittaker's been working for the past year. Before they know it, Jason and Eugene are caught in a web of international intrigue, complete with major archeological discoveries, kidnappings and double-crossing secret agents! But will they be able to find Whit before the terrorists do?

Contents include:

1. BTV: Compassion,
2. Letting Go,
3. With a Little Help From My Friends,
4. The Time of Our Lives,
5. Memories of Jerry,
6. Blessings in Disguise,
7. What Are You Gonna Do With Your Life?,
8. Blind Justice,
9. A Question About Tasha,
10. The Search for Whit, Parts I, II and III.

#28 Welcome Home

Description: When John Avery Whittaker returns from a lengthy stay in the Middle East, the entire town of Odyssey turns out for a joyous homecoming celebration complete with fanfare and fireworks. But for Jack, Whit's arrival means an uneasy reunion - and a tough decision about the future. Then, the phrase 'fools rush in' takes on new significance for Eugene when he neglects to seek God's direction in his relationship with Katrina. Meanwhile, it looks like the mission board isn't quite finished with Whit, and an offer for continued foreign ministry is on the table. Will he choose to stay on at Whit's End, or will following God's plan require another long absence for him?

Contents include:

1. The Secret Weapon,
2. Three Funerals and a Wedding, Parts I & II,
3. The Merchant of Odyssey,
4. Solitary Refinement,
5. The Right Choice, Parts I & II,
6. The Decision,
7. Home Sweet Home,
8. The Other Woman,
9. Clara,
10. It's a Wrap!.

#29 Signed, Sealed and Committed

Description: They're starry-eyed. They're headed for the altar. Only one thing -- who are 'they'? Eugene and Katrina? Jack and Joanne? Whit and -- Whit??!

7475: Connie Goes To Camp Parts 12th

Big changes are in store for some of your old friends in Odyssey ... as well as for others you're about to meet. Join the fun as a handful of local kids threaten to go on a 'chore strike', city slicker Nick takes up residence with Odyssey's newest family -- the Mulligans, and a painting with a past teaches a valuable lesson about forgiveness.

Whether they're trying to foster-parent and entire zoo or undo the damage of previous mistakes, Odyssey's lovable citizens have their hands full. But no matter the predicament, one thing is certain: each is determined to stick to his or her commitment to God -- even if following His will isn't easy.

Included in this set:

1. For Whom The Wedding Bells Toll, Part 1, 2 & 3 (Marriage),
2. The Pushover (Standing Up For Yourself),
3. Just Say Yes (The Cost of Obedience),
4. The Painting (The Power of Forgiveness),
5. Best Face Forward (Hiding Who We Really Are),
6. The One About Trust, Part 1 & 2 (Jumping To Conclusions),
7. Amazing Grace (God's Mercy),
8. Viva La Difference (Appreciating Differences In Others).

#30 Through Thick and Thin

Description: Odyssey is being hit with adventure from all sides! A destructive tornado blows through the town; some kids think they found the bones of Bigfoot; a levee threatens to wash away the Mulligan farm; and Dwayne decides to become a stand-up comedian! But in the midst of the havoc, discoveries are made about faith, forgiveness and compassion.

1. Leap of Faith (trust),
2. O.T. Action News: Jephthah's Vow (rash vows),
3. No Bones About It (greed),
4. The Joke's On You (encouragement),
5. Poor Loser (sportsmanship),
6. Tornado! (compassion),
7. When In Doubt . . . Pray! (prayer and faith),
8. A Case Of Revenge (revenge),
9. Bernard and Job (suffering),
10. The Spy Who Bugged Me (discernment),
11. More Like Alicia (self-esteem),
12. Arizona Sunrise (forgiveness),

#31 Days to Remember

Adventures in Odyssey #31 features Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year Eve stories plus more.

Description: 'Days to Remember' Join the Odyssey gang for some amazing adventures you'll never forget! George Barclay is granted a bizarre Christmas wish that changes the course of history; Katrina's ring cause Eugene to be caught between a rock and a hard place; Connie must complete her toughest assignment yet on graduation day; and Whit's End hosts a live New Year's Eve radio production like you've never heard before!

Through these hilarious holiday mishaps and heartwarming tales, your lovable friends learn lessons of thankfulness, commitment, determination and God' providence.

1. BTV: THANKS (Thanksgiving ),
2. Natural Born Leader (determination ),
3. It's a Pokenberry Christmas, 1 & 2 (living to impact others ),
4. New Year's Eve Live! (God's providence ),
5. Wrapped Around Your Finger (Valentine's Day ),
6. Patrick: A Heart Afire, 1 & (St. Patrick's Day ),
7. Faster Than a Speeding Ticket (defending the truth ),
8. A Lesson from Mike (reaching out to others ),
9. Hide and Seek (God's search for man ),
10. The Sacred Trust (keeping secrets),
11. The Graduate (standing up for your beliefs),

#32 Hidden Treasures

Description: Strange things are going on all over Odyssey and no one -- not even Whit -- can explain it all! Who's the mysterious stranger who has come to town, making amazing claims that are so unbelievable? Why are Jared and Dwayne being chased by an army of slimy, blue, giggling Gloobers? And wait until you see what's been buried behind Whit's End all these years! But in the midst of all these strange events, you'll discover hidden treasure about justice, faith, forgiveness and a whole lot more!

Here's what's included:),
1. Buried Sin (Theme: Forgiveness),
2. The Tower (Theme: Wickedness of Man),
3. In All Things Give Thanks (Theme: Thankfulness in Spite of Suffering),
4. Gloobers (Theme: Wasting Time),
5. The Devil Made Me Do It (Theme: Resisting Satan),
6. Not-So-Trivial Pursuits (Theme: Justice),
7. Telemachus, Parts I & II (Theme: Self-Sacrifice),
8. Malachi's Message, Parts I, II & III (Theme: Discernment and Faith),
9. BTV (Theme: Forgiveness),

#33 Virtual Realities

Description:Oh no! Dr. Regis Blackgaard is back...in the Imagination Station no less! Is anyone in Odyssey safe from his latest scheme? Come along on the adventure and experience the best birthday ever...that never ends! Join in the biggest mud fight Odyssey has ever seen and hear how the adults are planning a year of NO FUN! Along the way, learn lessons about being honest, using time and resources wisely and helping others. This album is your ticket to 14 different adventures in Odyssey on six tapes and in your own imagination!

1. Another Man's Shoes (Understanding others),
2. Opening Day (God's leading),
3. Blackgaard's Revenge 1 & 2 (Recognizing deception),
4. The Buck Stops Here (Using resources wisely),
5. Somthing Cliqued Between Us (Including others),
6. The Eternal Birthday (Too much of a good thing),
7. Bethany's Imaginary Friend (Imagination is healthy),
8. The Y.A.K. Problem (Worry),
9. Blind Girl's Bluff (Honesty),
10. Where There's Smoke (positive role models),
11. The Virtual Kid (Enjoying life),
12. You Win Some, You Lose Some (Being a good example),
13. The Treasure Room (Valuing people),
14. Chain Reaction (Consequences of irresponsibility),

#34 In Your Wildest Dream

Description: You'll never believe it Eugene has invented a robot version of Whit! And if you think that's strange, wait until you hear about all the other odd things going on in Odyssey. Eugene and Connie are getting married? Tom is shutting down the Timothy Center so Bart Rathbone can turn it into a space camp? And most amazing of all Harlow Doyle actually solves a case? What in the world is going on? Find out in these wild and wacky adventures that include some of the most important lessons you'll ever learn!

1. Sunset Bowlawater (Responsibility)
2. Long Way Home (Contentment)
3. Changing Rodney (Trying to change others)
4. Lyin' Tale (Lying)
5. Two Roads (Salvation)
6. No Boundaries (Rules)
7. The Bad Guy (Temptation)
8. Bethany's Flood (Trusting God)
9. Potlucks and Poetry (Appreciating your parents)
10. What Do You Think? (Other's opinions)
11. Idol Minds (The Second Commandment)
12. I Slap Floor (Gullibility)
13. A Matter of Manners (Judging others)
14. The Seven Deadly Dwarves (Sin)
15. Mandy's Debut (Responsibility)
16. Passages (Parts 1 & 2) (Faith)

Featuring the voice talents of Paul Herlinger, Will Ryan, Katie Leigh and Walker Edmiston.

#35 The Big Picture


Description: What's a day in Odyssey...without a sting operation to trace a computer hacker? Or time in prison with a marked man? Or an airborne journey without the plane? As you can see, things are rarely ordinary around Odyssey. But strange as things sometimes get, the truth--and the big picture--always emerge after your radio friends embark on a life-changing adventure. Join them for the fun-filled discoveries as they catch sight of life's larger canvas. Hit play, then step back and admire God's greater design in these 12 delightful new episodes.

The Big Deal, parts 1 & 2 - Theme: Standing up for your faith
Life Trials of the Rich and Famous - Theme: Showing partiality
Missionary: Impossible - Theme: The mission field
The Great Wishy Woz, parts 1 & 2 - Theme: God's protection in life's storms
Best laid Plans - Theme: When God's plan supercede ours
The Worst Day Ever - Theme: Bad days happen
Opportunity Knocks - Theme: Discerning God's will
Red Herring - Theme: Curiosity
Slumber Party - Theme: Friendship
Nova Rising - Theme: Compromise

Featuring the voice talents of Paul Herlinger, Katie Leigh and Walker Edmiston.

#36 Danger Signals

Description: In this new Odyssey Adventure Audiobook: Something sinister is brewing in the quiet town of Odyssey. And it's not just the usual fast one by resident rogue Bart Rathbone. A strange sense of foreboding is in the air, and not even Whit can put his finger on it. The kids are flocking to the hot, now after-school place: while back at Whit's End, the windows are collecting dust--the ones that aren't being smashed that is. Things haven't been the same since media conglomerate Novacom moved in. Even Connie turns to mush whenever Novacom's new hire, Robert Mitchell is around. Are the kids--maybe even Odyssey itself--losing that small town innocence that always kept them out of harm's way? Find out in these 12 new riveting episodes.

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