3: Lights Out At Whit's End

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  3. Lights Out At Whit's End

Whit has another opening monologue with the audience on this episode; he introduces some of the families. George Poindexter is introduced, played by Chuck Bolte, who also played George Barclay. He says the newspaper is the Odyssey Chronicle. It tells some of Whit's history, including his ties to Universal Encyclopedia and that he has lived here 17 years. It also says that Jenny died nine years ago and that they were married for thirty-three years. Later it mentions information about Whit's birth, mother dying, and raising in Scotland. It talks about the library at Whit's End.

3: Lights Out At Whit's End Salon

Larry Walker is played by Jim Cummings, who also plays Monterey Jack in Chip 'N Dale's Rescue Rangers, Winnie the Pooh and Tigger on The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, among others.

Diana Walter is the main antagonist of the 2016 horror film Lights Out. She is a malevolent entity who was originally a human girl that was diagnosed with a rare skin condition which caused her to negatively react to light. After being killed in an experiment gone wrong, she became a vengeful ghost who mainly kills her victims in the darkness. Her ghostly self was portrayed by Alicia Vela. With Rachel and Josh from the Return to Odyssey Podcast: Listen on Anchor.fm For a special review, the hosts of the Return to Odyssey Podcast, Rachel and Josh, join AIO Audio News to discuss the third episode of AIO, “Lights Out at Whit’s End.”. It shoots “lights out” with factory loads, that’s great news as well as a great place to start. What factory loads, more specifically what bullet, how fast at what OAL? If it’s a 230 FMJ, go get some 230 FMJ’s and find one of the many loads that will push them to “factory” velocity’s with whatever powders you have on hand.

Colleen Walker is played by the voice of Mary Barclay.

3: lights out at whitEnd

The episode presents a person named Bob working at Whit's End.


The ending has Dr. Dobson and Mike Trout talking about the episode and they once again mention that Family Portraits is set in Ohio. They also call the main character Dr. Whit. James Drury notes that it might be Mike Trout called Dr. Dobson by his title, as in: 'That's right, Doctor. Whit is...'


At Whits End Dog Training


Lights Out At Whit's End

GOOF ALERT: Shawn says that she could see all the way to the bottom of Crater Lake. Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States and its bottom cannot be seen.